Community Involvement and Philanthropy

Acer understands that technological innovations are the driver that propels social progress. Apart from its dedication to reinventing its rich line of products, Acer has always committed its corporate resources, defined by its core capabilities, to giving back to the community. Acer hopes to reinvigorate the community, where it established its roots, with a new boost of energy and opportunities through consistent contributions of products, services, employee volunteering and donations.

Regarding community involvement, our main focus areas are education, the environment, and charity. We emphasize the value of local experience, and as such have developed long-term cooperative relationships with stakeholders to ensure resources are put to the most effective use.

To better understand the outcomes and impacts of our community involvement initiatives, Acer adopted the LBG1 Model to set up a framework for evaluating the Input, Output, and Impact of the activities. The evaluation is linked to our community involvement strategy and enabled us to learn more about how the initiatives benefit both the company and the society. By performing such evaluations, we will be more able to grasp the qualitative and quantitative value of the initiatives, helping us to optimize future resource investment strategies.

When considering community involvement activities, we make good use of our core competencies, i.e. our products, services, and technology to contribute to the solution of various problems. In this way, not only do the targeted people of the initiatives benefit from our contribution, but it also enables the company to reach more potential customers, improve its brand reputation, and gain deeper customer insight, thus leading to a win-win situation.

Through the cooperative efforts of Acer and the like-minded people from around the globe, we hope to help increase digital inclusion, improve education quality and opportunity, enhance academic, social and work skills of people, change the way people use nature resources, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We will continue to value the feedback and shared values that come through such efforts, and intend to move forward alongside society.

In 2016, Acer's global community engagement investments amounted to over NT$33 million. We continue to value the feedback and shared values that come through such efforts, and intend to move forward alongside society.


Education provides people with the knowledge to find and seize opportunities. Technology is an essential tool for education, as it can accelerate access to information and deepen connections with the world. By putting to use our core competencies, we hope to achieve the following goals:

Digital Inclusion

Technology can hugely improve quality of life and open up new possibilities. Helping everyone enjoy the convenience and opportunities technology brings is one of our goals, we continue to cooperate with non-profit organizations around the world to help bring technology to every corner of the globe. Following are our projects regarding digital inclusion from 2013 through 2016. For more, please see Acer’s CR Reports.

Digital Mobile Vans — Providing Free Computer Education

The digital divide in Taiwan between urban and rural communities is dramatic, with remote rural areas lacking IT education resources and facilities and resources for IT education and planning in regard to those with disabilities limited. The Digital Mobile Vans project, launched in 2010 in cooperation with the Hanguang Education Foundation, aims to bridge the information divide by bringing free computer education to groups in Yilan and Hualien that rarely have opportunities to engage with technology, including children, Aboriginal peoples, immigrants, and the elderly. We also encourage our staff to serve as volunteers, teaching members of the public how to effectively use hardware, software, and the Internet, thus elevating technological skills among the general populace.

To better understand the long-term impact of this project, in late 2016 we began introducing the concept of “social return on investment” (SROI). Through methods including identifying stakeholders, collecting information from the previous year, estimating inputs and outputs, and measuring results and impacts, and we look forward to being better able to grasp the qualitative and quantitative value of this project in the future, helping us optimize resource investment strategies. The results please see the 2016 Acer CR report.

Seniors use Digital Mobile Vans to learn about tablet computers

Kids use Digital Mobile Vans to learn about notebook computer

Dubai blue-collar computer education

In Dubai, we work with NGOs to donate notebooks and help local blue-collar workers learn to use technology to get the information and knowledge they need and to encourage their ongoing learning.

Students in class focused on learning to use computers

Tablet computer course for the elderly in Switzerland

In Switzerland, we created a course aimed at teaching over-60s to use tablet computers. Through teaching materials published in local magazines, our aim was to make technology less strange to seniors and boost their confidence and interests in technology.

Sowing Hope in Remote China

Since 2011, Acer has worked with the Ying Kuang Education Foundation to change the information education environment in remote parts of rural China. By the end of 2013, we have donated 1,200 computers and 60 projectors to give children in technology-poor areas access to technology and opportunities for the future.

