Innovative Products and Services

Innovation is one of Acer’s core competencies. We are committed to research, development, and innovation, as well as to gaining a deep understanding of what both customers and markets demand. By combining these with cutting-edge technology, we can provide products and services that are innovative and reliable. We continue to pursue research and innovation, and in 2016 we were granted 737 patents worldwide, a 12.86% growth over the previous year.

Faced with the rapidly changing industry environment and the rise of the Internet of Things, Acer has strived to uphold its commitment to creating value, balancing interests, and sustainable development—the core concepts of the Wangdao philosophy. By sharing resources with our partners, we have built a collaborative model that creates sparks of innovation. By taking on the strength of Taiwan’s supply chains and people to create a cloud-based ecosystem, we can jointly face the challenges and opportunities of the age of the Internet of Things.

Acer has always been committed to a quality policy of “Serve with honor and work with pride.” We aim to provide professional products and services fueled by the credo “service is the pride of Acer.” We strive to provide safe products with strict quality control and a thorough and improved customer service system, ensuring our customers can enjoy the fun and usefulness of technology with peace of mind.

Products and Services that Respond to Society

The UN SDGs are oriented toward sustainable corporate development, and by spreading technology, Acer aims to help through innovative solutions to problems, improved quality of life, and realization of visions of sustainability. BeingWare not only represents a new operating model for Acer in the IoT age, but also provides a much-needed platform for transition in response to the era of cloud computing to Taiwanese industry. And from the perspective of people, BeingWare provides a comprehensive integration of hardware and software products for particular groups, maximizing benefits for both business users and consumers alike and leveraging the strengths of several fields to form a new vertically integrated cooperative model.

Through discussions with senior management of each business group, Acer has linked technology, products, and services with the UN goals; laying out a business development strategy; and looking at how we can continue employing our core competencies to address the needs of society and the UN SDGs. In 2016, Acer launched a variety of products and services responding to society’s needs.

E-Health - In Response to “Quality Education” SDG

CloudProfessor IoT Teaching Module

Now, in the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), Acer holds as its mission “breaking down barriers between people and technology,” and to this end created Cloud Professor, a teaching module focused on the Internet of Things, to help beginners quickly get to grips with the world of connected devices. In the past, program design was something most people considered imposing and impenetrable. By combining peripheral sensors and control components, Cloud Professor enables users to learn how to design IoT devices using personal devices including notebooks, tablet computers, and smartphones, providing a relaxed way for young people to learn programming. In 2016, Acer organized a CloudProfessor Summer Camp, providing three hours of programming lessons with simple instructions that helped the children quickly get to grips with the idea of the IoT. Then, they were able to use a programming language to send commands and make their ideas reality, while also opening a new door for their futures..

CloudProfessor enables users to easily express their creativity through the creation of IoT devices

Notebook for Education Market

As technology advances, students and teachers rely on technological tools more than ever to help boost educational outcomes. In response to the needs of the modern educational environment, since our first Chromebook in 2011, the series has been warmly received around the globe and seen its market share constantly rise, sitting at the top of the global charts for three straight years at 28% market share.

Experience “Along the River during the Qingming Festival” in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has caught the world’s attention primarily for its ability to let people get a sensory experience of simulated realities that feel ever more real. As part of the 2017 Taipei International Book Exhibition, the National Palace Museum worked with Acer to run an exhibit entitled “National Treasures for All to Enjoy,” creating a “museum without walls” in VR and showcase the connection between digital technology and culture and the arts. Part of this showcase included bringing visitors inside the ebook “A Gem of Chinese Painting,” about the Song dynasty painting “Along the River during Qingming Festival.”

As each person is accustomed to a particular field of view as their eyes move, VR’s handling of interpupillary distance and eye tracking is able to expand perspective and provide images that are clearer and do not get distorted as they are zoomed in. Users can enjoy a natural experience in the world, immersing themselves in the lifelike painting. The innovation of VR technology can greatly increase opportunities for exposure to the arts and culture among the general public, serving as a valuable means of expanding education.

E-Health - In Response to “Good Health and Well-Being” SDG

aBeing Wellness

In 2017, Acer is also working with Changhua Christian Hospital’s Telecare Health Service Center to provide remote, cloud-based healthcare services. The hospital has incorporated aBeing Wellness into its systems, using the platform to provide long-term tracking and management services for sufferers of chronic illnesses.

grandPad—A Tablet for the Elderly

Modern technology is constantly evolving, and many of the older people around us can find it difficult to keep pace, finding many ICT products unfamiliar and difficult to figure out. The grandPad offers the older generation a safe, easy means to socialize digitally and enjoy modern life with family and friends.

Smart Biking Device

With cycling on the rise worldwide, in 2016 Acer released the Xplova X5, the world’s first smart biking device with an embedded camera, to help satisfy the growing desire for healthy lifestyles.

E-Business - In Response to “Decent Work and Economic Growth” SDG

abUC Office Communications 4.0 is an innovative communications product. In the process of digital transformation, many businesses tend to overlook how crucial corporate communications are to success. With mobile offices and international intracorporate communications near omnipresent, we have designed a communications service built around reliability and flexibility, creating a new way to effectively bring colleagues together and improve business efficiency and competitiveness.

Smart City Smart Mobility - In Response to “Sustainable Cities and Communities” SDG

Smart Parking App

Acer’s smart parking project provides drivers a convenient, smart, cloud-based parking service. Through the Parking Lot app, drivers can quickly find empty parking spaces around them, including with recommendations for the lowest-cost, closest, and most popular lots, how many spaces are available, how much they cost, and how to get there with satellite navigation. When entering a lot, drivers can use the app’s QR code functionality to enter, cutting down on the hassle of tickets and their potential to go missing. The app can also be used to pay by incorporating license plate recognition, while smartcards can also be used, further eliminating the fuss of paying in cash. So far, over 300,000 drivers across Taiwan use this service, and in 2016 user numbers grew some 580% on the previous year.

Smart Parking Meter System

Urban parking has long been a common problem shared among the world’s major metropolises. Acer has developed a smart roadside parking system, with front-end hardware including car detection technology, enabling it to accurately tell the system when a car is parked and when it has left. In addition, the system can provide instant information to drivers on empty spaces, ticket prices, or smartphone payment via an app, while also using automated, smart, mobile technology to improve governmental management of parking, achieving greater transparency, reducing time spent by drivers looking for spaces, reducing traffic congestion, and reducing overall emissions. This smart parking system helps both ordinary people and government alike in a smart city. In 2017, this system is being implemented in the streets of Tainan City, with plans to expand throughout Taiwan in the future.

Smart Bus Card Readers

Whether Easycard in the north or iPass in the south, today’s buses all support smartcard payment systems built by Acer.

Smart Street Lights

The management and control of street lighting in the city can now be done with more manpower- and energy-efficient means, with sensors detecting traffic and light levels and automatically adjusting the brightness of smart street lights. The maintenance schedules for these lights can also be managed remotely, saving substantial manpower and resources.