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Acer Sustainability Mission

Acer sustainability mission aligns the Company's ESG strategy with the Company' new development direction and the core spirit of the brand, defined thus.
While pursuing profitability, leading transformation, and providing innovative services, we will continue to create tangible and intangible value while focusing on our three core beliefs of creating value, balancing interests, and developing sustainably in order to promote sustainability model transfer and leverage our social influence as we become a future-oriented business.

Acer ESG Policy

Deepening ESG governance and stakeholder engagement, as well as strengthening the overall management and transparent disclosure of both financial and non-financial performance Acer ESG Development Process and Policy

Incorporating low-carbon, sustainable, and cyclically innovative technologies and concepts into products and services, taking the lead in smart cities and the development of a new green economy

Creating real corporate value and leveraging our influence on suppliers and partners to help the overall industry move toward a sustainable future

Acer ESG Strategy


Building our corporate social responsibility management mechanisms


Sustainability concepts were incorporated into all of our operating mechanisms and compliance with international trends in sustainability became a focus


Reviewing the overall environment and the expectations of our stakeholders to plan the implementation of Acer ESG policy. We hope this will further reinforce its integration into the organization and value chain, improving ESG performance and gradually building toward strong governance and innovation development goals that serve as a model for the industry.

Acer's ESG strategy for corporate social responsivity in the medium and long term focuses on the following three areas:

Deepening responsible corporate governance

Strengthening management of
non-financial performance and sustainability risks & opportunities

Leading innovation in products and services

By combining low-carbon and sustainable technologies to develop
a new green economy

Establish a model of sustainable development

Harness our influence to help the overall industry progress toward greater environmental, social,
and economic benefits

ESG Governance

Acer ESG Governance Structure