Gregg Prendergast

Gregg Prendergast

President, Pan-America Operations

Gregg Prendergast is President of Acer’s Pan America Operations and is responsible for ensuring that Acer’s product portfolio is broadly distributed and promoted throughout North, Central, and South America.

Prendergast rejoined Acer America in early 2009 as Vice President of U.S. commercial sales and marketing, where he was responsible for distribution, VAR, DMR and retail sales channels, as well as the channel marketing organization. Prior to this, Prendergast was vice president of Americas sales for three years at Belkin.

From 2003-2006, Prendergast held senior positions at Samsung Electronics. He started his career at Texas Instruments where he served for 16 years in the sales of printers and notebook computers before joining Acer when TI’s notebook business was acquired by Acer in 1997.

Prendergast holds a Bachelor’s degree in business from Temple University in the United States.