Health and Safety in the Work Environment

Health and Safety Management

In order to provide a healthier, safer work environment and protect the physical and mental health of our staff, Acer Taiwan has set up a Safety and Health Management Department, hired specialist health & safety managers and nurses, and planned and implemented an Occupational Safety and Health Unit. At the same time, to ensure that the organization can improve environmental, health, and safety performance through effective communication, we have put in place an Environmental Health and Safety System of 43 members, 41 of whom are chosen from the most suitable candidates from various business units for a labor representation of 95%. Through annual education, training, meetings, and auditing, the system's effective operation is maintained. In addition, Acer Taiwan organizes regular Employee Representative Meetings, with regional representatives elected by employees. Meetings are held quarterly to discuss topics including health and safety issues and improvement follow-up.

Health and Safety Education and Training

In order to implement our health and safety policies, Acer runs a series of training and education programs tailored to different groups, aiming to create a corporate culture of health and safety.

In 2016, Acer Taiwan experienced a total of 6 occupational accidents, 3 scooter accidents (on the way to or from work), 2 injuries from accidental falls (1 on the way to/from work, 1 client-side), and 1 collision on the way to/from work. The three scooter accidents that accounted for 50% of our occupational accidents led to a total of 24 lost days (65% of total). To reinforce our staff’s defensive driving awareness, we have not only used our general affairs website to promote traffic safety and discuss incidents, we have also put on defensive scooter driving seminars and invited colleagues involved in accidents to participate, receiving a total of 146 registrations.

A healthy workplace

Staffs are a company’s most vital asset, and so to help our staff stay on top of their own health and create a healthy workplace environment, we provide health checks, health check report analysis, health management, and a variety of activities that promote good health.

Vice President Chen Chien-jen makes a presentation to HR director Andy Lin

Vladivostok International Marathon, Russia
Acer is a team that prides itself on being healthy, active, and vibrant, and so Acer Russia sponsors the Vladivostok International Marathon, an event a number of staff also participates in. Through this event, we communicate to the public our passion for exercise and that each of us can choose to live a healthy life.

Improving Hardware and Software Facilities in the Work Environment

To ensure workplace health and safety, every year we convene an environmental health and safety affairs committee, who review workplace hazard risk identification and environmental impact consideration assessment for every ongoing project, with any significant risks or high-impact items put forward for improvement. We also conduct full cleaning, maintenance, and disinfection of office spaces and continue to test drinking water portability, interior carbon dioxide levels, cooling tower legionella, post-renovation indoor air quality, and other environmental factors, as well as monitoring and maintaining the office environment. In response to these factors, we pursue a variety of office hardware and facilities improvements, ensuring we provide our staff with an excellent workplace environment.

In addition, in line with the government’s policy promoting and protecting breastfeeding, Acer has worked to create an excellent environment for breastfeeding, being honored in 2016 by being selected as one of New Taipei City’s Most Outstanding Breastfeeding Rooms (Mother & Child Friendliness Category, Friendly Workplaces Group). We consider this a testament to our care for the mothers among our team.