End-to-end Customer Service

Acer’s success depends on the trust that customers place in us. Ever since its inception, Acer has given its highest priority to quality in all aspects of its operations; from product design to manufacturing to after-sales service, we steadfastly offer our clients innovative products and reliable services and honoring regulations and statutes enforced in different areas around the world accordingly.

We at Acer firmly believe that our “quality in everything we do” approach has helped us gain considerable competitive edge in the market. We work proactively to understand customers’ needs and constantly introduce products that are better and easier to use. Our aim is to provide customer services which meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and create greater value for them.

Customer Service Systems and Mechanisms

Acer Group Service Model

The Acer service network is made up of Acer's directly controlled service centers and authorized maintenance centers. We have set up many maintenance centers worldwide and cooperate with authorized service centers in required areas. The four features of this service model are:

  • Hybrid model- Both self-owned and affiliated telephone customer services and maintenance centers
  • Self-owned IT systems: "One company, one system"- provides seamless, real-time links between all service units.
  • Spare parts logistics Central and local inventory managed by a single system- We have set up spare parts centers on five continents in response to the customer demand for maintenance services.
  • Multiple brands- Meets the brand requirements of specific customers around the world.

In 2016, there were no major cases in which Acer violated laws and regulations with regard to products and services.

Multiple Service Channels

We are devoted to helping customers understand our product features and services and to using a variety of methods to understand customer requirements. Acer customers can contact us at any time and provide comments and suggestions through any one of the channels listed below.

  • Network download and support services
  • Telephone services support center/technical support
  • Acer-managed service centers
  • Authorized service centers and professional maintenance companies
  • International travelers warranty service centers
  • Acer Web Master (procedures and mechanism for handling customer complaints)
  • Face book and Acer community

Acer China Campus Services Tour

Since 2011, Acer China has conducted an annual Campus Services Tour, using on-campus events to offer free computer testing, cleaning, and problem-solving services to students and faculty. In 2016, Acer China visited 21 campuses, holding 31 Campus Services Testing Events, helping thousands find solutions to their queries.

Customer Service System

A good system is the basis of customer service activities. In order to further improve customer service quality, we developed the Acer Customer Service System (CSS) to centrally manage Acer's directly-managed service centers, authorized service centers, professional maintenance companies, telephone service support centers, spare parts planning and warehouse management as well as managing customer interactions though the network. This system will help us improve maintenance schedules and quality.

This system is already online in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas, with a dedicated system for the China and Taiwan regions, providing customers around the world a better quality of service.

Enhancing Service Quality

The Acer Diagnostics Suite (ADS) also provides hardware diagnostics for service centers performing maintenance. ADS can help maintenance personnel zero in on the causes of hardware failures, condensing the time needed for testing and for accurately identifying faults, thus providing improved service quality. Since 2015, the development of ADS has created annual savings of US$495,000 by eliminating the need to purchase commercial diagnostic software licenses. This system is already in widespread use in the Taiwan, Pan-American, Pan-European, and Pan-Asian regional service centers, and with continuing feedback from maintenance personnel, it is constantly evolving and improving, providing even better service.

Product labelling and Information

In accordance with the law, all Acer products and services carry required labeling and product information. Manuals for Acer products include guidelines for safe usage, laying out proper usage and items to be aware of, as well as environmentally friendly recycling methods for when replacing a product. Product manuals and the company website all provide contact details for Acer, facilitating consumers’ use of telephone or online customer service.

Whenever important product information or recalls arise, we provide all customers with full details on our various national websites, such as in the Support section of our Taiwan website. There, customers are able to see if their product(s) are affected, with information on the appropriate steps to take if that is the case. In addition, we inform all customers calling our telephone support center and help them resolve any issues. No incidents with the potential to cause customer safety concerns occurred in 2016.

Customer Privacy

Data confidentiality assurance is a top concern for both customers and the general corporate clientele when they send their computers for maintenance work. Acer has made that its priority as well. In Acer’s Standards of Business Conduct, we have required that our employees be utmost discreet in protecting all the classified data and exclusive information entrusted to us by our clients. Individual information use is limited to specific, applicable objectives only. Acer also acts in accordance with all the regulations and corporate mandates to protect private information.