Building Digital Capability in Africa

Acer France has worked with The Smile Of Hope charity to provide notebook computers to schools in the Ugandan capital of Kampala. Equipped with the computers, students in Kampala can learn more about how to use information technology to access information that can improve their quality of life in an area lacking in educational and healthcare information. Acer France is also a long-time partner with SOS Children's Villages, providing care for underprivileged children and teens as well as helping empower vulnerable families and communities. Through them, we have donated IT equipment to schools and villages in Male, Burkina Faso, Madagascar, and Togo. Acer France has also worked with the Deauville chapter of Rotary International, donating tablets and promoting IT education to The Rural House of Ambatomanga and the Fracasse School in Madagascar.

Additionally, we have sponsored an international volunteer team from Taiwan's Tsing Hua University as they traveled to the Republic of Sierra Leone. Using donated Acer notebooks, the volunteers were able to promote IT education and start training local computer teachers at Holy Rosary Senior Secondary School in Kenema. The seeds of IT education in the city were further cultivated through help in setting up a computer classroom at the school using Acer computers.

Improving Digital Skills in Myanmar

Acer has joined with the ADOC 2.0 initiative to bridge the digital divide in Myanmar, donating notebooks and setting up a Digital Opportunity Center to help the newly opened up Myanmar address its technology needs. In 2014 Acer once again responded to the call of ADOC 2.0's Taiwan-Myanmar ICT cooperation program by donating 80 computers. Through this, we hope Taiwan's ICT industry will be able to spur greater things in Myanmar by improving the IT skills of local people and creating digital opportunities for residents and businesses alike.

In June 2016, Acer began assisting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with their Taiwan Digital Opportunity Center Project, setting up Myanmar’s first solar-powered mobile container computer learning center. Generating electricity through solar power, the center is equipped with high-performance computer education equipment and travels, with teachers and courses, to different parts of Myanmar to promote computer and Internet skills and reduce the urban-rural digital divide.

Creating Opportunities for Young Students

Today's students are tomorrow's leaders and innovators. We want to help them tap their potential, accumulate experience in problem-solving to fertilize their future development. Through organizing and sponsoring events and providing internship opportunities, we foster outstanding talent by providing students with awards, training, and exchange opportunities. Following are our projects regarding young students’ opportunities from 2013 through 2015. For more, please see Acer’s CR Reports.

International Olympiad in Informatics

The International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) is one of the world's top five science competitions, and is aimed at secondary school students. The competition not only helps foster an interest in information technology in students and bolster their problem-solving skills, it also seeks to highlight promising talents in the field and offer opportunities for outstanding students from around the world to engage in cultural and technical exchanges. The 26th IOI was hosted in 2014 by Taiwan, with 311 participants in 81 national teams taking part. The main equipment for the competition was provided by Acer, including notebook computers, tablet computers, All-in-One computers, displays, and servers--a total of over 800 items, used to facilitate the competition's operations and the sharing and receiving of information throughout. By competition's end participants and teams from around the world had much praise for how things had been run, commenting that Taiwan had raised the bar for future hosts.

The founding objectives of the IOI are a close match with the core spirit of Acer, in that both hope to use the power of technology to break down barriers and create greater possibilities. As such, in 2015 Acer announced that it had become the official IT infrastructure sponsor for the IOI from 2017 through 2021, providing the hardware, networking equipment, and on-site maintenance and services required by the various host countries. Doing so, we hope, will help these passionate young people develop their gifts.

Acer Incredible Green Contest

The Acer Foundation works with the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy in organizing the Incredible Green Contest to encourage young students to use ICT, and putting forward innovative, sustainable concepts for green living and making these ideas a reality. Over 2,000 teams and individuals from over 100 countries participated in this competition, with the final 12 teams invited to Taiwan for the finals, including teams from top-flight schools like Harvard University and China's Zhejiang University. The judging panel was made up of heavyweights in global sustainable development and the ICT industry, including former executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Yvo de Boer, former president of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development Bjorn Stigson, Delta Electronics chairman Yancey Hai, United Microelectronics Corporation vice chairman-emeritus John Hsuan, and ITRI president Hsu Chueh-min. The 12 winning teams also had their works on display at Computex Taipei, as part of an effort to promote sustainability and green awareness.

