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Acer UK Develops Green Rewards Program for SME Customers

In 2021, Acer launched the Earthion initiative aimed at helping tackle the environmental challenges faced by modern humanity through innovative integrated solutions. Through the Earthion sustainability platform, we communicate our sustainability missions with our partners and suppliers and call on them to join Acer to address the environmental challenges by taking immediate actions. To this end, we are focused on innovative green product designs, chemical substance management in production processes, green energy use, low-carbon emission logistics, packaging materials and design, and product recycling & resource reuse. Earthion aims to expand our circle of impact by combining the efforts of our suppliers and partners to accelerate the development of green designs and processes, and minimize harm to our environment. Earthion’s goals include Acer’s RE100 commitment to reach 100% renewable energy usage by 2035and to reduce the carbon footprint of Acer’s supply chain.

In the UK, Acer looked at the challenge of reducing carbon emissions, where end-user computing (EUC) devices are responsible for 34% of IT related pollution and up to 80% is caused by their daily use. This “use phase” creates 3 million tons of CO2 equivalent (CO2 e), equivalent to 650,000 cars driving on UK roads annually1

When London’s Kingston and Sutton City Council declared a climate emergency and set to evaluate and replace old legacy desktops as part of a bigger plan to be carbon neutral by 2038, it became clear that all the information needed, such as evaluations, costings and, GHG emission reports, could take weeks and months to compile. Independent and scientific based information was required in a more efficient and timely manner. Providing a solution to help support greener IT decision making aimed at reducing CO2 e was needed.

Listening to the needs of its customers and the channel, Acer went to work with independent consultancies, PX3 and Consenna, to create the Acer Green Rewards program to provide a trade-in solution comprising of instant valuations with independent verification on the carbon impact and promote a circular economy.  

Focused on driving eco-friendly digital transformation, an integrated project calculator enables the instant generation of project quotes incorporating recycle trade-in values, a carbon impact report, and added-value offers such as cashback. 

A key point of difference is the customized carbon impact report that is rapidly produced within the platform. The customer is provided with a carbon impactreport on completion of the offers/transactions. Calculated and produced independently by PX3, this report can be viewed as an environmental and performance benchmark specific to selected devices. It provides organizations with the ability to understand the impact of their purchase on the environment and supports greener decision making. 


Acer UK launches innovative Acer Green Rewards program with multiple tools to help customers reduce environmental impact and carbon emissions

The benchmarked carbon footprint of the devices selected for purchase will be compared with the typical footprint of the devices to be replaced. The Acer benchmarking calculations and the representations used by PX3 are externally verified, based on the findings of PhD research jointly overseen by the University of Warwick and Warwick Business School. The potential savings in greenhouse gas emissions together with some examples of what these figures mean in terms of car miles and acres of forest will be provided within project confirmation.

SME customers who trade-in through the Acer Green Rewards website will receive a carbon impact report in addition to green rewards

“All industry sectors are facing the sustainability challenge, so we’re pleased to be able to provide solutions to partners right now to be able to meet this challenge. The customized, real-world carbon impact report that each sales conversation is instantly provided with is a point of difference that we’re all proud of.”

Nick Walter
Head of Commercial Channel, Acer UK

“We have chosen to work with Acer Green Rewards because it provides us with a market leading, fast and simple solution to support our customers’ carbon reduction goals. This helps Becthle to become a trusted advisor by offering a program that addresses the sustainability challenge. We like the fact that this is supported by independent and scientifically backed evidence, which is a key differentiator for us. The information we can provide from the program means our customers can make a well-informed decision when choosing the right device, not only based on price, service and value but also on the carbon and energy impact of their project.”

Giles Norris
Vendor Relations Manager, Bechtle

“When Acer approached us with the Acer Green Rewards program we instantly saw big potential and the positive impact this can have for our customers and our business. It aligns perfectly with our own sustainability goals and long-term strategy of reducing our carbon footprint. We felt this complements our existing go to market efforts and provides real tangible benefits for our customers. It’s easy to use and really intuitive. We love the instant valuation and carbon impact report that we are able to quote live during the customer conversation in real time. ”

Sebastian Cordial
Head of Category, Misco

Acer Green Rewards is a dedicated on-line portal and deal calculator that enables resellers to instantly deliver new product quotes, provide recycle trade-in values, present added value offers available on Acer product lines and a customized carbon impact report, all via a single platform, all within a few minutes. The program creates customer awareness and encourages them to take a responsible approach to the environment when using computer technology. Since the inception of the project, Acer has help collected 3,627 used computers for the qualified recyclers, as well as assisting clients to better understand their role and contribution towards the “Net Zero” Initiatives and carbon reduction plan. 

The office and workplace have changed forever. Acer is ready to support in this transformation. We will do it sustainably, securely, and affordably.

Acer Green Reward VIDEO

1 J. Sutton-Parker. (2020), ‘Determining end user computing device Scope 2 GHG emissions with accurate use phase energy consumption measurement.’ For the 10th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Information Technology, Leuven, Belgium. Elsevier B.V., Science Direct. © Justin Sutton-Parker 2020