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Competitive Compensation

In order to attract and retain outstanding employees, we provide competitive comprehensive salary packages. When developing salary policies, we comply with labor laws of each location and do not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, race or political affiliation. We consult salary survey information from management consultancies to ensure our overall salary provided is not only meet a decent living standard of employees, but also competitive in each region’s job market. To reward outstanding employees, we issue bonuses based on company profit and both unit and individual performance.

Acer Salary Policy Principles

In 2021, in response to the changes in workplace working models brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for computer hardware increased significantly. Therefore, when comparing the differences between internal and market statistics, as well as encouraging the morale of internal staff, the average salary adjustment rate of global employees is 4%. The following table shows the ratio of women’s base salaries and wages to those of men at each major location. Acer remuneration is entirely based on the comparative value found by market remuneration surveys, with no differentiation by gender, race, or age.

2021 Basic Salary and Remuneration (Female:Male)

Difference between men and women employees in 2021 (%)

  • Mean gender pay gap    118.56%
  • Median gender pay gap    111.22%
  • Mean bonus gap    153.84%
  • Median bonus gap    121.33%

Unpaid Parental Leave

When Acer staff are faced with the needs of parenthood, they can apply to take unpaid parental leave and, upon the completion of the leave period, return to their position. In this way, they are able to take care of their personal and familial needs. In 2021, six or fewer months was the length of the majority of applications, with a total of 14 applications, four of whom returned to work early.

Employee Benefits

In addition to the benefits as stipulated by law, Acer also provides group life insurance, accident insurance, cancer insurance, hospital room and board insurance, and a range of outstanding employee benefits.

Self-management of working hours

Formal staff may adopt self-management of their working hours according to their circumstances as long as doing so does not affect the quality of service received by customers.

Sick leave with full pay

The Company will pay staff full salary for sick leave taken up to 15 days in a year.

Annual leave for new staff

Staff who have not completed their probationary assessment after three months of employment will be given annual leave in accordance with the law; staff who have completed the assessment will be given seven days of annual leave effective until the day they complete their first year of work.

Advance leave

Staff who have no paid leave for the current year or who have already taken their full amount of paid leave for the year can take advance leave from the following year's leave allocation.

Paid volunteering leave

Staff can apply for two days of paid volunteering leave each year, with the minimum unit of leave half a day

The frequency and coverage of staff annual health checks are better than required by law.

Saturday make-up days can be taken as flexible time off

Recreation and Entertainment Benefits

Acer’s Employee Benefits Committee strives to create a happy workplace with a low-stress environment, high morale, and opportunities that stimulate the creativity and efficiency of our staff. To this end, we organize a wide range of activities for staff, including staff trips, festival celebrations, film viewings, art and culture events, seminars, sporting activities, volunteering activities, mental and physical relaxation activities, and activities promoting good health. In 2021, these activities had a total of over 38,000 participants. Actions to prevent COVID-19 have become an essential part of life around the world. To ensure the health of our staff, we have replaced physical gatherings with cloud-based ones, promoted various types of online activities, and provided electronic gift vouchers and other benefits, creating a more diverse array of event experiences and aiding staff in adjusting mentally and physically outside of work so that they can enjoy life with friends and family and pursue a balanced between personal physical and psychological development. Acer also has a digital library with a rich collection of books which was used over 6,530 times in 2021, with staff absorbing new ideas and improving themselves through a variety of books and magazines.

Fellowship Activities

We provide funds for a variety of club activities to help like-minded colleagues learn, grow, and cultivate their interests together. Such clubs currently include a wilderness society, a horticulture club, a street dance club, an aerobics club, a yoga club, an aerobic boxing club, a coffee enthusiasts club, a badminton club, and an NTC Club. By providing funding for these, we let our staff from each department flexibly focus on planning activities with their colleagues. We have also set up a number of other shared spaces for recreation and activity, including break rooms, dance classrooms, cafes, and fitness centers. 
In light of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, 2021’s Family Day was transformed into Acer Live, an online event exclusively for staff, with individual/group online games, combining the experience of physical activities with live interactive events, meaning that even though we could not physically come together, we could meet in the cloud and continue to foster unity within Acer.

Cash Benefits

In 2021, we provided travel subsidies for staff to take their families for recreational activities. Later, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we reduced the amount of in-person events, and instead, these subsidies were supplanted with electronic vouchers as the activities moved online. Through these actions, we provided more options for activities, with staff able to use the vouchers to adapt how they spend recreational time with their families. At the same time, we also continued to provide financial bonuses for Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese New Year, and birthdays, as well as cash gifts for weddings and funerals and sponsorships for employees’ children.

Acer Global Staff Activities

In response to local customs and conditions, Acer offices around the world plan out a variety of staff activities, seeking to look after the healthy development of their bodies, minds, and souls. These activities also incorporate environmental protection and social welfare issues, helping our staff do their part for the world while also boosting their unity and identification with the company.

Health Promotion

Organize a number of sporting activities, including running, basketball, table tennis, badminton, and golf; set up fitness and sports areas; hold courses to teach staff proper health and wellness information.

Environmental Conservation

Promote environmental awareness and restoration; organize beach clean-ups and tree planting activities; encourage recycling and reuse of resources.

Caring for the Community

To help those in need, organize activities independently or in cooperation with charity groups, including charity road races and donations of goods, as well as holding regular blood drives.

Team Cohesion

Care and networking activities are held for the various local festivals, such as heart-warming plant gifts for Women’s Day, pumpkin carving activities for Halloween, and Christmas dinners, providing chances for staff to share some fun outside the workplace. In addition, staff are also welcome to invite family members to take part. The picnics, barbecues, and hikes can bring them closer together, further strengthening unity among the Acer family.

Employee Support Program

We provide staff and their families with an “Acer Family Care Line” employee assistance services program; staff can choose to reach out to consultants by telephone or video, as well as face-to-face. In 2021, the employee assistance service program served a total of 477 staff and family members by telephone and email, while a total of 66 were helped face-to-face, offering help with life, emotional wellbeing, mental health, or work problems through professional consultation. The Employee Care section of the Acer Family app also provides monthly information in visual and textual form, including spiritual pick-me-ups for the pandemic period, workplace emotional management tips, and stress awareness and management ideas.

Family or care leave beyond parental leave is widely seen in Acer. Acer EMEA has paid family or care leave beyond parental leave. In France, we have family responsibility leave rules to enable the employees to attend to responsibilities during family crisis. Family responsibility leave can be applied for where compassionate reasons require it, including the serious illness or death of an immediate family member (i.e. child, adoptive child, parent, adoptive parent, grandparent, spouse/ life partner, grandchild or sibling). An employee is entitled to leave of absence from work for a maximum period of five days a year for such an incident.