Longterm Smile Competition

The Longterm Smile Competition is aimed at tertiary and postgraduate students and encourages the creation of innovations with market value by providing entrepreneurial guidance and a mechanism for innovation teams, industry, and academia to cooperate. Since its founding, the competition has hosted over 1,768 teams and become the collegiate entrepreneurship competition in Taiwan that offers the biggest prize, with four to six teams chosen for a venture capital opportunity. When signups closed in January 2017, a total of 673 people in 120 teams had registered, 10.6% up on five years ago. It is our hope that through this competition, we will be able to foster continued strengthening in industry-academia partnerships in innovation, while also boosting R&D capabilities and changing the world.

BeingLife Creativity Competition

Acer's Digital Creation Awards were first held in 2004, and over 12 years encouraged many to embrace the digital era by transitioning from traditional media to digital creativity. In 2016, the awards transformed, becoming the first Acer BeingLife Creativity Competition, turning attention to the emerging Internet of Beings amid the IoT age, creating user-centric ideas and providing a competitive platform for bringing young people together in mutual creation. Acer’ s " BeingLife Creativity Competition” is leading young students through education and learning, to practice new ideas and spur creativity. Meanwhile, Acer spares no effort on Taiwan's science and technology education rooted by holding the competition and launching the seed school.

2016 “Creative Stars” Acer Battle

Startups and innovation are firmly established as the mainstream of the contemporary marketplace. This competition, built around smart hardware and the Internet of Things, invites individuals, Taiwanese campuses, and startups to put their best works up against one another. This competition has created a new stage upon which Taiwanese startups can showcase themselves to the world, while at the same time promoting the development of the Internet of Beings. It is our hope that through it, we will encourage the bringing of more creative ideas into reality and uncover teams and talent with potential, working together to create value. In 2016, a total of 85 pieces were entered into the competition, with 15 teams making the finals and a total of NT$2,776,000 in prizes awarded.

AIESEC International Congress

AIESEC (Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales) is the largest youth-run organization in the world, and focuses on international issues, leadership, and management. After hard campaigning, AIESEC in Taiwan finally had their bid to have the organization's International Congress held in Taiwan in 2014. We believe that the drive and willingness to take on challenges these students showed is of a piece with Acer's core values, and so we not only provided NT$1 million in sponsorship for the congress, but also notebook computers, tablet computers, projectors, and other equipment for the event and several products as commemorative prizes for outstanding performers.

Fostering Professional and Career Development

We continue to use our products and expertise to provide youth with better development opportunities. In 2015, our investments in this regard included:

  • In Canada, Acer worked for the second year running with the Home Run Scholars program, which is run by the Toronto Blue Jays’ Jays Care Foundation. Through this program, we provided notebook computers to outstanding students from target communities, helping them complete high school and pursue their dreams of higher education and successful careers.
  • In the Netherlands, Acer worked with local governments to provide resume writing and interview guidance to students who have had to cut short their studies. By working with members of our HR department, these youths improved their job-seeking skills while also becoming more confident. Such guidance also helps them secure apprenticeships and cooperative vocational education opportunities.
  • In Spain and Poland, we opened our maintenance centers to students of electronics and at vocational schools, giving them the chance to see the practical applications of their studies and understand how the company operates, contributing to their future career development.

The Home Run Scholars

Using Technology to Transform Education

Not only do we provide the educational world with hardware that is both high-quality and reasonably priced, through skilled application of our products and technologies, we help with the creation of digital education resources and the development of smart educational concepts. Following are our projects regarding application of technology in education from 2013 through 2015. For more, please see Acer’s CR Reports.

Chongqing Smart Classrooms

Acer has worked with the Konggang Xincheng Elementary School in Yubei District, Chongqing, to establish new "smart classrooms," bringing together a variety of hardware devices around a core of Acer's BYOC, facilitating the flexible use of educational resources. Through this cloud-based educational platform, educators can create and prepare teaching materials, while students can both prepare and revise through the cloud. This subversion of traditional teaching models helps integrate educational resources and enhance students' familiarity and capability with information technology. Additionally, this helps create an all-digital, paperless educational environment.

