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ESG Project Awards

Our staff around the world have shown great concern with social issues and have taken actions to get involved, giving life to our philosophy that the meaning of existence lies in the value we can create for society. In 2017, we formulated a three-year plan for the Acer Global Corporate Social Responsibility Project Awards. This program is designed to encourage staff members to propose projects that respond to the United Nations’ sustainability goals and, since 2019, to integrate the Company’s “project humanity” spirit with the themes of education and the environment in the hope of making Acer a brand that we can be proud of and that demonstrates its corporate culture and spirit from the inside out.

We have incorporated the concept of social return on investment (SROI), the London Benchmarking Group (LBG) Framework for assessment of community investment, and Acer’s own mission and contributions toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the assessment rubric for these awards.

The program continued to develop in 2020, focusing on major global events in addition to themes such as “education” and “the environment.” The COVID-19 pandemic saw projects from throughout the Acer Group arise, utilizing Acer’s core competencies and products to demonstrate the following: Making a social impact through themselves and their businesses; Collaborating with stakeholders to leverage ESG synergies; Active participation by Acer staff, boosting their identification and satisfaction with the Company. Especially in the midst of the dramatic changes and impacts of the global pandemic, Acer employees continue to care for the community and apply their core competencies by donating computers and helping with online learning support to enable students to continue to take part in distance learning at home, while also helping disadvantaged groups and small and medium-sized enterprises to connect to work from home and maintain their economic and operational capacity.

ESG Project Awards

ESG Projects Award Winners