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Acer Group employees all over the world are committed to the corporate spirit of “breaking down barriers between people and technology” and giving back to the community, leveraging their professional and core competencies to contribute to the Company. We hope to mold Acer’s corporate culture into one that values sustainability and action; boosts staff’s identification with Acer and pride in being part of the Company; and encourages the sharing of success stories with global partners, vendors, and investors, as we expand our social influence.

In terms of social action, Acer focuses on the three main areas of education, the environment, and philanthropy, engaging in community work and charitable efforts by incorporating our staff into a variety of volunteer services and resources like products, technologies, and capital. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire world, drastically changing the way companies operate and how people go about their daily lives. Acer has not only actively adjusted its operation methods as the world evolves, but also adopted different channels and methods to communicate and cooperate with stakeholders, continuing to invest and use our resources most effectively to help those most in need. In 2021, Acer Group’s total contribution to social and community engagement activities around the world was approximately NT$51.16 million, accounting for approximately 1% of the Company’s earnings.

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Note1:Based on the Central Bank’s closing rate of US$1=NT$27.69 on 12/31/2021
Note2:Data and overall statistics for the various ESG projects in 2021 are provided by Acer’s global subsidiaries.
Note3:Total monetary value of all contributions is calculated through items such as cash, products, and manpower input.