George Huang

George Huang

Director, July 1979 to February 1993 and since June 2014

Member, Investment Committee

Acer Co-founder

Specialty in information technology, consumer discretionary, health care, industrials sectors*

As one of Acer’s co-founders, George Huang is a long-serving board director and was also supervisor from June 2005 to June 2014. He returned to Acer in November 2013 as Executive Secretary of the Transformation Committee, supporting Acer through its third corporate transformation. From June 2014 to June 2017 he served as Acer’s Chairman.

After the rise of the internet in the mid-90s, Huang led Acer’s Digital Services Group and was involved in Taiwan’s first wave of internet and e-commerce development. He established the largest, most secure and most trusted electronic data center in Taiwan, Acer e-Enabling Services Businesses Inc., and helped Acer launch online gaming and ticketing services.

At the same time, as the Director of Taiwan Mobile (1999-2005) and Vice Chairman of Taiwan Fixed Network (2000-2007), Huang led Acer to invest in the telecom industry, and participated in the first public lottery business in Taiwan.

Upon his initial retirement in 2003, Huang was an Independent Director for PChome, Taiwan's largest e-commerce platform, and Bionet Corp., the baby cord blood bank in Taiwan.

Huang is no stranger to change management. In addition to participating in the two re-engineering stages of Acer in 1992 and 2013, he advised the Hong Kong Golden Harvest as Director and Taiwan Fixed Network as Vice Chairman to successful restructurings.

* Specialty sectors according to the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) Level 1 sector classification, jointly developed by MSCI and the S&P Dow Jones Indices, September 2018.