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Community Involvement and Philanthropy

Since our founding, Acer has cultivated a people-first culture and a spirit of philanthropy. We continue to do all we can to use our skills and core competencies to give back to the community. Acer focuses on the three main areas of education, the environment, and philanthropy, engaging in community work and charitable efforts by providing volunteer services and resources like products, technologies, and capital.

We have developed long-term cooperative relationships with stakeholders including local governments, schools, and non-profit organizations, emphasizing the value of local experience and ensuring resources are put to the most effective use. We calculate that Acer' global community engagement investments in 2018 amounted to over NT$42.62 million, or approximately 1.5% of profits.



Acer has always believed that education is the most valuable investment in the future, as equipping people with knowledge gives them power and access to opportunities. Technology, meanwhile, is a powerful tool to help people get quick access to information and deepen their connections to the world. By putting our core competencies to their fullest use, we hope to achieve the following goals:

Boosting Digital Inclusion

Technology can hugely improve quality of life and open up new possibilities. Helping everyone enjoy the convenience and opportunities technology brings is one of our goals, and through cooperation between our global locations and non-profit organizations, we are able to extend the reach of technology to different groups.

Reading Program for Women and Children in Impoverished Cambodian Villages

In order to promote the development of preschool education in rural and underdeveloped areas, the Acer Foundation and the Children' Smile and Inspiration Association began working on a project entitled the Cambodian Villages Women and Preschool Children' Reading Skills Improvement Program in 2018. The aim of this program is to help mothers in Cambodian villages more capable of improving the cognitive abilities and linguistic development of their preschool children. Through cooperation and research with schools and NGOs, the project is anticipated to become more highly replicable and easily implemented over the long term in villages across Cambodia.

The Acer Foundation donated tablet computers, while two professors from National Chi Nan University' Department of International and Comparative Education worked with local partners from the Khmer Akphiwat Khmer Organization (KAKO) to set up workshops and use recordings to teach participants to use the tablets. Through this, they aimed to train the women and their preschool-age children to use the tablets to read together, helping the children make progress through repeated conceptual stimuli.

Creating Opportunities for the Youth

Today' children are tomorrow' leaders and innovators. We want to help them tap their potential, using our accumulated experience in problem-solving to fertilize the future. Through organizing and sponsoring events and providing internship opportunities, we foster outstanding talent by providing children with awards, training, and exchange opportunities. We look forward to the continued use of our products and expertise to provide youth with better development opportunities.


Longterm Smile Internet of Beings Competition

In addition to this, for several years Acer has organized the Longterm Smile Competition. In October 2017, this competition was restructured to incorporate smart technologies and IoT, relaunching as the Longterm Smile Internet of Beings Competition. With its first holding in this incarnation in 2018, the competition has continued to provide a platform for the promotion of innovative Taiwanese startups, as well as providing resources for them, with winners moving on into the Ministry of Science and Technology' FITI Startup Competition. These two complementary competitions together form a startup incentivization program offering the highest available financial grant for a single startup team in Taiwan, and we hope that through this we will be able to cultivate the innovative stars of Taiwan' future.

A total of 132 teams (628 people) took part in the competition, with design and engineering teams occupying the plurality (46%). It is clear to see that the Longterm Smile IoB Competition remains a platform on which students of technology can shine, with aesthetic design playing an increasingly core role in the work of the teams. The pieces showcased covered a fairly wide range of areas, from environmental protection through information management and beyond, but all were centrally focused around the Internet of Beings.


Second BeingLife Creativity Competition

The Second BeingLife Creativity Competition, held jointly by the Acer Foundation and the National Taiwan Science Education Center. To encourage students in their brainstorming and product development, in addition to the written proposal and video options from the first competition, an additional creative work section was added, letting students get physically involved in the creative work in addition to just thinking about it. Through such efforts, they were able to investigate how AI can provide solutions in daily life, so that the next generation of innovative thinker will bring better and more positive social and technological developments.

Deepening the Application of Technology to Education

Not only do we provide the educational world with hardware that is both high-quality and reasonably priced, through skilled application of our products and technologies, we help with the creation of digital education resources and give students the technological skills they will need to tackle the challenges of the future and make their dreams into realities.


