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Acer China Increases Local Production of Desktop Computers to Reduce Energy and Resource Consumption

At Acer, we understand that every decision counts, so we remind ourselves to incorporate ESG considerations into every decision we make. Acer China has been committed to improving business processes and protecting the environment, and one of its focuses is on increasing local production and assembly of desktop computers, aiming to achieve a win-win situation for business development and environmental protection.

Based on a long-term strategy, improving business processes and increasing environmental protection are taken into the core of Acer China’s decision-making. Among them, increasing the level of "local production and assembly" of desktop computers is an important measure we take to focus on ESG and protect China's ecological environment, and organically combine the interests of Acer with saving production resources.

Before 2019, all Acer desktop computers sold in China were manufactured in bonded areas (known as Within National Territory but Outside Customs Territory), then imported through customs and sold domestically. This process leads to a significant waste of transportation and packaging materials.

To begin with, factories in the bonded area cannot produce components themselves. The components are generally produced in various parts of China, and then "exported" to factories in the bonded area for assembly, packaging, and subsequently "imported" for sale. During this process, the disposable packaging materials for "export" and pallets for "import" cause a lot of waste. Secondly, the bonded areas are only located within Shenzhen, Chongqing, and Suzhou, which means generating additional greenhouse gas emissions to transport components and finished products in or out of these zones, which can sometimes be far.

By selecting cities outside of the bonded area for producing desktop computers, Acer China has solved two environmental problems with local manufacturing: optimizing transportation and reducing the repeated use of packaging materials and pallets, which greatly helps to save energy resources. In 2021, we increased the proportion of locally manufactured desktop computers from 57% in 2020 to 83%.

"Our responsibility is to keep core values as well as educate our future generation about sustainable growth and the correlation between people and environment."

Vu Dinh , Product Management Head
Acer Vietnam

"This is a win-win for both JWipc and Acer China in terms of business cooperation, as well as for environmental protection."

Jie Zhang, Senior Product Manager

"By transferring desktop production to JWipc in Dongguan, tens of thousands of pallet reuses alone reduce the number of trees cut by tens of thousands each year!."

Dexian Xu, Senior Product Manager

Protecting the environment is no trivial matter. By incorporating environmental protection thinking into the business decision-making process, Acer China is steadfastly advancing on the path of ESG and sustainable development through practical actions.

Through local production and assembly, Acer China reduces the use of packaging and pallets, further reducing transportation costs
and greenhouse gas emissions.