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Diverse Communications Channels

We provide a variety of communication channels for staff. For example, in Taiwan, we hold quarterly Employee Representative Meetings aimed at communicating with staff on their rights and benefits, reaching some 43.7% of staff globally; additionally, some operating locations worldwide are unionized, with the percentage of employees currently covered by collective agreements in countries or regions with unions at 13.83%, mainly in Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Brazil, Vietnam, and China (Shanghai region). For suppliers, we also hold annual Supplier Communication Meetings to promote and communicate our requirements regarding human rights issues like child labor, forced labor, and conflict minerals.

Internal Communication Structure of Acer Inc.

Face-to-Face Communication

  • An Appointment with Jason
  • Chairman & CEO’s Message
  • Labor-Management Meetings (Employee Representative Meetings)
  • Occupational Welfare Committee
  • Volunteering Sharing Sessions
  • Club Exchange Communication Meetings
  • Staff Assistance Program

Employee Engagement Reflections

  • Letters from the Chairman/General Manager
  • Channels for Stakeholder Complaints
  • Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention Measures and Complaints Mailbox/Hotline
  • Dedicated Mailbox/Hotline for Reporting of Wrongful Actions in the Course of Duties
  • Nursing Hotline
  • Employee Welfare Committee App
  • Staff Fitness Center App


  • Acer Daily News
  • Acer Good News

Employee Representative Meetings

Effective two-way communications can further cement the unity and sense of identity among staff. At the same time, it helps further develop an organizational culture wherein the staff are respected and cared for, thus creating a win-win situation for both the Company and its staff.

Acer is committed to the principles of human rights, diversity, and equality of opportunity and rigorous in our compliance with legal requirements, including organizing regular labor-management meetings to establish smooth communication between employer and employees. We regularly communicate with labor representatives on business performance and future development goals/strategies; Labor representatives share their opinions and suggestions with the Company’s management team, establishing a positive relationship with staff, and thus creating a work environment of high participation.

Employee Representative Meetings, headed by the chairman and CEO, with unit general managers, top management from support units, and staff representatives in attendance focus on discussing and implement resolutions regarding operations management, work environment, and employees’ rights. In 2019, the following major resolutions were among those raised by Taiwan staff through Employee Representative Meetings. We have formulated and are carrying out improvement plans for each resolution.