Helping Students to International Competitions with Mobile Workstations

Acer helped the TDIS team from National Chiao Tung University represent Taiwan in Dubai at the November 2018 Solar Decathlon Middle East (SDME) finals, providing Acer TravelMate P8 mobile workstations to the team for their intelligent green building design simulation to be perfectly presented. We also provided ultra-thin all-in-one Aspire S24 desktops and Acer Iconia One 10 ten-inch tablets for the team' work in Dubai' desert climate. Their smart, green Creative Action Base (CAB) is expected to be a stand-out from among the 17 impressive teams in the world finals. The team' CAB project makes full-scale use of recycling and reuse, using recycled glass for brick production and a green solar energy system to create a self-charging power system that can not only supply electricity for daytime use, but also store enough electricity to fully charge an electric car.

Building an e-Sports Base

Acer and the New Taipei City Government worked together to establish New Taipei e-Sports, a center dedicated to supporting the development of the local e-sports industry and cultivating local talent. Located in a venue that had long sat idle in New Taipei City' Sanchong District, the transformed e-sports center is set to be at the core of the city' e-sports industry. The center is equipped with an e-sports game space, broadcast station, hosting room, production/networking room, and more, while the audience area can accommodate 200 people. It is open to students and amateur gamers to use in the name of either a group or an individual. In 2019, it will also serve as the recommended venue for the Acer Predator League of Legends Intercollegiate Cup in preparation for taking the world stage as the venue for the 2018 Asia Pacific Predator League 2018 Campus Cup. In addition, Acer is also working with New Taipei e-Sports to provide e-sports seed training courses, as well as encouraging schools without dedicated e-sports facilities to make use of the center through things such as making it the recommended venue for the two aforementioned school competitions.


Corporate Social Responsibility Project Awards

In order to encourage our staff to be more proactive in their care for society, exert a greater level of social and environmental influence, and put into practice a spirit of commitment to the belief that people find meaning through the creation of social value, in 2017 we formulated a three-year plan for the Acer Global Corporate Social Responsibility Project Awards. This plan is anticipated to create a gradual increase in the impact of CSR projects year on year, accompanied with an expansion to include individual employee proposals. We have incorporated the concept of Social Return on Investment (SROI), the London Benchmarking Group (LBG) Framework for assessment of community investment, and Acer' own mission and contributions toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the assessment rubric for these awards.

In 2018, the second awards were held with a focus on education, encouraging staff to put forward project plans in response to UN Sustainable Development Goal 4, Quality Education. In the end, 10 projects made it to the finals, covering the topics of digital literacy (cyberbullying), industry-academia cooperation, e-waste recycling, technical apprenticeships, e-sports activities for the elderly, plastic reduction & marine conservation, rural education, poetry creation, and digital art.

Overall Impacts and Performance of CSR Projects


Acer Volunteers

Locked on to Issues for Long-term Involvement: Acer Volunteer Teams

Acer Volunteer Teams have long encouraged our staff to get involved in charity service outside of work and to contribute their talents. Through volunteer activities, Acer nurtures the seeds of kindness in the hearts of our staff, helping them bloom by giving everyone the chance to contribute. Every employee of Acer enjoys two days of paid volunteer work each year. Starting in 2015, Acer America staff will also enjoy two days of paid volunteer leave to enable them to get involved with company-approved charitable activities.

Our volunteer teams have also created many opportunities to give back to the community through volunteer experiences, organizing a number of activities for both staff and their families to promote concepts of charity. Each year we organize and hold a variety of charitable activities, including:

  • > International Volunteer Work
    Since 2011, Acer has been actively involved in promoting international volunteer work, working with the Taiwan Dental Association to hold regular dental clinics for impoverished children in Cambodia and assisting with distribution of goods; so far, we have served a total of 2,400 people.
  • > Annual Fundraising Activities
    Each year, Acer' Volunteer Team selects five social welfare groups, launching small internal fundraising campaigns for these groups to help disadvantaged communities. In 2018, these donations reached was NT$981,500.
  • > Helping the Elderly
    In cooperation with the Old Five Old Foundation, the Acer Volunteer Team has worked over the past eight years to deliver piping hot meals to residents in communities in Xizhi, Shenkeng, Shiding, Shilin, and Beitou for Chinese New Year, helping solo elderly people and disadvantaged families with some warmth for the festive season. In addition, we continue to work with elderly people who may have trouble getting out, whether through mobility issues or financial ones, encouraging them to participate in activities including shopping, shared meals, and other opportunities for increased social interaction.
  • > Helping Underprivileged Children
    For 11 years running, Acer has held an activity in which we collect Christmas gifts to be given to underprivileged children in Xizhi. Some of these children have been put in the care of the Social Welfare Department and the Taipei Orphan Welfare Foundation, and we invites our staff to offer up gifts at the end of the year to help light up these young people' worlds at Christmas time and give them the courage to face the challenges ahead.
  • > Quarterly Blood Drives
    For the past eleven years Acer has held regular blood drives. In 2018, a total of 1,565 people participated, donating a total of 2,492 bags of blood at 250cc per bag.

