Health and Safety in the Work Environment

Health and Safety Education and Training

In order to implement our health and safety policies, Acer has planned a series of training and education programs tailored to different groups, aiming to create a corporate culture of health and safety.

2015 Health and Safety Education and Training

Health Checks, Health Management and Health Promotion

Our employees are an essential asset for the company, and to help them keep their health in check, we have established an internal health management system called “Heath Care”. In cooperation with healthcare professionals and contracted examination organizations, we provide health checks for a range of employees. The reports are graded for management and any major anomalies are provided with follow-up to help the employees concerned address their situation.

Beginning in 2015, Acer is employing doctors of occupational medicine to provide monthly on-site services and help improve workplace health and safety. Out of concern for the well-being of our employees and to prevent occupational disease outbreaks, in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act and in concert with the Ministry of Labor we have carried out three projects “Human Factors Hazard Prevention”, “Preventing Diseases Triggered by Abnormal Workloads”, and “Health Protection for Working Mothers”. Analyzing health check reports and health questionnaires, we select mid-level risk employees for health education and high-risk employees for health counseling and tracking. With the guidance and help of these medical professionals, we hope to reduce the number of at-risk staff in our employ.

In 2015, we continued to work together with Xizhi’s Cathay General Hospital to organize smoking cessation, healthy weight loss, and cancer screening events. On the passive side, we worked with government agencies and healthcare organizations to hold 14 physical and mental health seminars. On the more active side, at our Xizhi headquarters, Da’an office, Aspire Resort, e-Enabling Data Center, and other office spaces we held physical fitness checks, helping employees understand their own physical conditions and develop the habit of exercise.

We encourage our employees to set up and/or join sport and recreation clubs to help cultivate the good habit of exercise. In 2015, Acer helped hold the New Taipei City Wan Jin Shi Marathon, encouraged employees to challenge themselves in the Mt. Waimu Ocean Swim, and held the Acer Climbing Race. Through these and other sporting events, we were able to engage our employees’ passion for sport, with 1,657 colleagues and family members taking part over 2015.

Health promotion activities

Health promotion activities

Colleagues receiving medical checks

An aerobic boxing lesson, part of a healthy weight loss class

Fitness testing events help employees understand their own bodies and physical conditions better

Improving Hardware and Software Facilities

Acer Taiwan organizes regular Employee Representative Meetings, with representatives elected by employees from all departments. Meetings are held quarterly to discuss topics including health and safety issues and improvement follow-up. To continue building a good working environment and ensure employee health and safety, Acer Taiwan has launched an ESH management system. The ESH management group is comprised of 42 members. Apart from the management representatives and promotional groups, the remaining 39 members are suitable employees elected from each unit (the proportion of labor representatives is 93%). To ensure the effective implementation of systems, meetings are held every two months with reports on environmental health and safety issues given and proposals discussed. Each year, workplace hazard risk identification and environmental impact consideration assessment were conducted, with any significant risks or high-impact items put forward for improvement.

Over 2015, Acer Taiwan carried out a number of office environment improvement measures. Every year, offices undergo full cleaning and maintenance, along with disinfection. We also continue to implement tests of drinking water portability, interior carbon dioxide levels, cooling tower legionella, and other environmental factors, as well as monitoring and maintaining the office environment.

Major Office Environment Improvement Measures for 2015

Injury Rate, Lost Day Rates, and Absence Rates for Acer Taiwan in 2015