Acer Sustainability

2017 Acer Corporate Responsibility Report

Report Summary

2017 CSR Highlights

Corporate Governance
  • Independent directors account for nearly 50% of the seats on the Board of Directors, further enhancing the independence of the Board
  • Transfer of power between old and new Board of Directors was successfully completed
  • New Investment Committee was established

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  • The usage of green energy has achieved 48% of scope 2 electricity consumption in Acer group
  • 60% of CO2 emissions reduced compared with the baseline year 2009
  • In 2017, Acer built a solar power plant with a total of four ground and rooftop arrays in the Aspire Park, generating about 3.52 million kWh of electricity each year

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  • New employees worldwide: 1,056
  • Worldwide volunteers: 5,277
  • Groups working with Acer to create social and environmental value: Over 30

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Supply Chain Management
  • 88% of suppliers achieved the level of medium or excellent for the CSR scorecard performance
  • Conduct 71 on-site audits for the tier-one suppliers, 150 thousand of workers subjected to on-site audits
  • A total of 348 tier-two suppliers audits were carried out. Compared to the year of 2016, it is an increase of 238% in audited ones
  • 85% of suppliers set the targets of carbon emissions

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Innovation and Customer Service
  • Ranked fifth for number of patents obtained in Taiwan
  • Customer satisfaction reached 95.05%

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Important Achievements in Sustainability (2017-2018)

MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes

Chosen for the fourth consecutive year to join the MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes / MSCI Leaders Indexes

Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index

Chosen for the fourth consecutive year to join the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index

FTSE 4Good Emerging Index

Chosen for the second consecutive year to join the FTSE 4Good Emerging Index

Top 100 global tech leaders of 2018 Thomson Reuters

Top 100 global tech leaders of 2018 Thomson Reuters

ROBECOSAM Sustainability Award

Received Bronze Class at ROBECOSAM Sustainability Award in 2018

Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards

Received Gold Award at the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards for the fourth consecutive year


Received a Gold Recognition Level based on EcoVadis CSR rating

Baruch College

Baruch College released its list of the top 25 CSR reports worldwide, with Acer Inc. placing fourth out of 629 of the world’s largest companies