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2010/12/30 Acer's Iconia Voted One of Ten Favorite "Last Gadgets Standing"’ at Annual CES Competition

Acer Group captures four iF design awards for 2011

2010/12/16 Acer Pan America president Rudi Schmidleithner to leave company; Emmanuel Fromont appointed as new regional head

A growing digital world
Acer’s answer to the digital challenge

2010/11/23 Acer a new way of saying 'share'

A personal approach to personal computing

2010/11/23 Live and interact in total mobility

Acer next generation smartphone

2010/11/23 Alive: Discover and enjoy digital content with the Acer Group

alive: enhancing the Acer Group consumer experience through a wealth of trusted content

2010/11/16 Acer wins international-scale supercomputer contract

Acer expands to Chongqing in western China

2010/10/29 Acer Inc. Q1~Q3 2010 financial results: operating income NT$13.8B (US$441M), EPS NT$4.24; Q3 2010 operating income of NT$5.3B marks record quarter

Acer Inc. Q1~Q3 2010 preliminary financial results: operating income NT$13.8B (US$440.6M), EPS NT$4.23; quarterly high for Q3 2010 operating income NT$5.28B (US$168.5M)

2010/10/19 Acer and Gateway products named winners of Japan’s Good Design Awards
2010/10/08 Acer reaffirms Q3 2010 operating guidance of 10~15% growth on quarter
2010/09/09 Acer Group lays the foundation stone of its new EMEA head quarter
2010/08/31 Acer Inc. 1H 2010 financial results: consolidated revenue NT$312.4B (US$9.7B), operating income NT$8.5B (US$264M), PAT NT$6.9B (US$214M), EPS NT$ 2.62
2010/08/24 Acer's Commitment to Sport Reaches Champions of Tomorrow
2010/08/10 Acer reaffirms Q3 2010 operating guidance
2010/08/04 Acer and Founder to strengthen their cooperation
2010/08/04 Acer Inc. 1H 2010 preliminary financial results: consolidated revenue NT$312.4B (US$9.7B), up 31% YOY; operating income NT$8.5B (US$264M), PAT NT$6.9B (US$213M), EPS NT$2.60
2010/06/18 Acer shareholders approve company's total dividend of NT$3.11 per share
2010/06/03 Acer showcases server lineup featuring VMware Solutions at Computex
2010/06/02 Acer moves up a gear with the Liquid E Ferrari special edition smartphone
2010/06/02 Acer Aspire 3820T/TG notebook, Aspire X Series desktop win Computex Taipei Design & Innovation awards; Aspire 8943G notebook captures Gold
2010/06/02 Gateway EC39 Notebook Wins Computex Taipei Design & Innovation award
2010/06/02 Two new ways to say Android: Acer beTouch E120 and beTouch E130
2010/06/02 Acer K11 projector and Aspire 8943G notebook clinch Best Choice of Computex Awards; Timeline 3811T Series wins Green ICT Award
2010/06/02 Acer and NVIDIA enable modular, scalable supercomputing
2010/05/27 Acer Inc. and Founder Group announce Memorandum of Understanding to enhance and expand ITC business in China
2010/05/27 Acer Entertainment in. Entertainment out.
2010/05/27 Acer console simple, easy, yours
2010/05/27 Acer LumiRead Enhance your Experience with Localized Content
2010/05/27 A fil rouge across products: Acer Brand Touch experience
2010/05/27 Acer Revo Family The Building Blocks of Acer
2010/05/27 Acer Touch Experience in Action
2010/05/27 Acer Stream the Perfect Entertainment Machine
2010/05/04 Acer Chairman J.T. Wang named in TIME 100
2010/04/29 Acer Inc. Q1 2010 consolidated financial results: Operating income NT$162.1B (US$5.1B), PAT NT$3.29B (US$103.5M), EPS NT$1.25
2010/03/31 Acer Inc. 2009 financial results: Consolidated revenue NT$ 573.98B (US$17.9B); operating income NT$15.34B (US$479M); PAT NT$11.35B (US$ 354 M); EPS NT$4.3
2010/03/22 TimelineX: battery life with added performance
2010/02/15 Acer Convergence to create innovation
2010/02/15 The future is mobile Acer smartphones: pocket-sized PCs
2010/02/15 Acer Liquid e Socialize in high definition
2010/02/15 Acer in pole position with the Ferrari smartphone
2010/02/15 Acer beTouch E110 Smart'n Simple
2010/02/15 Acer beTouch E400 Designed for fun, styled by simplicity
2010/02/15 Acer neoTouch P300 Inspired Efficiency
2010/02/15 Acer neoTouch P400 Smart Organizer
2010/02/15 Acer Aspire One 532G: first netbook with dedicated graphics for true Hi-Def video enjoyment
2010/02/10 Acer Inc. 2009 preliminary financial results: Record highs for consolidated revenue NT$ 573.85B (US$17.9B) and operating income NT$15.33B (US$478M); PAT NT$11.35B (US$ 354 M); EPS NT$4.3
2010/01/15 Acer launches new Timeline notebook -- free from PVC and BFR materials
2010/01/07 Acer GD245HQ/GD235HZ -- Full HD 3D Vision™-ready 1080P monitor -- first to market