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Acer Foundation

In the more than two decades since its establishment in 1996, the Acer Foundation has been steadfastly committed to its ideal of “embracing technology and looking out at the world.” By promoting philanthropic efforts and talent training, the foundation strives to advance social prosperity and elevate the standards of academic research to accelerate Taiwan' transformation into an “island of technology. At the same time, it also acts as a responsible global citizen, cultivating globally aware talent and strengthening international interchange to promote global economic prosperity.
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The following are some activities of the Acer Foundation in 2021.

Supporting the Community--Donating Acer Products

In May 2021, Taiwan experienced a severe outbreak of COVID-19 and had to transition to remote work and study to slow the spread. As conditions improved, many students returned to the classroom and resumed regular classes. To help provide better health protections to these students, Acer Group subsidiary Acer Being Communication and the Acer Foundation donated Acer Ozone Antibacterial Sanitizers to more than 100 kindergartens in Taipei and New Taipei Cities, hoping that the product’s antibacterial functionality would help improve the water quality in the kindergartens and protect the children’s health.

In February 2021, a surge in confirmed COVID-19 cases began in India. Acer donated 21 oxygen generators, 20 ozone sterilizers, five air purifiers, and 30 oxygen cylinders to the Indian government and various medical and social welfare organizations, providing antibacterial and health/safety materials during the pandemic and helping save the lives of Indian citizens.


In appreciation of the efforts of front-line medical professionals, the Acer Foundation and Acer Medical, a subsidiary of Acer Group, have donated 2,000 newly launched antimicrobial keyboard and mouse sets, with applications open to medical institutions throughout Taiwan at the regional level and above, as well as providing six months of free use of Acer TeleMed  video diagnosis software and VeriSee DR  AI-assisted ophthalmic diagnostic software. Acer TeleMed provides a link to the healthcare provider and then connects to a video clinic, reducing the burden of primary care appointments and the risk of exposure during the pandemic; VeriSee DR uses edge computing technology to effectively shorten the detection time of diabetic retinopathy.

Advocates for Marine Sustainability and Circular Innovation--Go Green With Blue

In order to make domestic industry more aware of the influence of the blue economy, with the support of the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Industrial Development Bureau, the Circular Economy Promotion Office and the Acer Foundation also organized the “Go Green With Blue: A Gift for the Future Forum on Maritime Sustainability and Circular Innovation.” The MS Porrima’s microfluidics expert Emmanuel Roy, wind power expert Stephan Wrage, Acer founder and honorary chairman Stan Shih, Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE) chairman Eugene Chien, and relevant domestic industry experts were invited to discuss in-depth the circular sustainability and green energy of blue ocean business opportunities, and lead Taiwanese industry, government, academia, and research in jointly discussing how to deploy blue business opportunities.

Longterm Smile Internet of Beings Competition

For more than 20 years, the Acer Foundation has organized the Longterm series of competitions. As times and technologies have changed, so too have the competitions, but throughout, they have been committed to promoting entrepreneurship among college and graduate students and to promoting innovative energy across Taiwan. Today, we have accomplished our task of promoting new innovations on campuses, and with an eye to the future, the Acer Foundation now focuses on international vision and strategy, aiming to guide sustainable business development, promote industrial upgrade in Taiwan, and help high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the international market. To this end, we are contributing more and more of Acer’s experience and capabilities.
In the 4th Longterm Smile Internet of Beings Competition, we added an international category, aiming to find teams that have developed steadily in Taiwan and have overseas business plans and potential. In addition to providing winning teams with substantial rewards, Acer Group is also harnessing its many years of transnational experience, bringing together the marketing capabilities of operating locations around the world, focusing on international vision and strategies, and adding practical cooperation methods to help teams in the international category to optimize their marketing management and international rollout, thus aiding Taiwanese teams with potential to more quickly carve out a space in overseas markets. We hope that through Acer’s experience sharing and cooperation in the operation and management of multinational groups, companies aspiring to expand abroad will be able to overcome challenges and break new ground, taking their place on the global stage and doing Taiwan proud.