High Level Statement

Message from the Chairman and CEO

As a multinational company and one of the world’s top PC brands, corporate social responsibility is a key focus or Acer, parallel to our ongoing pursuit for innovation, and fully aligned with our long term mission of breaking barriers between people and technology. In 2017, our top priorities included sustainable development to protect our environment, corporate responsibility, and risk management; and we began applying the True ValueNote1: methodology that measures total costs and effectiveness, and developing strategies that guard both commercial and social values.

After more than 40 years since our founding Acer continues to evolve with the times. The results of our latest efforts indicate that we have steered our company onto the path of transformation with positive growth. In 2017, Acer’s strategy for corporate social responsibilities is aligned with the company’s three core beliefs: Value Creation, Balance of Interests, and Sustainable Development, the foundations for a forward-looking organization.

Sustainable development is a powerful driving force behind corporate social responsibility. In 2017, we made significant efforts to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including affordable and clean energy, health, and sustainable production models. And as a result of our steady internal communication, we are glad to see how SDGs are gradually becoming a part of Acer’s culture. We held the first Acer CSR Awards, recognizing the SDG efforts of our global operations including poverty eradication, digital learning, employment for the disabled, marine conservation, social care, renewable energy, and more. We will continue to encourage Acer employees to care and take actions for the wellbeing of our society and environment.

Externally, Acer has constantly been recognized by renowned sustainability indices around the world. We have been listed on DJSI’s Emerging Markets Index and MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes for four consecutive years; and on the FTSE4Good Emerging Index for the second year.

In regards to energy and environmental protection, we have actively increased the use of green energy. We built a solar power plant with a total of four ground and roof-type solar power farms, generating about 3.52 million kWh of energy per year. Acer’s US subsidiary also continued to participate in the US Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Partnership program, with our office buildings using 100% green electricity that come from renewable sources such as wind and solar energy.

In the field of preventive medicine for the future, Acer has taken considerable steps forward in the research and development of high-performance computing used for genetic sequencing in the Cancer Moonshot Project, a collaboration with the US National Cancer Institute (NCI), and Taiwan’s Academia Sinica and Chang Gung University. With the capability to shorten computational work that would have required 13 days to a mere 2.5 hours, the Cancer Moon Shot Project expects to significantly shorten the program of cancer prevention and treatment that includes diagnosis and patient care.

As a global citizen Acer will continue to explore new ways to fulfill our responsibilities to help society and the environment as a whole.

Chairman and CEO
Jason Chen