Stakeholder Grievance mechanism

In order to protect stakeholders' rights, to advance the communication with stakeholders and to enhance corporate governance, upon discovering any threat of involvement of fraudulence, corruption, violation of Acer's Standards of Business Conduct, any illegal conducts or conducts violated corporate governance by Acer employees, please report to us through the following access and an exclusively dedicated officer will handle it. E-mail Box:

To remind You:
Please report with your name and keep your contact information. To facilitate investigation or to contact you, if necessary, Acer will use your information and may share such information to Acer subsidiaries. In pursuance of effectiveness of investigation, please provide us with thorough and specific information and the relevant documents and evidence at your best. With insufficient relevant information, it is unable or difficult for Acer to conduct the investigation.

Please do not fabricate facts on purpose or provide false or untrue information or evidence. You have to bear relevant legal liability if it is proved that the information or evidence is fabricated on purpose or false or untrue.

You must keep in confidence of any and all correspondence between You and Acer and shall not disclose it to anyone else. Except for any laws provided otherwise, You may not make any claim based on any correspondence between You and Acer or use it as legal documents for any lawsuit.

If you are looking for product support services, please visit Acer’s website ( of the country/region You located. If You are looking for shareholders service, please visit

The Stakeholder Grievance Mechanism