High Level Statement

Message from the Chairman

2016 has been an exciting year for Acer as we celebrated the reaching of our fifth decade since our founding. While rejoicing on our achievements in the ICT industry, we are also taking pride in our accomplishments in corporate social responsibility (CSR). Since our beginning, creating value, balancing interests and working towards sustainable development have driven us in everything we do, from our business operations to our extracurricular activities. Our commitment to these ideals is best exemplified by the advancements we have made towards many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set by the United Nations. These include the area of health and wellbeing, where Acer has made great progress in developing new integrated solutions that help people better monitor and analyze their health and home environment for improved life quality. Another example is our efforts toward realizing sustainable communities, including the development of an intelligent parking solution which allows drivers to locate parking spaces in real-time, saving them fuel and reducing their carbon emissions.

Looking within our organization, we continue to make progress towards realizing sustainable and responsible business operations. Among our many initiatives include our commitment to engaging with our suppliers and partners regarding sustainable development. A great example of this has been our ability to reduce our use of minerals sourced from facilities listed on the Conflict Mineral Smelter list. By 2017 we aim to completely eliminate the sourcing of minerals from these facilities. Through stringent auditing, routine communications and other engagements, we have been achieving great outcomes. In addition to engaging with our suppliers, we are also reaching out to the scientific and academic communities to ensure that we have open lines of communications with stakeholders from beyond our industry. In the area of carbon emissions, we also continue to push forward in our fight against climate change and are on track to reduce our emissions by 60% by 2020.

Contributing to our communities and society at large, we remain steadfast in investing in their improvement. One such area is that of education; where we are running programs and developing technologies to break down the digital divide. Among them are initiatives that utilize Acer’s CloudProfessor IoT Starter Kit to open up new opportunities for disadvantaged children in the era of the Internet of Things. In 2016 we evaluated our social return on investment qualitatively and quantitatively to ensure our actions are effective and create the most value possible. But at the same time, this evaluation also helps us to optimize our future activities and play an even more impactful role going forward.

Our efforts have continued to be acknowledged for our transparency, such as being ranked on the Taiwan Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Report, and for our overall performance, including our listing on the DJSI Emerging Markets Index and MSCI’s Global Sustainability Indexes. We have done particularly well in the areas of supply chain management, climate actions and corporate citizenship to name a few.

Looking ahead, Acer will continue to strive for excellence and remain dedicated to transforming to a hardware + software + services company. In terms of end-users and customers, we will also continue to focus on the needs of people as a starting point for all we do, in the process creating more value for all stakeholders and achieving excellence.

Jason Chen
Chairman and CEO