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Acer Supports Lyceum Grono School in Ukraine
to Enhance Student Learning

Laptops and tablets are devices for the implementation of many tasks in education. Teachers, students, and parents use computers to teach, learn and communicate, while learning various themes through computers can inspire and help students explore their potential.

The Lyceum Grono school in Lviv, Ukraine, consists of nearly 1,200 primary, lyceum (secondary), and gymnasium (preparatory high school) school students. The school is equipped with four computer labs with five teachers. In addition to general computing skills, special courses in computer science and robotics are also provided. Under the active promotion of the school, students of Lyceum Grono School have participated and won various computer science competitions every year.

Recently, Acer cooperated with the Ministry of Digital Affairs of Taiwan (MODA), and under the cross-regional coordination of Acer Headquarters, Acer EMEA, and Acer Ukraine, donated laptops and tablets to replace the outdated equipment in the school’s computer labs. The computers will be used to strengthen the digital education infrastructure of Lyceum Grono, and the tablet computer will also be used in the robotics course for teachers to improve students' digital capabilities.

"Acer's donation to Lviv Grono school is another step to enhance education which is critical for our next generation. We have closely cooperated with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Digital Transformation in Ukraine in recent years and are committed to offering a wide range of high-quality Acer products with extended warranty service."

Dmitry Elizarov
General Manager
Eastern Europe and Ukraine, Acer

"The donated laptops will provide our students with the opportunity to work individually and creatively implement their projects, including participation in international competitions. We express our sincere gratitude to MoDA and Acer for this support, which will give the possibility of further intellectual development of our children."

Somyk Natalia
Lyceum Grono School

Lyceum Grono school in Lviv, Ukraine, is assisted with new Acer computers for computer and robotics courses in 2023.

Prior to this, Acer Ukraine also cooperated with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and Rozumniki, an organization that aims to provide modern technologies for education and provided 100 laptops to teachers in Mariupol City. Through the computers donated by Acer, these teachers can reconnect with their loved ones and students, and further receive training courses on distance education to facilitate remote work or teaching. 

Acer donated 60 notebook computers and 30 tablet computers to the Lyceum Grono school. We are committed to offering resources and innovative solutions to inspire curious minds because we believe that education is an integral part of unleashing human potential.