Following the establishment in 2014 of the first BYOC Smart Classroom, Acer has gone on to set up smart classrooms in 13 schools, helping create a digital learning environment. Acer has also worked with the Yubei District and school authorities to establish the “Chongqing Smart Classrooms Outcomes Presentation and Outstanding Lessons Competition,” inviting teachers to share their experiences while also strengthening the application of smart education.

South African digital learning center

Since 2012, Acer has worked with South Africa’s Ministry of Basic Education, Microsoft, and the Orlando Pirates Football Club to run a digital learning center in the team’s stadium, helping local students improve their math and English grades as well as boosting their ICT skills. In the years since its establishment, the center has attracted participation by thousands of teachers and students from 14 schools, significantly enhancing the students’ academic performance.

It is our hope that young students will learn that through technology they can connect to the world and explore endless possibilities. As such, we began working with the learning center of a British professional soccer team Queens Park Rangers Football Club. The students at the two centers have been able to link up as study partners, using the software and hardware provided to open new windows on the world, build self-confidence, and learn respect for different cultures. In 2016, our main focus was on a student exchange program in which aspiring participants from the UK and South Africa submitted to us essays, presentations, or videos telling us what soccer means to them and why football clubs matter to the community. After this, we selected the strongest candidates and sent them on exchanges to each other’s countries. During their week-long exchanges, the four youths participated in a series of cultural exchanges, sporting events, and educational activities, inspiring them to pursue their dreams and develop their potential. Check the video to learn more

Acer Guru Era Baru (Teachers for a New Era)

Since 2010, Acer has been conducting a program to boost the IT capability of teachers in Indonesia known as Acer Guru Era Baru (Teachers for a New Era). The program encourages teachers to employ IT products in their teaching and explore new models for how IT can be applied to education. We also set up a social networking site named for the abbreviated name of the program, Guraru (, to facilitate the sharing of IT education approaches between Indonesian educators. The site boasted over than 5,500 members as of late 2013. In addition, we hold the annual Guraru Award and a writing competition, both aimed at further encouraging sharing and discussion among teachers.

Meet the Needs for Educational Resources

Education is the key to opportunity and change, but the lack of resources in some areas can negatively impact the quality of education available, even rendering it unviable. We are fortunate enough to have the influence and ability to bring together the community to redistribute educational resources to where they are most needed. Following are our projects from 2013 through 2015. For more, please see Acer’s CR Reports.

Programs in 2015

Through donations of products, study items, and funds, we helped improve educational quality in several ways:

  • Some residents of Ninh Thuan Province in Vietnam have found themselves in dire straits due to long-term drought. Acer staff donated book bags, stationery, and other study items to local children, helping encourage them to keep up their studies.
  • In Italy, Acer donated notebooks and tablets to local schools and the non-profit organization Mission Academy, helping educational efforts in schools in both Italy and Zambia.
  • In Spain, Acer staff provided products included projectors, notebooks, and tablets to local schools. They also donated second hand furniture from office, including cupboards and chairs, for the use of public sports centers and schools.

Colleagues in Vietnam visit primary school students, bringing them with much needed resources

Students pose happily with donated notebooks and tablets

The Tommy Chen Challenge—Helping Rebuild School Sporting Facilities

Pingtung's Laiyi Township has long struggled with its young adults leaving for the cities, and leaving grandparents to care for the children. As such, the local schools are of particular importance to the community. However, with the township located in a mountainous area, it is often hit hard by typhoons. Resulting landslides destroyed the basic sporting facilities at the township’s Nanhe Elementary School, and for 20 years the village has lacked the funds to repair them. The local community reached out to Acer for assistance, and we worked together with extreme marathoner Tommy Chen to develop "The Tommy Chen Challenge," inviting the public to help by "donating" the miles they have run, aiming to surpass the 2,172km run by Chen in eight major races across the seven continents. Once the goal has been achieved, Acer will sponsor for all the funds needed to repair the sporting facilities. The challenge was enthusiastically embraced by the public, blowing past the target within a week and ultimately “raised” more than three times the expected miles; the reconstruction work has since begun.

The students of Nanhe Elementary School enthusiastically welcomed news of their new sporting facilities

Environmental Conservation

In addition to exercising prudent management of energy and resources in our operations and striving to develop environmentally friendly products, Acer is also committed to using volunteer work and participation in environmental advocacy to raise awareness of environmental issues in the public and inspire action.

