Employees Relations

Employee Communication

As the company transforms, we continue to strengthen internal staff communication to equip everyone with a shared credo and vision, along with shared core values. In this way, we facilitate working together toward successful change.

  • Through seminars and lectures on the theme of “Fantastic Acer,” chairman George Huang discussed with the company’s innovative business units Acer’s goals, strategies, and developmental direction for the future. In 2016, a total of 9 such events were held for a total audience of 1,104 people.
  • Global President and CEO Jason Chen has also held "An Appointment with Jason" communication meetings to share in face-to-face discussions the company's results and future direction, as well as taking questions and suggestions from the staff. He has also held face-to-face meetings with staff in our various global locations, explaining new policies to our global staff.
  • Acer Daily News enables colleagues to get prompt access to media information relating to the Company.
  • Acer Good News also reports the awards the company's products have received, along with news on the company's growth.

Staff Communications Channels

Only through effective two-way communication can we create unity and a sense of identity among the staff of the organization, while also ensuring that staff can develop and grow in an organizational culture of respect and consideration. In this way, we create a win-win situation for both the company and its employees. Taiwan, we organize quarterly Employee Representative Meetings headed by the Global President and CEO. At these meetings, the President meets with the head managers of the various business units and the senior management and staff of logistical support units to discuss and implement resolutions for matters relating to operations management, work environment, and employees' rights. In 2016, employees in Taiwan reported the following major proposals through the Employee Representative Meetings. We have formulated and are carrying out improvement plans for each resolution.

Group photo of participants at Employee Representative Meeting, along with CEO

Human Rights and Freedom of Association

Acer believes that every employee has the right to receive respect and fair treatment. In addition to its commitment to respecting internationally recognized human rights, including Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as International labor standards, the company has formulated the Standards of Business Conduct, which sets down related human rights policies including respect for diversity, fair treatment, and anti-discrimination and harassment. The company has also never prevented nor hindered the freedom of association of any employee. The percentage of employees covered by collective agreements in countries and areas with unions is 10.9%, mainly in Italy, France, Germany, Netherland, Finland, Brazil, Vietnam, and Shanghai of China.

In order to protect gender equality and human dignity and provide a work environment free of sexual harassment and gender discrimination, the Taiwan region has specifically drawn up the Sexual Harassment Prevention Measures and Disciplinary Actions, clarifying complaints channels, operating procedures and disciplinary regulations, as well as providing training courses for the prevention of sexual harassment to increase employee awareness and preventing sexual harassment. The company received no complaints of sexual harassment for 2016.