Acer Foundation

In the more than two decades since its establishment in 1996, the Acer Foundation has been steadfastly committed to its ideal of “embracing technology and looking out at the world.” Through the development of knowledge and training of talent, the foundation hopes to reach out and activate the greater strength, creating powerful and smart alliances that span the globe. By promoting philanthropic efforts and talent training, the foundation strives to advance social prosperity and elevate the standards of academic research to accelerate Taiwan’s transformation into an “island of technology. At the same time, it also acts as a responsible global citizen, cultivating globally aware talent and strengthening international interchange to promote global economic prosperity.

The mission of the Acer Foundation is to promote the integration of technology and education. Through the application of the Wangdao philosophy, the foundation’s efforts are built around a people-centered culture and a drive to contribute philanthropically. By combining these with Acer’s know-how, the foundation works to find the keys to progress and transformation, reaching out from Taiwan to the world with a global vision and future-focused ambition. Following the Wangdao philosophy laid out by Chairman Stan Shih, the foundation creates opportunities for younger generation. These include the tertiary and graduate school focused Long Term Smile IoB Competition, which aims to bring together the Internet of Beings, Cloud technology, and the Internet of Things, and the BeingLife Creativity IoB Competition, which is focused on igniting creativity and future-oriented thinking in high-school students. The foundation also aims to reduce the digital divide and promote technology education. In Taiwan, this includes the ADOC 2.0 Projects, which has reached out to rural communities for several years; meanwhile, on the global stage, this has seen the foundation seek out various opportunities around the world to promote science and technology education.

The concept of corporate citizenship is also one that is growing stronger and stronger. Chairman Stan Shih has long held the Acer Foundation to the expectation that it will develop “high added-value” through the promotion of science and technology education, hoping to make a difference through corporate philanthropy that makes Acer stand out from other companies. What others are already able to do, Acer does not repeat.

We hope that the Acer Foundation can do what still needs to be done and what will have the greatest benefit for both the industry and society. The Acer Foundation aims to do what others don’t want to or cannot do, whether because it creates no value for them, is to difficult, or simply because they don’t have the capacity for it. Most importantly, the foundation aims to do what Acer is best at, making use of our long history in the IT industry to give back to the society from which we have so greatly benefitted. For information on Acer Foundation activities, please visit the foundation’s official website.

Gateway Foundation

The Gateway Foundation invests in our communities by making leading technology products available to those with limited access to computers. The Gateway Foundation primarily grants requests for computers and other technology products sought by organizations wishing to make this technology generally available to underserved youth and others aided by the organization.

For more information, please visit the official Gateway Foundation page.