Voluntary Mountain Cleaning

In 2015, a team of volunteers from Acer Taiwan headed for Mt. Xue shouldering heavy gear, ready to help clear trash from the mountain environment and ensure the ecological sustainability of this beautiful area. We have also participated in the Baxianshan Nature Center’s “Companies Giving Back to the Forests” project, helping repair trails and maintain the natural environment, protecting nature with sweat and passion.

Acer volunteer clearing trash in Mt. Xue

Keyboard Recycling Program Participation is a French online platform specializing in the sale of recycled keyboards of all brands. Through them, consumers can buy affordable keyboards that are used, but in good condition, benefiting financially while also minimizing waste and helping the environment. In 2014, Acer has donated 50 recycled keyboards to this service, supporting them in their efforts to protect our planet.

Sponsoring Miss Earth Switzerland

Miss Earth is one of the world's three top beauty pageants, taking as its aim arousing people's awareness of environmental issues. The winner also serves as spokesperson for the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and other organizations for the year of her reign, and the competition is an important part of spreading global awareness of the environment. By sponsoring this event, Acer is able to do its part for the promotion of environmental protection and education.

Community Empowerment Program

In the Philippines, we are long-time partners with the Green Earth Heritage Foundation working to build communities in areas in the Sierra Madres that are subjected to illegal logging. Through education, reforestation, and cultivating organic agriculture, the Foundation is leading these illegal loggers toward lives as organic farmers, while also helping strengthen community there. In 2011 we built the Acer Bamboo Greenhouse to help cultivate moringa seedlings. In 2012, 50 Acer volunteers and their friends and family participated in planting the seedlings in the Sierra Madres, with 42 participating the following year. Between them, these two groups of volunteers planted some 1,000 moringa trees in the mountains. In 2013, we funded the construction of a tea processing plant by the Green Earth Heritage Foundation. This plant takes moringa leaves and produces moringa tea bags, and these have been certified as organic and fairtrade products in Europe and the United States, enabling the local community to gradually build self-sufficiency.

Hari Eco Van

We responded to the Haribon Foundation's "Road to 2020" initiative – to repopulate 1,000,000 hectares of rain forest in the Philippines by 2020. We worked together to establish a Hari Eco Van equipped with books and electronic equipment. The van tours the Philippines teaching children the importance of biodiversity conservation.

Environmental Education Activities in Vietnam

In Vietnam we held “15 Green Days with Acer” on Aug. 12-27, inviting communities and customers to organize teams and join in environmentally friendly activity competitions. A total of 113 teams participated.

Communities, customers, and Acer engaged together in environmental action

Awards were presented to outstanding “15 Green Days with Acer” participants

Green Business Forum

To help companies better understand the impact of climate change on the Mekong Delta, Acer Vietnam sponsored a Green Business Forum organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature and other organizations for the purpose of sharing experiences in climate change and discussing action measures designed to reduce the environmental impact of production and other corporate activities.


With operating bases across the planet, we are well equipped to quickly provide services and develop strong relationships with local communities, relationships that inspire us to contribute to the communities. We have established longtime cooperative relationships with local organizations, helping us make the most effective use of our resources while also working side by side with the community.

Bringing Together Resources for Fundraising

Acer hopes to bring all levels of society together to make shared contributions. Through various events and promotional practices, we get more people involved, bringing together even more resources for those in need. Following are our projects from 2013 through 2016. For more, please see Acer’s CR Reports.

Partnership with Soles4Souls, USA

In May 2016, Acer launched a fundraiser based around gathering Likes on Facebook, donating US$1 to global non-profit organization Soles4Souls for every Like received. Soles4Souls focuses primarily on issues of poverty, and through collecting shoes & clothing and distributing these to people in need in the community, they are able to ensure those recipients are able to enjoy the basic material needs of life.
The event raised over US$10,000, and Acer staff were able to donate over 250 pairs of new shoes to children in need in Seattle and San Francisco communities.

