Staff Structure


In response to this era of global talent mobility, as well as to maintain our competitive advantage, Acer has implemented a cloud-based talent recruitment system, bringing together our personnel resources to support global competitiveness. This platform brings together various sources of recruitment and performance information, collecting them in an established data warehouse. Specialists analyze staff data, helping the company understand staffing trends and impact on business operations & HR, ensuring we can optimize our talent attraction and retention strategies.

Wherever we are in the world, we strive to adhere to the local labor laws when hiring staff and focus primarily on recruiting locally. We insist on being an equal opportunity employer, hiring through an open selection process that does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, gender, age, religious belief, nationality, or political affiliation. We neither tolerate nor accept child labor, and by offering talented people opportunities to make use of their skills in the most appropriate ways, we have assembled a diverse team of outstanding people. In 2016, our average employee turnover rate was 18%, primarily due to corporate restructuring, organizational readjustment, and a reduction in required manpower.

Summer Internship Program

Building on previous success, in 2016 Acer's “New Acer Seed Program” summer internship program saw a notable jump in registrations to over 700 people thanks to its strong accumulated reputation. Several interns from among that number also requested extended internship periods, indicating exciting potential for continued growth.

CEO and global president Jason Chen (middle row, fourth from left) and HR director Andy Lin (middle row, second from right) pose with student interns.

Chairman George Huang (front row, third from left) with interns.


As of the end of December 2016, Acer employs 7,033 people full-time worldwide, including 1,513 Executive officer, 2,296 Professional Staff, 704 administrative staff, and 2,520 technicians. Of these, 2,695 are working in the Taiwan region, 1,741 in the Europe, the Middle East and Africa region, 1,126 in the Asia Pacific, 671 in China, and 630 in the Pan Americas. The average age is 37.4 years old, and the average seniority is 7.7 years. Other contracted and temporary staff number 716, of which 520 are male and 196 female. Acer values human rights and gender equality. In 2016, female share for 35.3% of total workforce , while females in management positions for 28.5%, females in top management positions for 14.7% .

Data for turnover and employment rates by region, 2015

Parental leave at Acer Taiwan in 2015