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2008/11/04 Acer Aspire One wins Japan Good Design Award
2008/10/31 Acer Inc. Q1~Q3 2008 consolidated financial results: revenues NT$ 411.3 B (US$ 12.8B) - 31 % YOY growth, operating income NT$ 10.1 B (US$ 314 M) - 50 % YOY growth, EPS NT$ 3.64
2008/10/21 Acer moves to top position in EMEA PC market
2008/09/19 The Acer group multi-brand strategy: the right response to an ever-changing market
2008/09/19 Acer strengthens its third position in the global PC market and ranks second for notebooks in 1H 2008
2008/09/19 Sustainable development in Acer's policies
2008/09/19 Acer presents Acer ColorBoost II and Acer EcoProjection technologies for video projectors
2008/09/19 Acer Aspire M7200 Desktop PC
2008/09/19 Acer ezDock II/II+ and Acer EasyPort IV docking solutions
2008/09/19 Acer presents a new line of PCs for gamers: Aspire PREDATOR G7200
2008/09/19 Acer's new professional desktop range: Veriton M670(G), S670(G) and L670(G)
2008/09/19 Acer's new Veriton desktop PC's innovative design
2008/09/19 Acer presents a simple and modular storage system for SMB
2008/08/28 Acer Inc. 1H 2008 financial results: consolidated revenue NT$252.17B (US$8.14B) -- up 31% YOY, operating income NT$5.45B (US$175.85M), PAT NT$5.89B (US$189.98M), EPS NT$2.42
2008/08/25 Hsueh J. Sung joins Acer Inc.'s board of directors
2008/07/31 Acer Inc. 1H 2008 preliminary financial results: consolidated revenue NT$252.19B (US$8.14B), up 31% YOY; operating income NT$5.45B (US$175.94M), PAT NT$5.88B (US$189.66M), EPS NT$2.42
2008/07/04 Acer G24 debuts as world's first LCD supporting advanced 50000:1 contrast ratio
2008/06/26 Acer Joins Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition
2008/06/16 Acer announces new management roles: J.T. Wang serves as Acer Inc. Chairman and Acer Group CEO, Gianfranco Lanci serves as Acer Inc. CEO and President
2008/06/13 Acer shareholders approve total dividend of NT$3.75 per share and elect new board members
2008/06/09 HP and Acer settle patent litigation
2008/06/04 Acer presents world's first 24" full-HD and 16:9 ratio LCD monitor
2008/06/03 Aspire "one" -- Acer's first mobile Internet device
2008/06/03 Acer presents the Aspire One
2008/05/21 Acer presents a new line of PCs for passionate gamers: Aspire PREDATOR
2008/05/21 Acer Aspire PREDATOR -- let the challenge begin!
2008/04/23 Acer Inc. Q1 2008 consolidated financial results: Operating income NT$2.74B (US$86.84M), PAT NT$2.95B (US$93.63M), EPS NT$1.25
2008/03/27 Acer Inc. 2007 financial results: Consolidated revenue NT$462.07B (US$14.07B) with 25% growth; PAT NT$12.96B (US$394.65M); EPS NT$5.48
2008/03/13 Acer and the new Aspire Gemstone blue design
2008/03/13 Acer presents the Aspire 8920 series: Design meets High Definition
2008/03/13 Acer presents the Aspire 6920 series: Design meets High Definition
2008/03/03 Acer to acquire E-TEN, the Taiwan-based manufacturer of smart handheld devices
2008/02/11 Acer Inc. 2007 preliminary financial results: Consolidated revenue NT$461.7B (US$14.06B) with 25% growth; PAT NT$12.9B (US$392.86M); EPS NT$5.4