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Acer Volunteers Help Disadvantaged School Children Improve Their Digital Skills

Since launching the Project Humanity program in 2019, Acer has encouraged employees around the world to engage in education and environmental sustainability actions to give back to communities and help protect the environment. At the same time, such efforts help Acer’s partners and customers better understand Acer’s philosophy and values, creating further positive influence.

Quality and Service Business Unit (QSBU) staff take into account the abilities and strengths of staff both in their work and in their volunteer efforts when contemplating program direction. QSBU1 AVPs JJ Chen2 and Corey KH Chen, along with Service Logistics Management Division Director Sam Yen, have been long-time supporters of Project Humanity, backing the proposal by QSBU staff for a long-term volunteer project to work with disadvantaged students in Xizhi to help them improve their digital skills.

Acer staff first brought together the resources of various internal units, gathered used computers for repair and refurbishing, and visited social welfare groups and schools in the vicinity of Xizhi that had good relationships with the Acer Volunteer Team. Taking into account the needs of each organization, they ultimately settled on the Faith, Hope, and Love Development Association as the first partner, working with them to provide computer lessons every two weeks for disadvantaged schoolchildren. The team designed a rich array of lessons, including:

  • Hardware courses where, through disassembly of devices, students gained an understanding of the basic components of computers, explored the mathematical science knowledge involved in the product design and manufacturing process, realized the correlation between what they learn in the classroom and its practical application, and learned more about the design concepts of Acer products and how the company works to protect the environment, thus communicating the brand spirit;
  • Software courses that introduced various types of online learning platforms and the usage of common software, along with smaller lectures on humanities subjects to boost interest, stimulate learning motivation, and enhance the soft power of students in using information products;
  • And digital literacy courses, where through picture books, students learn about issues such as healthy use of the Internet, information security, cyberbullying, and cybercrime, helping establish good online habits among students.

“Thank you very much for Acer’s long-time support and assistance to the students of the Faith, Hope, and Love Church’s Little Suns After School Program! Whether it is sponsorship funds, computers, volunteer teachers, participating in Acer’s Family Day activities, or visiting Acer headquarters, it has all been a tremendous help to these children and the Church. The computing classes designed by Acer volunteers were particularly surprising. They were even better than I had imagined, and I believe the children really felt the care behind them. They remembered when the classes were coming up and always looked forward to them every time.”

Pastor Peng Zhenxiang, Xizhi Faith, Hope, and Love Church

“The vast majority of the children we work with come from heartbreaking backgrounds. To be honest, it’s difficult to measure how much they learned from the computer classes, but we hope that the process has helped them appreciate the beauty of learning and of people. Maybe when they grow up, they’ll remember the enthusiastic help from Acer volunteers when they were children and embark on a positive cycle of helping others, making all of us who participated even more grateful for what we have and for the support of the company. Such efforts can help us to see how a little passion can really change the world beyond a sense of accomplishment at a job well done.”

Bruce Hong, Manager, Service Logistics Management Division

Acer’s volunteers hope that by combining their professional skills and corporate social responsibility, they will be able to use their creativity to create digital opportunities and not only break down the barriers between people and technology but also break down the barriers between the disadvantaged and the realization of their dreams. This long-term project, initiated by QSBU staff, has built a hardware environment that fulfills the basic needs of the children while also building trusting relationships with them by providing ongoing volunteer support, guiding them to make good use of learning tools and experience the power of digital skills. The changes brought about and the sense of achievement given can inspire them to learn, and in the future, be able to face the unknown with the positive attitude laid down during this time.

1. This project has gathered the support of many QSBU directors, including Larry Wei, Stanley Cheng, RU Jan, Ainge Duan, David Chou, and Chia Ming Yang.
2. AVP JJ Chen retired in 2021.

Tiffany Huang, Acer Co-Chief Operating Officer, presenting donated computers on behalf of the company.

Acer volunteers hold a series of computer lessons with typing lessons and typing games

Acer volunteers hold a series of computer lessons with typing lessons and typing games

Through disassembling computers, students learn the basics of how computers are put together

Through disassembling computers, students learn the basics of how computers are put together

A simple PowerPoint lesson

Children visit AVP JJ Chen to learn about the working environment of Acer

Children visited the Product Experience Center at Acer’s Xizhi Headquarters, getting practical exposure to various Acer products and opening up new horizons for their future ambitions.

Students learn entry-level programming with Scratch

Acer volunteers designed a wealth of computer lessons for disadvantaged schoolchildren in Xizhi

Acer volunteers designed a wealth of computer lessons for disadvantaged schoolchildren in Xizhi