Rainha da Paz. Donation and Volunteering , Brazil

The Comunidade de Amor Rainha da Paz is an institution that provides assistance for especial children’s with disabilities. We will help 313 children’s with disabilities and 965 indirect people like families of people with disabilities, with the technology through the computer classes. This active allow them to learn the computer skill and gain confidence.

Reverse Advent Calendar, Switzerland

On Christmas Eve 2016, our staff collected a pile of donated food and household items, donating them to charitable canteen Mensa Sociale to help those in dire economic circumstances without any means of cooking for themselves to enjoy hot meals and shelter.

Heart Across America Bicycle Ride

Every year in the United States some 800,000 people die from stroke or heart disease while 80% of strokes and heart attacks are preventable. Former executive vice president of Intel Corporation Sean Maloney recovered from a serious stroke, and since then has been committed to raising public awareness of the prevention of cardiovascular disease. In 2015, part of these efforts included the “Heart Across America” cross-American bicycle ride. A journey of 85 days across more than 5,000 miles, all money raised by Heart Across America was donated to the American Heart Association to support sufferers and further research. Not only did Acer support this event through a donation, Corporate President and CEO Jason Chen participated in a section of the ride, taking practical action to draw the attention of more people to the issue of cardiovascular disease. Check Video to learn more

French Charity Relay

In France, Acer staff formed teams to participate in a charity relay organized by Special Olympics France. By doing so, they took concrete action to support the organization’s fundraising efforts, helping those with special needs participate in sports and gain a sense of achievement through it.

Caring for the Homeless in Australia

Acer Australia has participated in fundraising activities organized by local communities and businesses, showing support for and understanding of the homeless through dining and sleeping outdoors and specialist talks on relevant issues. Not only does Acer donate money, we also provide products to serve as prizes in charity raffles, along with donating other items like clothes and blankets. Donated items are then used by the St. Vincent de Paul Society to provide care and assistance to the homeless.

A Train for Life Program

In order to raise public awareness of heart disease and strengthen emergency response capabilities, Acer and the Life Priority Foundation, with the help of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine and French and Spanish railway authorities, ran trains from major French cities to Barcelona over five days, providing passengers first aid training, with first aid information also posted around each station. Through Acer's donation of 120 tablet computers and other devices, passengers could make use of the foundation's films and teaching materials to get training in CPR. The project has already provided such training to some 30,000 people. Additionally, between late September and mid October 2014, for every photograph uploaded to Facebook and Twitter displaying the CPR hand gesture, Acer donated €1 to the Life Priority Foundation.

Stop Hunger Now in Malaysia

Acer works with international non-profit organization Stop Hunger Now in Malaysia to help fight hunger. Fundraising methods have included charity auctions of products, online donations, and a donation of 5 Malaysian ringgit for every Acer product sold through specified channels. In addition, a total of 272 Acer employees, their family and friends, our distributors, and other partners volunteered for six hours to pack some 60,000 food aid packages for the organization.

The UK Peaks and Islands Challenges

As part of demonstrating Acer's commitment to inspiring people to "Explore Beyond Limits", we have worked together with Mountain Rescue Charity over the past two years to invite the media to explore nature while also raising funds.

In 2013, we organized the “Three Peaks Challenge,” challenging both Acer staff and reporters to climb the UK's three tallest peaks. The event successfully raised £5,750. In 2014, Acer staff and 14 journalists formed a team that spent three days hiking, cycling, and kayaking around eight islands at the westernmost point of the United Kingdom. The event successfully raised £6,000, as well as generating substantial exposure for Acer's brand and products.

Fundraising with Staff

Over 2014 we held a variety of fundraising efforts with our staff worldwide, including :

  • In Switzerland, we raised over €1,000 and substantial supplies from employees to help L'Africa Chiama distribute food and provide education to African children.
  • In the Czech Republic, we organized a charity bicycling event which raised more than US$1,000; we also collected a number of notebook and tablet computers, which were donated together with the money to SOS Children's Villages, which provide assistance to underprivileged children.
  • In Spain, we collected a large amount of items from employees, donating them and funds worth three times the items' total value to help people through the hardship caused by ongoing financial crisis.

