Strategy Committee
Long-term strategic initiatives and new business development.
Evaluation, planning and improvement of Acer’s internal operations.
Corp. Sustainability Office
Strategic planning and management in corporate sustainability with the aim of fulfilling corporate social responsibilities.
Global Projects
Global key project planning and execution.
Pan Asia Pacific Operations
Sales, marketing and after-sales service of Acer’s IT products in Taiwan, China and Asia Pacific.
EMEA Operations
Sales, marketing and after-sales service of Acer’s IT products in Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Pan America Operations
Sales, marketing and after-sales service of Acer’s IT products in Pan America.
Digital Display Business
Manage global monitor and projector product lines business.
IT Products Business
Manage global notebook, desktops, tablet, smartphone and wearable products line business.
ICT solutions and services provider, including information security management, mobility applications, software systems development, systems integration, system operation services, value-added business solutions, and Internet data center services. BYOC Smart Products Business BYOC™ (Build Your Own Cloud) Services empower global business development and management through cloud-connected devices and solutions as well as diverse cloud-services providing flexible access to applications (SaaS), platforms (PaaS), and infrastructure (IaaS).
Server Products Business
Manages server products line business.
Corporate Marketing, Business Planning & Operations
Corporate brand management, consolidation and implementation of global marketing strategies, public relations management, and the strategic planning ,operations of all IT business back-end functions.
Value Lab
Research and development, design and support for New Value Creation Business.
Global IT
Corporate information infrastructure and information systems management.
Global Finance
Corporate finance, investment, treasury, credit and risk control and accounting services management.
Global Human Resources
Respond to market changes and global trends, formalize human resources-related talent strategies and organizational planning to meet the company's sustainable development needs.
Global Legal
Corporate and legal affairs, intellectual property management.
General Affairs
General affairs, transportation services, office facilities management.