High Level Statement

Message from the Chairman

Since our founding, Acer has consistently pursued the goals of creating value and contributing to society through our products and services. These are our commitments and the core values of the Wangdao philosophy of altruism - Value Creation, Balance of Interests and Sustainable Development.

To accelerate Acer’s transformation into a hardware + software + services company, the board of directors passed an organizational restructuring that separates new business from the company’s core business. In this way, both will enjoy more operational flexibility while also providing mutual support, and boosting the overall transformation and development of the Acer Group. The company’s core business remains focused around notebook computers, desktop computers, tablet computers, digital display products, and server products, involving R&D and integrated global operations. Here, we continue to work toward optimization of operational resources and business models. Our new businesses, meanwhile, will focus on smart devices (including smartphones and wearable devices) and cloud computing. The applications of these extend in a variety of directions, bringing together more partners and expanded plans for the Internet of things/Internet of Beings to speed up the development of these new businesses and secure Acer’s place for a sustainable future.

In 2015, Acer’s BYOC services were deployed in several important ways in response to the needs of the society. During the company’s early days, Acer launched the Micro-Professor I to promote understanding of microprocessors and the principles behind them. Today we continue to promote the application of technology, creating the CloudProfessor, a modular education kit to help beginners learn about the Internet of Things and the application of cloud technology in an easier way. We have also developed a variety of apps that extend the reach of cloud services into the world of sports. Our integrated event information platform provides real-time information and data analysis services, creating a new sporting experience.

Our BYOC Blue Sky Program harnesses Acer’s global brand, channels, and resources to stimulate shared social innovation, helping startups reach out to the world and create a cloud-based ecosystem. We also established Acer Cloud Technology (Chongqing) Ltd., bringing together cloud platforms, software design, and hardware manufacturing to help startups commercialize their ideas and work together to expand cloud services.

In addition, we are proud to share with everyone that Acer has for the second year running been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), performing strongly in supply chain management, climate strategy, innovation management and brand management. Also for a second consecutive year, we have been included in the MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes, with particularly strong results in terms of information integrity and transparency regarding conflict minerals management. These results highlight our long-term commitment to sustainable development, our advocacy of the Wangdao philosophy, and response to global trends in sustainability. International investment institutions have shown their approval of how Acer has implemented sustainable operations and the Wangdao philosophy.

Looking to the future, we at Acer intend to continue upholding the spirit of the Wangdao philosophy, creating value for society and sharing the results with our partners. In pursuit of this, we will continue to work closely with our stakeholders, tackling challenges head-on with a passion for changing the world and refining the sustainability of our development.

George Huang

Message from the Corporate President and CEO

In 2015, with a firm commitment to stay on top of the industry transformation and global trends, Acer has persisted to provide innovative end-user-centric technologies, while continuing to strengthen our core competencies for long-term sustainable business development and the advancement of society at large. We believe that corporate social responsibility is an integral part of a sustainable business; hence, at all levels of our daily operations, we have incorporated CSR concepts and continue in a full-scale and sustained realization of our commitments.

To ensure a keen understanding of the supply chain environmental and social responsibility management, we have taken measures to improve our supply chain management assessment mechanism and bidirectional communications channels. We provided education and training in line with global trends; in 2015, we invited Chinese labor education organizations and suppliers to hold seminars, and provided training in greenhouse gas inventory for our suppliers. To promote stronger supply chain social responsibility, we worked with first-tier supply chain partners to hold EICC conferences in China to expand the management mechanism among the lower-tier suppliers.

Dealing with environmental pressures from global climate change, we focused on the use of green electricity in our global operations bases. In 2015, Acer expanded green energy usage to subsidiaries in Canada and Spain in our pursuit to reach 60% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020. And with the advent of the post COP21 low-carbon economy, we will continue to collect information on the usage of resources like water and electricity in our global locations, closely monitor changes, and develop and implement ongoing reduction strategies. This “green attitude” has been extended to our product development, expanding the use of environmentally friendly materials and processes in our products.

The core competitive edge of which we at Acer are proudest is our ability to provide quality products and services that help people lead better lives. This remains the cornerstone of Acer’s sustainable development. As a responsible corporate citizen, Acer has thought long and hard about how we can use our technological skills and innovation to address sustainable human development in response to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Providing smart solutions helps our products and services stay on top of the needs of global development, while the application of technology to the benefit of humanity remains a major challenge. For example, the Acer Intelligent Parking Cloud and Intelligent Transportation e-ticketing System aim to provide systematic management and analysis tools for addressing urban parking and traffic problems, helping reduce automotive carbon emissions. We will also continue to invest in education by offering projectors, tablet computers, and notebook computers created for educational use to boost diversity and interaction in teaching, helping both students and teachers alike enjoy the benefits technology can bring to education.

At Acer, we value the trust our customers place in us and work hard to meet our commitment to them through prompt, reliable customer service. This conscientious attitude has earned us a broad range of recognition. In 2015, Acer was presented with the Best Service Brand award for the tenth year running in Popular Computer Week's Top Chinese IT Brands, in addition to receiving annual customer service awards in several European countries.

Our efforts toward sustainable development have also continued to win international recognition. In 2015, we were once again included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices and MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes, as well as being named one of the Top 50 Green Brands by Forbes. Acer will continue to uphold the principles of integrity and transparency, working to put technology to use to create new experiences for users and to become a company that people respect.

Jason Chen
Corporate President and CEO