In 2015, such efforts included:

  • Czech Republic Charity Cycling Event
    SOS Children's Villages is an international non-profit organization dedicated to promoting children's rights and well-being. In the Czech Republic, Acer has worked with this organization for four years, holding a fundraising bicycle ride that has been well received by staff and their friends and family, as well as donating tablets and notebooks to support the organization’s efforts to help children.
  • Spanish Christmas Gift Collection
    Our colleagues in Spain have launched an event to collect donations of toys which are then sent through charitable organizations to children in low-income families. Echoing the charity of our staff, Acer has also donated three times the value of the donated toys to the United Nations Refugee Agency. Funds have also been donated to the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund to aid a project to build schools in Africa.

In 2016 such efforts listed as below, more activities please refer to Acer’s CR report

  • Acer US’s Gateway Foundation donated 20 notebook computers to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, aiming to inspire more youth to realize their potential.
  • In South Africa, the Santa Shoebox Project gives gifts and joy to children in low-income families. This project has attracted widespread support in South Africa and Namibia, with many people volunteering their time, energy, and knowledge. Acer is also a sponsor of the project, and we hope the children that receive gifts on Christmas will feel the warmth of spirit with which they are given.
  • At our Swiss office, we have provided lessons in yoga and pilates, helping our staff get a stretch during lunch breaks while also promoting good health. In 2016, a total of 20 staff members participated, with the HR department donating the approx. NT$60,000 collected in course fees to the Theodora Association to help children with disabilities develop their talents and to work with hospitals to provide specialist training for these budding young artists.

Disaster Relief

We hope that during tough times we can bring some hope to the victims. As such, Acer, both through the company and through our employees, immediately begins donating funds to help in post-disaster recovery, supporting and promoting rescue teams and care organizations in the hopes of giving them maximum effectiveness at these crucial times. Following are our projects from 2013 through 2015. For more, please see Acer’s CR Reports.

Assistance After the Formosa Fun Coast Dust Explosion

The Formosa Fun Coast dust explosion of June 2015 injured over 500 people. The road to recovery has not been easy for victims or their families, who need all the support we as a society can provide. Acer has not only donated cash, but also announced program to help victims find suitable work opportunities in the hopes of helping these young people return to normal lives and reintegrate into society.

Assistance After the Kaohsiung Gas Explosion

Late in the night of July 31, 2014, the city of Kaohsiung experienced a devastating gas pipeline explosion which not only broke the hearts of Taiwanese around the nation, but also caused significant losses of life and property. Acer immediately took the lead, donating NT$2 million in hopes of providing some comfort to those affected, helping them quickly rebuild their homes and get back to normal lives.

Raising Awareness of Skin Donation for Burn Victims in India

In India, the number of burn incidents continues to climb. Without skin to serve as a barrier, burn victims are more susceptible to infection, seriously increasing the risk of death. However, as people are largely unaware of the concept, skin donation is rare. To help raise awareness of this, Acer has launched India's first skin donation initiative, Touch of Joy. People can explore concepts and information related online, and then go on to provide financial support and, if they so choose, opt in to being listed as a donor. The next step will be to bring together more resources, such as India's National Burns Centre and other organizations, to create a comprehensive promotional initiative.

Post-Typhoon Haiyan Relief in the Philippines

In November 2013, the Philippines was hit hard by Super Typhoon Haiyan, which left over 6,100 dead in its wake. Acer joined forces with other companies in the ICT industry to provide ICT equipment and network connections to establish communication centers and facilitate communication between those affected and friends and family elsewhere. In addition, we harnessed donations from the Company and our employees to prepare food aid packages, which were distributed to those in need by the Philippine Red Cross. Once disaster relief efforts were finished, the communication centers' equipment was then donated to local community centers to aid in rebuilding.

Tornado Relief Assistance in Oklahoma

In May 2013, the US state of Oklahoma was struck by a severe tornado, suffering significant damage to life and property. Working with Walmart, we donated 40 computers to the city of Moore, OK, for the Emergency Response Centers set up in two local Walmarts. This way, locals were able to get in touch with friends and family using the computers, as well as being able to stay on top of the latest news, information, and relief resources. After the Emergency Response Centers were no longer needed, we donated the computers to the Moore Public School District to aid in rebuilding.

Caring for the Community

There are people around the world in need of care, and Acer's branches work with local charitable organizations to use our products, money, and volunteers to provide support and assistance. Following are our projects from 2013 through 2015. For more, please see Acer’s CR Reports.