At Acer, all our service engineers have signed a non-disclosure agreement. Prior to any actual repair, our service staff will provide the customer with a maintenance service list, giving the customer a clear idea of the extent of the repairs; as such, improper or “hidden” fees are avoided. The customer, as well, can decide whether he wants to retain personal information on his computer, delete it, or take out the hard drive prior to maintenance, thereby preventing confidential information from being compromised. These watertight measures help to improve customer privacy. Besides, Acer adopts responsive measures in the following three categories.

  • Clients Data Privacy Protection
    All the personal information provided by clients for entering Acer website and making purchases will be rigorously controlled and protected. Meanwhile, a designated email address: was set up to take charge of all the reports and complaints concerning privacy issues from Acer’s operations worldwide. For more details on Acer’s privacy policies, please refer to “Privacy Policy”.
  • Data Security Technologies Included in Products
    We at Acer continue to update data security technologies in our products. We assist our clients in controlling their data via both hard-/software installations.
  • Data Encryption during Repair and Routine Maintenance
    Engineers staffed at all the service centers are asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement, and would present a list of service items to buyers for verification, to ensure watertight privacy protection for Acer’s customers.

However, there are always risks of hacking or intrusion into online systems, and relevant technology is constantly changing. As such, the company is not only always revising the necessity for obtaining consumer information while also strengthening information security measures, but also laying out systems for the dispersal of risk through information security protection systems in order to provide its customers with an extra level of privacy protection.

Our customer privacy protection measures include:

  • Regulatory compliance
    In line with the Personal Information Protection Act, on October 22, 2012, Acer enacted the Principles for the Management of Personal Information, along with guidelines applicable to highly confidential information such as the Guidelines for Management of the Use of Personal Information in Promotional Activities, Guidelines for Interdepartmental Use of Personal Information, and Guidelines for Handling of Usage Rights for Personal Information by Relevant Parties.
  • Improved information security measures
  • Strict internal controls
  • Implementation of internal controls and staff education & training
    Acer regularly provides courses in protection of personal and confidential information to new colleagues; in 2016 we have 242 employees take the training. In addition, Acer held two “Understanding the Personal Information Protection Act ” sessions for all staff who is in charge of personal information management in the end of 2016 with participation number of 82 people in total.
  • Comprehensive customer problem handling mechanism

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Acer conducts customer satisfaction surveys to obtain feedback and make improvements to our products and services. Our Customer Satisfaction Surveys come in two categories. One is focused on a single product or line, such as surveys regarding our e-sports-focused Predator line. In 2016, at the 2016 IFA Berlin, the Predator notebooks met with strongly positive reviews among consumers for their overall functionality, display design, and button layout, with e-sports gamers particularly praising the new heat dispersal technology and efficient battery.

The second kind of survey focuses on customers' questions regarding our products and is carried out as after-sales follow-up evaluations and surveys, including questioning customers who have made use of service centers or telephone tech support. The aim of these is to ensure customers' needs are met, and the feedback gathered through such surveys has proven a valuable source of continued improvements to Acer's operating procedures. Once that feedback is analyzed, relevant units can be properly notified of any issues, develop improvement plans, implement those plans, and follow up on their results. In aggregate, our survey results show high global satisfaction, with positive customer evaluations accounting for 94.76%% of total evaluations in 2016. Customer satisfaction in all regions showed improvement in 2016, reaching as high as 96.65% in the Pan-Asia Pacific region.

Global Customer Satisfaction Survey

Online Education and Training for Employees and Partners

To facilitate our worldwide customer service staff’s provision of the best customer advice and assistance, we established an online learning system (Acer E-Academy) in 2009. This system provides professional training in new products, resolution of common product queries, customer skills, and standard processes to front-line customer service employees and operating unit employees, including an online evaluation after the course has finished. Currently, Acer E-Academy provides 454 online courses, with more than 7,700 employees and partners around the world gaining access to the latest product information through this system, equipping them to provide better customer service.