Competition is fierce in the technology market, as is competition for talent. To attract and retain outstanding employees, we provide competitive, comprehensive salary packages. When developing salary policies, we comply with labor laws of each location and do not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, race or political affiliation. We consult salary survey information from management consultancies to ensure our salaries are competitive in each region's job market. To reward outstanding employees, we issue bonuses based on company profit and both unit and individual performance; Acer Taiwan, for example, provides both performance and profit-sharing bonuses.

In order to take care of childcare need, Acer employees can apply for leaves of absence. They can also apply to return to our company before the end date of his or her leave of absence. Parental leave at Acer Taiwan in 2017 is as following:

Note: Data is focused on employees in Taiwan region

Employee benefits

In addition to the benefits as stipulated by law, Acer also provides group medical insurance and outstanding employee benefits based on local customs. For example, the Taiwan Employee Welfare Committee - Acer Welfare Committee provided employee benefits in the following three categories in 2017:

Recreation and Entertainment Benefits

We organize a wide range of activities for staff, including staff trips, family days, festival celebrations, film viewings, art and culture events, seminars, sporting activities, mental and physical relaxation activities, and activities promoting good health. In 2017, these activities had a total of over 34,000 participants, and through them we were able to facilitate staff self-care and help them enjoy fun activities with their families, satisfying their need for physical and mental balance. In addition, Acer also has a digital library with a rich collection of books which was used over 5,700 times in 2017.

Acer Taiwan also organized a number of talks by leading figures in several fields, including ultramarathon runner Kevin Lin and cultural/art history expert, broadcaster, travel writer, and mountaineer Hsieh Che-ching. In addition, we promote an international perspective on the arts, organizing trips to attend world-class events and performances such as the Musée d'Orsay30 Taiwan exhibition, the St. Petersburg Ballet Theatre, Cirque du Soleil’s “Avatar,” the Emerson String Quartet, the Miniature Life Exhibition, the musical “Chicago,”and Britain’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Furthermore, in 2017 we held a number of sporting and team-based activities, including not only the Wan Jin Shi Marathon and several building run-ups, but also a dominoes competition, the Acer Cup Badminton Tournament, laser tag, and other such competitive events to foster friendship among our staff.

Fellowship Activities

We provide funds for a variety of club activities. Such activities currently include a wilderness society, a horticulture club, an ironman club, a street dance club, an aerobics club, and a coffee enthusiasts club. Through such clubs and their activities, we encourage our staff to get together with like-minded colleagues to learn, grow, and cultivate their interests together. By providing funding for these, we let our staff focus on the activities and fellowship. We have also set up a number of other spaces for social interaction, including break rooms, dance classrooms, and cafes.

Cash Benefits and Vouchers

We provide cash bonuses for the three major festivals (Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival) as well as birthdays, along with scholarships and cash subsidies for weddings and funerals. In addition, we also offer non-cash bonuses like Carrefour vouchers.

Staff Assistance Program

We provide staff and their dependents with free psychological, legal, wealth management, mental health, and management counseling services. This counseling is available by telephone, online, or through one-on-one in-person sessions.

Retirement System

Acer's retirement system adheres to the regulations for each of the Company's global locations. In Taiwan, for example, contributions are made to staff pensions in line with the Labor Standards Act and the Labor Pension Act. Staff who were employed by Acer on or before June 30, 2005, and were covered by the old system may freely opt into the new system and enjoy the new benefits.

The company provides pensions or severance according to law for employees who have terminated their employment relationship due to retirement or layoffs. In this way, we hope to help support them in their retired lives or in their transition to alternative employment.