Innovative Products and Services

Innovation is one of Acer’s core competencies. We are committed to research, development, and innovation, as well as to gaining a deep understanding of what both customers and markets demand. By combining these with cutting-edge technology, we can provide products and services that are innovative and reliable. In 2015, Acer developed a number of applications and technologies across all product levels, and was granted 630 patents worldwide with an 80.6% approval rate for our patent applications.

Faced with the rapidly changing industry environment and the rise of the Internet of Things, Acer has strived to uphold its commitment to creating value, balancing interests, and sustainable development—the core concepts of the Wangdao philosophy. By sharing resources with our partners, we have built a collaborative model that creates sparks of innovation. By taking on the strength of Taiwan’s supply chains and people to create a cloud-based ecosystem, we can jointly face the challenges and opportunities of the age of the Internet of Things.

Acer has always been committed to a quality policy of “Serve with honor and work with pride.” We aim to provide professional products and services fueled by the credo “service is the pride of Acer.” We strive to provide safe products with strict quality control and a thorough and improved customer service system, ensuring our customers can enjoy the fun and usefulness of technology with peace of mind.

Products and Services that Respond to Society

The widespread application of technology at all levels of life can help people create innovative solutions to problems and improve quality of life. In 2015, the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) issued the SMARTer2030 report, indicating that by 2030, the ICT industry could help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, connect 2.5 billion more people to the knowledge economy, and generate over US$11 trillion in economic benefits each year.

In addition, in September 2015 the United Nations announced the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), identifying directions in which sustainable development will face challenges and require hard work. They also called on governments, corporations, and individuals to incorporate particular considerations into their daily operations, operating strategies, and technological development in order to contribute to the sustainable well-being of mankind.

Acer continues to make good use of its core competencies to respond to the UN’s SDGs, employing technology, products, and services to help meet these challenges. In 2015, Acer launched a variety of products and services responding to society’s needs, further helping realize the contributions the ICT industry is most able to make as laid out by the GeSI*.

* For more detail, please refer to pages 29-63 of the SMARTer2030 report

E-Learning- In Response to SDG 4: Quality Education

Cloud Professor-Internet of Things Education Module

In its early days, Acer considered itself “The Gardener of Microprocessors,” introducing the Micro-Professor I and striving to promote education in microprocessor technology. The MPF-I went on sale in 30-plus countries, and remains on sale in the United Kingdom today, earning it a reputation as the longest-selling computer product in global computing history. Now, in the era of the Internet of Things, Acer holds its mission “breaking down barriers between people and technology,” and to this end created Cloud Professor, a teaching module focused on the Internet of Things, to help beginners quickly get to grips with the world of connected devices. Cloud Professor combines peripheral sensors and control components that enable users to learn how to design IoT devices using personal devices including notebook computers, tablet computers, and smartphones. This groundbreaking development also earned recognition at the 2016 Mobile World Congress, receiving a nomination for the MWC Best Mobile Innovation for Education award.

Cloud Professor enables users to easily express their creativity through the creation of IoT devices

Tablet Computers for Education

The Iconia Tab 10 is specifically designed to meet the demands of educational environments: the body is specially reinforced for greater durability; the screen greatly cuts glare and refraction, making it readily readable even in sunlight and thus suitable for outdoor learning. Additionally, the number and concentration of touch sensors in the screen are increased, improving touch sensitivity and accuracy and greatly reducing errors.

The Iconia Tab 10 for educational use

Education Series Projectors

To meet the demands of educational settings, Acer has launched several projectors for educational use, including the short-throw U5320W and U5520B projectors. These are capable of projecting a 100-inch image from as close as 50cm, overcoming the limitations of classroom space. Combined with interactive Acer Smart Pen II technology, the screen transforms into electronic whiteboards thanks to the ability to write and draw on it, further increasing classroom interactivity. The Education Series of projectors consumes a minimal amount of power in standby mode, extending lamp lifespan to as much as 7,000 hours, helping reduce costs both in terms of power consumption and changing of lamps.

Education projector U5320W

Education projector U5520B

Notebook Computers for Education

The TravelMate B117, which uses Windows 10 Pro, includes built-in Acer TeachSmart educational solutions. Using an LED status indicator, students can immediately respond to teachers’ questions, while teachers can use Microsoft OneDrive to handle online assignments and evaluations. The distinctive hinge design means the notebook can open to a flat 180° and take up to 25,000 swings, making it suitable for sharing and discussions.

