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ESG Project Awards

Acer Group operates in more than 160 countries, and Acer employees around the world are deeply connected to their local communities. They not only care about social issues, but also take action to participate in community activities.

Acer has held its global ESG Project Awards for five consecutive years, making use of regional officers and staff activities to gradually expand the influence of our ESG projects. The ESG Project Awards incorporate the concept of social return on investment (SROI), the London Benchmarking Group (LBG) Framework for assessment of community investment, and Acer’s own mission and contributions toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the assessment rubric for these awards. This program is designed to encourage staff members to propose projects that respond to the United Nations’ sustainability goals and, since 2019, to integrate the Company’s Project Humanity effort with educational and environmental themes in
the hope of building a brand that we can be proud of and that demonstrates its corporate culture and spirit from the inside out.

In addition to continuing to focus on the themes of “education” and “the environment,” Acer’s global ESG Projects in 2021 also included another major event that has had a global impact: the COVID-19 pandemic. This saw projects develop across the Group utilizing Acer’s core competencies and products to demonstrate the following:
‧ Use of Acer’s core competencies to exert social and environmental influence
‧ Collaboration with stakeholders to leverage ESG synergies
‧ Active engagement with Acer staff, boosting their identification and satisfaction with the company

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