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Strategic Acer sponsorships

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, December 6, 2007 -- Acer has always believed that sport and technology share the same ideals: strength, determination, passion, competitiveness, coherence, ability, skill and the resolve to overcome new challenges, are the elements that tie the two worlds together.

Acer recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, a milestone that very few PC vendors can lay claim to and testament to Acer's long-term dedication to the research and development of customer-centric solutions. By providing users the best technology, and instant and easy access to the benefits of cutting-edge innovation, Acer continues to pursue its mission of breaking down the barriers between people and technology.

Crucial to Acer's success is its ability to identify the most strategically favorable alliances that have helped make it a reference brand also outside its own industry.

Acer's first foray into the world of sport took it into the world of motor sport: after its initial experience in the Formula 1 universe with the Prost-Ferrari and the Bar-Honda team sponsorships dating back to the year 2000, Acer decided to give more importance to this commitment by signing the sponsorship agreement with Scuderia Ferrari in 2003, an agreement which rewarded Acer with an extremely positive image return.

The partnership between the two companies first saw Acer as "Official Supplier" and then, since 2006 as "Official Sponsor to Scuderia Ferrari." This alliance has led to the creation of magnificently-designed product lines that encase the most innovative technology beneath exclusive materials: notebooks, PDAs and LCD monitors distinguished for ergonomics, elegance and performance.

In conjunction with the Scuderia Ferrari agreement, in 2003 Acer signed another Gold Partner sponsorship deal with FC Internazionale - Milano. Inter is one of the most prestigious Italian football clubs, winner of 15 shields and several other international cups.

More recently, Acer has strengthened its commitment to the worlds of motor sport and football. Starting January 2007 Acer became Official Supplier to the Football Club FC Barcelona, allowing it to address a wider international audience, while in March 2007 Acer signed another strategic partnership agreement that allowed it to enter in the MotoGP World by becoming Official Sponsor of  Yamaha Factory Racing Team.

"If we stop for a moment to reflect," explains J.T. Wang, Chairman & CEO, Acer Inc., "2007 has been, in many ways, a turning point for us. We analyzed the benefits of our sponsorship efforts and the result was extremely positive: the careful choice of associating our company with established world leaders in their respective sectors has helped grow the brand perception of Acer around the world. The launch of new products lines, the research and development of innovative solutions designed with materials and technologies developed in other markets, the strengthening of our leadership through direct activities with our customers and higher visibility to users not directly involved in IT world, are the results that substantiate our choices."

Acer's broad range of sports alliances will be completed by the partnership with the Olympic Movement, beginning in 2009 and covering the London 2012 and Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, the pinnacle of sporting achievement and the maximum expression of the values shared in equal measure by sport and technology: skill and passion, coherence and constancy, diversity and equality.

"Sport and technology have a lot in common," comments Gianfranco Lanci, President, Acer Inc. "Not only through common objectives, for perseverance and flexibility. True sportsmen and sportswomen, whether professional or amateur, show both patience and the ability to draw strength from their efforts. This is the spirit that constantly drives us towards excellence, an objective we aim to achieve by meeting different market needs, and by continuing to break down the barriers between people and technology."


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