The outstanding performance and high-quality after-sales service have earned Acer’s notebooks praise from educational organizations around the world. In 2015, Acer received large-scale orders from educational authorities in Taiwan, India, Australia, the United States, Chile, Spain, and France, providing better solutions for the digitization and the diversification of the global educational environment.

TravelMate B117 education notebook

Campus Information Systems

Since 2006, Acer has been involved in campus digitization and school systems for tertiary education institutions, developing entrance examination systems, career development systems, educational assessment management systems, and more. These are highly integrated and easily expanded and maintained, assisting in the sharing of educational resources, the management of learning performance, the provision of career counseling, and job matchmaking, improving overall educational effectiveness.

E-Health- In Response to SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Health Examination System

Acer Health Examination system supports health check processes by improving service efficiency and value, providing a comprehensive interface for health information, and improving report production efficiency and accuracy, including endoscopic and ultrasound checks and X-rays, facilitating follow-up and ensuring more attentive service and helping achieve the goals of preventive medicine.

Smart Cycling Computers with Healthy Concepts

A healthy life is a goal shared by all people. In 2015, Acer acquired cycling computer company Xplova, using the mature trip tracking functionality and sensor devices to record cyclists’ speed, distance, time, altitude, temperature, heart rate, pace, and calories burned. By using the information recorded, cyclists can adjust their training plan, enhance their physical status and seek better performance. On top of this, we have created a cyclists’ social networking platform, providing cyclists with a taste of cloud computing and big data.

Xplova cycling computer


abSportsfun is a cross-platform integrated service created on the foundation of our BYOC technology, aiming to satisfy sports associations, charitable organizations, clubs, and manufacturers, as well as sports enthusiasts, athletes, coaches, and referees with its experiential, user-friendly sharing of information.

For the Wanjinshi Marathon, we set up a specialist app called abMarathon, communicating important information through mobile devices, including messages from the organizers, weather information for the venue, up-to-the-minute traffic conditions, and more, as well as providing the ability to look for runners’ current locations and free photograph functionality.In 2016 we have continued to support the Wanjinshi Marathon, using chips and track mats to collect race data and transmit it through abSportsfun using the cloud. Through systemic data analysis, reports are also produced that let participants plan their personal training or race and give organizers quantitative data on competitors. This service provides both participants and organizers with important race information, creating new breakthroughs in sports-related technology.

E-Health- In Response to SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being

aBeing One

aBeing One is a development platform designed to help SMEs and makers rapidly develop and test Internet of Things applications, providing a variety of development kits and reducing the difficulty of development. With aBeing One, creative ideas for cloud-based applications can be realized quickly. The Acer Open Platform SDK is built into aBeing One, including programming interfaces and sample code needed for the development of IoT applications. This enables developers to quickly design and prototype, giving them more time to focus on creating core services.

aBeing One


The abPBX Plus series uses the latest software-defined PBX to provide greater security and scalability than traditional office PBXs, reducing overall costs for enterprises. This system can be integrated with a variety of communications tools, including traditional office phone systems, desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones, breaking through the traditional indoor-outdoor limits of offices and increasing productivity.

abPBX is a full-scale enhancement of the office communication experience, standing out from over 400 others to win the Golden Award in the 100 Innovative Elite from ICT month. Additionally, in the annual IT Trends Awards, abPBX was selected by a panel of over 30 judges; 7 experts from industry, government, and academia; and editors, along with a month-long online popular vote, for the 2015 Golden Award for Technological Excellence in the Enterprise Applications category.


Smart Mobility and Logistics- In Response to SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Acer Intelligent Parking Cloud

The Acer Intelligent Parking Cloud combines parking space detection, parking guidance, license plate recognition, and multiple payment options, collating this information in the cloud and linking it to phones to provide real-time parking services. It provides a powerful solution to difficult parking problems while also reducing fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. The platform offers a comprehensive range of smart parking functions:

Intelligent Transportation e-ticketing System

This solution brought together scheduling, vehicle monitoring, arrival inquiries, and electronic bus stop signs to provide bus operators with a comprehensive management system and bus riders with convenience. Already 55 bus operators are using the system, covering approximate 1,300 routes, 6,000 buses, and about two-thirds of Taiwan’s cities and counties. Through its real-time information gathering and processing functionality, this system provides detailed data analysis that can be used for fleet management or route optimization. Additionally, through driver behavior analysis, RPM data, and other such information, oil consumption is easily tracked, further improving fuel efficiency.