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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) cover important sustainability issues and challenges facing mankind. The 17 goals comprise 169 targets across several aspects, namely people, planet, prosperity, peace, and partnership. The United Nations has called on governments, corporations, and individuals to contribute to the sustainable well-being of mankind.
We continued to put our products and services to use in the Acer value chain, leveraging our core competencies to continue to address various social and environmental issues and implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals by promoting the universal and innovative application of technology through various programs and solutions.

Ensure people’s health and well-being through our core products and services.

  • We created the Taiwan Healthcare-Associated Infection and Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System (THAS), aided in accelerating vaccine development with AI, and created the International Pandemic Information Station, an artificial intelligence monitoring platform for the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • By focusing on medical imaging analysis and emphasizing the use of AI in healthcare, the Company is improving the quality of care through efforts such as telemedicine systems and AI-based evaluation of macular lesions in diabetic patients.

  • During the pandemic, Acer’s offices in Taiwan, the Middle East, and Africa have provided employee health management and education platforms to help boost staff health. They have also used hardware, software, and services to build pandemic prevention measures that provide employees with stable, safe, and secure working environments.

  • Acer has donated Acer Ozone Antibacterial Sanitizers to hundreds of kindergartens in Taiwan and over 100 hospitals around the world. Using negative pressure to dissolve ozone into water, a three-second rinse with which can eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, helping reduce environmental bacteria and viruses and thus infection.

Acer is committed to shrinking the digital divide and nurturing talent, firm in the belief that technology can inspire people and help tap their potential. To this end, we provide free digital education and donate computers to support various groups of disadvantaged people. 

  • Acer Lugano, Switzerland’s office donated computers to the elementary school Wirkstadt Schule. 

  • Acer America launched “Barrier Breakers,” providing veterans with refurbished computers for them and their children ; working with businesses to provide digital training and networking; and donating computers to help the blind, communities for whom the pandemic has further widened the digital divide, and at-risk students and children.

  • Acer India has long partnered with the Society to Create Awareness towards Life and Environment (SCALE) in India to provide computer equipment and help local students and working women with technology, bridging the gender digital divide.

  • Acer Lugano, Switzerland, continues to assist SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria with the Talent Without Borders program, helping ten young people in Lesotho to receive ICT training.

We provide people with more efficient, sustainable, and safe energy usage and encourage our employees to use sustainable energy through our initiatives.

  • Acer Taiwan has achieved ISO 50001 certification, continuously improving energy efficiency

  • Acer Lugano, Switzerland, offers employees incentives to purchase electric bicycles and automobiles

  • Acer Germany builds and provides solar charging equipment 

  • Acer has been increasing its renewable energy ratio annually and has joined the RE100 initiative, with the Acer Group expecting to use 60% renewable energy by 2025 and RE100 by 2035.

We Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment, and decent work for all.

  • We donate in support of RMI-Pact’s partnership to provide economic alternatives to cobalt mining for youth in the Democratic Republic of the Congo aged 15-17 through vocational training programs, providing recipients and their families with safer work opportunities and breaking the cycle of poverty.

  • At the core of Acer’s supply chain management is the idea of putting people first. As such, we strive protect the human rights and health of labor and provide a safe workplace, performing on-site audits, which affected some 220,000 employees in 2021.

  • Every member of Acer’s staff is treated with dignity in accordance with the principle of fairness. We strive to protect personal privacy, provide channels for the free and safe communication of opinions, and offer a safe, healthy working environment

Through software, hardware, and service products, Acer makes the cities where we live more friendly, inclusive, and accessible.

  • Acer subsidiary Acer ITS develops smart transportation and related electronic payment applications, as well as its own technologies for integration of multiple payment platforms and products for mass transportation usage

  • Acer ITS develops smart parking business, integrating diverse payment options, vehicle detection, license plate recognition, and the Parking Lot App to provide smart parking solutions for on-street, parking lot, and other private transportation parking needs.

  • Acer Lugano, Switzerland, and Acer Germany encourage employees to engage in green commuting through various measures and facilities, aiming to make urban life more sustainable and reduce its impact on the environment.

Coordinate supply chain stakeholders to implement responsible production/consumption, sustainable management and effective use of natural resources, and reuse/recycling systems.

  • Launched Aspire Vero, an eco-friendly computer made from post-consumer recycled plastic

  • Require the supply chain to ban or restrict the use of chemical substances in the manufacturing process

    Using recycled materials for packaging

  • Continuously promoting global recycling programs

Acer is actively implementing climate change response strategies, including drafting low-carbon, sustainable strategies

  • 55% of critical suppliers have completed setting of carbon reduction targets in accordance with SBT methodology

  • We invite suppliers to participate in the Earthion platform to help solve climate and environmental challenges with innovative and integrated solutions

  • We joined the RE100 initiative and have committed to realizing RE100 by 2035

Acer is implementing responsible supervision and management of conflict minerals, working to end all forms of child exploitation, and promoting a peaceful and inclusive society.

  • Acer continues to focus on the human rights impacts of our business development, advocate responsible mineral sourcing, and publish responsible minerals reports.

  • Acer is also taking care of the safety and relocation of affected employees and their families in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine war that broke out in 2022

Acer leverages and implements its core competencies to collaborate and create value with all stakeholders

  • More than 2,300 ESG projects between stakeholders and offices around the world 

  • Launched the Earthion platform, working with our suppliers partners toward sustainable environmental and societal development