Acer Volunteers

Acer Headquarters Volunteer Activities

The Acer volunteer team came to being in October 2004. It was formed by our colleagues with the goal of offering their expertise to charitable works in their spare time. The team is more than just a chance for bonding with employees and their families, but offers valuable life experience and room for self-growth through volunteering.

All Acer Taiwan employees get two days of paid volunteer leave per year, allowing them to join the charity groups and community activities, helping with the social and environmental needs. Volunteer service also allows our employees to gain new experiences and ways of thinking, as well as the abilities to face the challenges posed by work.

Internal Employee Volunteer Activities

Environmental Conservation

In addition to exercising prudent management of energy and resources in our operations and striving to develop environmentally friendly products, Acer is also committed to using volunteer work and participation in environmental advocacy to raise awareness of environmental issues in the public and inspire action.
Every year, Acer offers staff a number of opportunities to volunteer in environmental work, opportunities that have been warmly embraced, including:

Concern for disadvantaged groups

Long-term efforts to help underprivileged children in the Xizhi area through regular tutoring, outdoor education, collecting Christmas gifts, and other activities that help provide the children suitable guidance and encouragement.

We are long-time supporters of the Chinese Association of Early Intervention Program for Children with Developmental Delays' (CAEIP) efforts to provide healthcare to sick children in the Hualien-Taitung area.

Working with the Old Five Old Foundation, for the past five years we have organized distribution of festive meals and accoutrements for Chinese New Year's Eve to elderly people living alone, providing them a sense of care and warmth.

Since 2011, Acer has been actively involved in promoting international volunteer work, working with the Taiwan Dental Association to hold regular dental clinics for impoverished children in Cambodia and assisting with distribution of goods, with more targets around the world upcoming.

Volunteers providing charitable service in Cambodia in 2016

To close the digital divide, since 2010 Acer has sponsored the Digital Mobile Van project in providing free computer lessons to the people in Ilan and Hualien. We encouraged our staff to serve as volunteers to teach people the knowledge of using computers and internet. Doing so also helps our staff gain deeper insight on how product design should responds to the users’ needs.

In cooperation with the AAEON Foundation, for the third year we participated in their “Art Spotlight” project to broaden the artistic horizons of children in rural areas.

Acer America Volunteer Activities

Starting in 2015, Acer America staff will also enjoy two days of paid volunteer leave to enable them to get involved with company-organized charitable activities.

Toys are always a source of joy for children. Everyone remembers their most cherished toy from childhood, and Acer’s staffs hope to give financially underprivileged children similar memories through donating toys through the Toys for Tots program. Our efforts have included helping sort and pack toys, and then distributing those toys to local non-profit organizations.

Feed My Sheep is a charitable organization based in Texas and dedicated to providing food, healthcare, personal hygiene, and other services to those with no homes to return to. Acer’s staff in Texas have helped with preparing and serving meals, as well as with cleaning work, helping over 300 people and making a practical difference to the community.

Habitat for Humanity is an international non-profit organization focused on solving the problem of housing the poor. In the Californian city of San Jose, the organization has been committed not only to building appropriate, affordable housing, but also to providing tailor-made playhouses for the children of underprivileged families. Acer staff have helped with the construction, cutting, and painting of the wood needed for these, and with installing windows, doors, and other components.

Acer America staff have invested in community work with Sacred Heart Community Service, helping organize materials.

Acer America staff took part in a service activity organized by the United Way, helping clean and paint a Scouting campground.