Competitive Compensation Packages

Remuneration Policy

Competition is fierce in the global technology market, and competition for talent is much the same. In order to attract and retain outstanding employees, we provide competitive comprehensive salary packages. When developing salary policies, we comply with the requirements of the local labor laws of each location and do not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, race or political affiliation. We consult salary survey information from management consultancies to ensure our salaries are competitive in each region's job market. In addition, to reward outstanding employees, we issue bonuses based on company profit and both unit and individual performance; Acer Taiwan, for example, provides both performance and profit-sharing bonuses.

Acer Remuneration Policy Principles

Incentives System

In addition to bonuses, we have also established internal awards for colleagues who have made significant contributions in sales, management, and R&D. These awards are presented at public ceremonies, simultaneously rewarding excellent performance and sharing their results with the staff body.

Green Heart Medal

In recognition of colleagues with groundbreaking achievements in business development and operations management, we have established the Green Heart Medal to set examples for and from our employees. In 2015, two Green Heart Medals were awarded:

  • Hsinchu branch of the Taiwan Region under the Pan Asia Pacific Region was awarded a medal for winning a major server procurement tender and reaching a new level of performance in 2015
  • E-Business Group was awarded a medal for realizing the “hardware + software + services” vision of the New New Acer.

Their outstanding performance earned the e-Business Group the Acer Green Heart Medal

Recognizing Achievement in R&D

In addition to providing bonuses for R&D staff receiving patents, Acer also recognizes outstanding achievement in this regard with awards at the annual meeting.

Rewarding Product and Business Teams

We also give public recognition to business and product teams who have shown outstanding performance or developed a breakthrough product.

Employee Benefits

In addition to the benefits as stipulated by law, Acer also provides group medical insurance and outstanding employee benefits based on local customs. For example, the Taiwan Employee Welfare Committee - Acer Welfare Committee provided the following three major employee benefits in 2016:

Recreation and Entertainment Benefits

We hold a wide range of activities for our staff and their families, including staff trips, family days, festival celebrations, film viewings, art events, seminars, and sporting activities. Over 36,000 people participated in such activities, which aim to give our staff spare-time opportunities to maintain healthy bodies and minds and to bond with their families, encouraging balanced development in all aspects of life. In addition, Acer’s digital library boasts a rich collection of books, attracting over 6,000 users in 2016.

Playing with giant balls on Acer Family Day Staff participating in the Wan Jin Shi Marathon

Social Development Activities

  • We provide a variety of club activity subsidies, with 19 staff clubs including a wilderness club, a gardening club, an ironman triathlon club, a street dance club, an aerobics club, a board games club, and a coffee club. Each of these clubs gives our staff opportunities to learn together and to cultivate interests together.
  • By providing subsidies through each department, we offer the staff of those departments the means to plan their own recreational activities independently.
  • We have also set up staff recreation areas, a dance studio, a cafe, and other spaces for staff to interact with one another, as well as providing massage chairs, video games, and gym equipment for their enjoyment.
  • Swiss Summer BBQ
    Over the past three years, we have organized the Acer Marathon and summer BBQ, celebrating the summer together with our staff and their families. Our 2016 activities included runs, walks, soccer, ping pong, and games for children, creating wonderful memories for all who took part.

In Spain, Acer’s employees split into groups competing to complete the best tapas in 60 minutes, practicing teamwork, leadership, and time management.

In Switzerland, Acer holds annual excursions and various other fun activities for employees, using this to create a tighter team relationship.

In Thailand, to create greater unity and better communication between management and staff, we planned a series of activities that encouraged teamwork, supported by management giving reports that helped the employees better understand the company’s direction.

Cash Benefits

We provide bonuses for the three major festivals (Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival) as well as birthdays, along with scholarships and cash subsidies for weddings and funerals, and non-cash benefits such as gift coupons.

Retirement System

Acer's retirement system adheres to the regulations for each of the Company's global locations. In Taiwan, for example, staff pensions are contributed to in line with the Labor Standards Act and the Labor Pension Act. Staff who were employed by Acer on or before June 30, 2005, and were covered by the old system may freely opt into the new system and enjoy the new benefits. As of the end of 2016, the Company's deposits with Bank of Taiwan under the old system totaled approximately NT$261 million. As for the new system, the Company currently contributes 6% of employee pay, while the employees may contribute anything between 0% and 6%.