Continuous Learning and Growth

Personnel Training and Career Development

To achieve our vision of breaking down barriers between people and technology, Acer continues to explore new trends in end-user-demand-driven services. In 2016, we actively strived to aid our staff in keeping pace with these developments, providing training in areas including digital applications, effective social media management, shared economy, platform strategy, and big data analysis. In addition, we continue to strengthen Acer’s core values and their implementation in daily work.

As for general education and training, by guiding staff in their application of the latest technological trends to marketing and sales, we are able to make them more effective and more efficient. Guided by our core values, we continue to promote the full range of skills, including fostering innovation, improving cross-team cooperation, encouraging “5C” (communication, communication, communication, consensus, commitment) communication, and promoting integrated project promotion.

To ensure the quality implementation of such training, all training is done in accordance with the "Management Process of Internal and External Training." In 2016, for example, a global total of 19,129attendees participated in such training, accounting for 52,272 man-hours All training was done in accordance with the principles of operational necessity, gender equality, and equal opportunity.

Middle and senior management attending seminar by global innovation guru Dr. Verganti on “Innovation in Dynamic Environments.”

Case discussion and sharing in course on Delegation Skills training.

Development of Diversified Learning

The continuing promotion of Wangdao thinking has been accomplished through several channels, including talks by Honorary Chairman Stan Shih and Chairman George Huang. We also invited well-known figures to share their insights into industry trends and innovation, helping hone the management vision of our management team. On top of this, working with the My Acer internal communications platform, we have been able to share Wangdao thinking with all of our employees.

Concerning the improvement of professional competencies, development opportunities within the company include job training, coaching, job transfers, seminars, and online learning. Employees can also participate in professional seminars and short-term training courses at prestigious foreign universities and training organizations. To encourage colleagues to obtain professional certification and improve their professional capabilities, we formulated the Incentives for Professional Certification to provide subsidies and bonuses to cover test fees for professional certification.

Training System

Management Training System

In terms of management training for senior management, the focus has been on how to enact a culture of innovation within the organization, including inviting a professor from the Politecnico di Milano to give a seminar on how to enact meaningful innovation in dynamic, changing environments. We also invited Taiwan’s godfather of e-commerce, Steven Ho, to introduce our management to developments in “Retail 4.0” in order to further strengthen their strategic thinking regarding sales channels.

With regard to strengthening middle and base-level management’s managerial capabilities, we continued our focus on personnel management, holding courses in five areas: interview and selection skills, goal setting, delegation of responsibility and authority, coaching for improvement, performance management and motivational skills. Every leader was required to complete this series of classes.

Professional Occupational Training System

This system provides the technical training required by the Company's various departments, as well as seminars by specialist speakers given to help keep staff up on the latest trends in product development. 2016 marked the start of our series of seminars on business trends, with a team of senior analysis from the Institute for Information Industry invited each month to discuss with production-line staff analyses and observations on IoT consumer trends. These seminars covered topics including new Internet ideas (social media marketing, mobile commerce, big data applications), developments in smart health and safety, opportunities in smart transportation, and trends in innovative applications. Each department also held its own experience sharing sessions, with many focusing on implementing consumer insights in product concepts or discussing how to make business opportunities through product innovation.

General Education Courses

The focus of our general education courses is on the application of technology to enhancing business performance, including rapid production of business intelligence analysis reports, management of cloud-based digital information and files, and so forth. We also continue to promote stronger core competencies and basic professional skills through courses covering areas like improving workplace communication and the protection and use of patents. In marketing, we cover areas including storytelling marketing, the application of website analysis to marketing, and learning presentation skills through TED Talks.

New Staff Training

On their first day of work, new employees are given orientation training to help them quickly come to grips with the Company's basic operating processes. Within their first month, new employees are put through training to better understand the company's mechanisms, regulations, core values, brand values, corporate culture, and the Standards of Business Conduct (including instruction on labor rights, freedom of expression, individual privacy rights, sexual harassment prevention, and corruption prevention), thus helping them become fully integrated parts of the team. New employees working in product-related positions also receive training on patent protection, CSR (including green products, EICC, and greenhouse gasses), and electrostatic discharge (ESD). We also actively encourage employees to take training in CPR and automated external defibrillator (AED) use.

Colleagues in Netherlands attending talent selection and interview training

An EMEA Sales and Marketing Excellence Workshop held in cooperation with the Instituto de Empresa Business School

Performance Management and Development

The goal of Acer's performance management and development system is to improve performance at individual, departmental and organizational levels and includes goal setting, delegation, communication and coaching, the link between performance and remuneration, and career development. In 2016, the proportion of Acer Taiwan employees involved in performance evaluations approached 90%.