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Since our founding, Acer has cultivated a people-first culture and a spirit of philanthropy. We continue to do all we can to use our skills and core competencies to give back to the community. Acer focuses on the three main areas of education, the environment, and philanthropy, engaging in community work and charitable efforts by providing volunteer services and resources like products, technologies, and capital.

In 2020, Acer’s global investment in social and community engagement activities totaled approximately US$2.05 million (approximately NT$58.45 million), accounting for approximately 1% of the Company’s earnings. Acer employees around the world also showed their concern for society by actively helping their local communities weather the pandemic storm. In terms of participation, we see a rise in one-off charity donation drives in 2020 over 2019, and ongoing participation in long-term community engagement also rose, indicating that Acer’s staff continue to work with their communities and even made use of a more diverse array of opportunities to deepen that engagement during the pandemic. In terms of the types of resources invested, due to the impact of the pandemic, many activities could not be held, and many disadvantaged groups were more in need of donations, so the proportion of cash donations was higher, while donations of products or goods and the investment of manpower and time were much lower than in previous years.

Note: Based on Central Bank’s closing rate of US$1D=NT$28.508 on 12/31/2020

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Resource Engagement Type

Note1: Data and totals sourced from information provided in 2020 by global Acer subsidiaries for CSR Project reports
Note2: Total value of contributions is calculated from the monetary equivalent of cash, products, and manpower input, including US$436,085 in one-time charitable donations, US$417,813 in charity marketing donations, and US$1,196,271 in long-term social investments.