Helping Underprivileged Students

We are engaged in ongoing efforts to support the needs of underprivileged children. In 2014, such efforts included:

  • In Indonesia, many children from low-income families find themselves without stable sources of food during the month of Ramadan. During this time each year, we hold special events for these children, guiding them through achieving goals with limited resources and teaching them that a lack of resources doesn't need to mean a lack of achievement. After the fasting time that day, we hold a feast for the children, giving them take-home food bags afterward to help them and their families.
  • In Spain, Acer donated 30 PCs to six organizations dedicated to helping underprivileged children, helping them enjoy more educational opportunities.
  • In Italy, we donated more than US$35,000 to three local organizations that work with physically and mentally disabled youth.
  • Over the past four years, Acer has worked with the Fundacja Dziecięca Fantazja, an organization in Poland that dedicated to helping seriously ill children. We have donated tablet and notebook computers as gifts to help bring some cheer and comfort to children who are hospitalized for long periods.

In 2015, such efforts included:

  • In Thailand, colleagues visited a care center for children with disabilities, leading the children in activities and preparing lunch for them. We also donated all-in-one PCs, desktops, notebooks, and monitors to the center, along with some money, to help in the care of the children.
  • In Poland, Acer’s work with the Fantazja Foundation, which cares for seriously ill children, entered its fifth year as we donated notebooks and tablet computers to provide comfort and entertainment to those children. In addition, in cooperation with a local community center we gave the children of the center Christmas gifts.
  • In Russia, we donated products to kindergartens and families in need, offering a little warmth during the Christmas season.
  • In Finland, we worked with local organizations and hospitals, donating two-in-one notebooks for use by children undergoing cancer treatment. These help them transcend the limitations of distance, interact with their families, and keep up their schooling, giving peace of mind during the postoperative observation period.
  • In South Africa, to help underprivileged children we donated money and products to four charitable organizations concerned with children’s welfare: Kids Haven, Magical Moments, Santa Shoebox, and Dylan Wood.
  • In the United States, Acer donated products to St. Peter & Paul School, the Boys & Girls Club of Huntington Valley, Ronald McDonald House, and Los Alamitos Youth Center, four organizations committed to working with children and young adults.
  • In Italy, Acer has an ongoing, long-term involvement in providing funding and marketing support to two organizations that work with disabled youth: Africa Dream Onlus and Associazione Agres.

Helping Those with Mental or Physical Disabilities

Simei Care Centre is a Singaporean non-profit organization that offers life-skills training, vocational training and job opportunities to people with psychiatric disabilities, helping them enjoy more independence in their lives. In concert with this organization, Acer held a second-hand goods drive, focusing on collecting books, toys, and clothes. These goods were then turned over to Simei Care Center for sale, with all income used to help provide work opportunities and pay to patients. A large number of items were collected over the five-day event, not only facilitating the reuse of resources, but also helping provide mentally disabled people with more opportunities to enjoy a normal life.

Acer provided support to Teletón Foundation, helping them provide treatment and rehabilitation services to Mexican children with physical or intellectual disabilities. We donated 290 computers to the newly established rehabilitation center in the city of Morelia, a new hospital in the state of Querétaro, and to a rehabilitation center in the state of Aguascalientes to replace its old computers. We hope that through these donations, Teletón doctors and staff will be able to make use of the latest computer technology in diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, we have also affixed Teletón labels to our computer products, helping further promote the good work being done by the foundation to consumers.

Helping the Elderly

In Indonesia, we found that some elderly people were forced to move into hospices due to being abandoned by their children; In addition to providing needed resources and medicines to these elderly people, our volunteers also spend time with them. In the future, we plan to mobilize even more volunteers, helping people enjoy a higher quality of life in their twilight years.

Caring for Foreign Workers

In Dubai, many foreign workers find themselves laboring in the hot climate for meager pay and living in a densely crowded setting. During Ramadan, people do not eat or drink during the day, with most people eating only one meal a day. Acer and our staff value the contribution of these workers, and as such prepare some 1,500 iftar meals (the meals with which Muslims end their daily Ramadan fasts each evening) as a token of our respect.