Extending Core Competencies and Helping Disadvantaged Children

In 2018, Acer organized a summer camp for disadvantaged children entitled “Exploring the Future, I Make My World.” The aim of the camp was to nurture the primary and secondary school aged children from underprivileged families in the Xizhi area. Using IoT Steam teaching aids, children were able to better understand cloud technology services and quickly assemble easy-to-understand apps. Through practice around coding keywords, the children' interest in the cloud and IoB was stimulated as they also enjoyed a happy and memorable summer vacation!

Ahead of the camp, we organized an IT Volunteers Camp, at which staff were taught simple app design, they can more quickly get a grip on AIOT trends and get inspired with an interest in the Internet of Beings and AI. We also encouraged our staff to share the results of their education with the community and give back to society. It is pleasing to note that four of them promptly volunteered to work with disadvantaged children in the aforementioned summer camp.

2018 Summer Camp for Disadvantaged Children
For eight years running, we have delivered Chinese New Year meals to elderly people living alone
For two consecutive years, we have organized internal and external electronics recycling activities
For 10 years running, we have organized themed days for staff in concert with Earth Day

Acer Foundation

In the more than two decades since its establishment in 1996, the Acer Foundation has been steadfastly committed to its ideal of “embracing technology and looking out at the world.” Through the development of knowledge and training of talent, the foundation hopes to reach out and activate the greater strength, creating powerful and smart alliances that span the globe. By promoting philanthropic efforts and talent training, the foundation strives to advance social prosperity and elevate the standards of academic research to accelerate Taiwan' transformation into an “island of technology. At the same time, it also acts as a responsible global citizen, cultivating globally aware talent and strengthening international interchange to promote global economic prosperity.

The mission of the Acer Foundation is to promote the integration of technology and education. Through the application of the Wangdao philosophy, the foundation' efforts are built around a people-centered culture and a drive to contribute philanthropically. By combining these with Acer' know-how, the foundation works to find the keys to progress and transformation, reaching out from Taiwan to the world with a global vision and future-focused ambition. Following the Wangdao philosophy laid out by Chairman Stan Shih, the foundation creates opportunities for younger generation. These include the tertiary and graduate school focused Long Term Smile IoB Competition, which aims to bring together the Internet of Beings, Cloud technology, and the Internet of Things, and the BeingLife Creativity IoB Competition, which is focused on igniting creativity and future-oriented thinking in high-school students. The foundation also aims to reduce the digital divide and promote technology education. In Taiwan, this includes the ADOC 2.0 Projects, which has reached out to rural communities for several years; meanwhile, on the global stage, this has seen the foundation seek out various opportunities around the world to promote science and technology education.

The concept of corporate citizenship is also one that is growing stronger and stronger. Chairman Stan Shih has long held the Acer Foundation to the expectation that it will develop “high added-value” through the promotion of science and technology education, hoping to make a difference through corporate philanthropy that makes Acer stand out from other companies. What others are already able to do, Acer does not repeat.

We hope that the Acer Foundation can do what still needs to be done and what will have the greatest benefit for both the industry and society. The Acer Foundation aims to do what others don’t want to or cannot do, whether because it creates no value for them, is to difficult, or simply because they don’t have the capacity for it. Most importantly, the foundation aims to do what Acer is best at, making use of our long history in the IT industry to give back to the society from which we have so greatly benefitted. For information on Acer Foundation activities, please visit the foundation' official website

Gateway Foundation

The Gateway Foundation invests in our communities by making leading technology products available to those with limited access to computers. The Gateway Foundation primarily grants requests for computers and other technology products sought by organizations wishing to make this technology generally available to underserved youth and others aided by the organization.
For more information, please visit the official Gateway Foundation page.