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Supply Chain GHG Management

In addition to setting its own greenhouse gas reduction target, promoting energy conservation and carbon reduction in operations and products, Acer exerts its influence on brand enterprises. We form a supply chain greenhouse gas working group for major supplier partners, and regularly conduct carbon information tracking. 

Inviting Suppliers into the Earthion Initiative

In 2021, we began bringing together our employees and supply chain partners to expand the reach of sustainability efforts by launching the Earthion initiative, with the goal of bringing everyone together to solve our environmental challenges with innovative and integrated solutions.

Through the Earthion Sustainability Platform, we share the spirit of sustainability with our partners and suppliers, helping to address the environmental challenges of our generation through innovative and integrated solutions. To this end, we are focused on innovative green product design, chemical substance management in production processes, green energy use, low-carbon emission logistics, packaging materials and design, and product recycling & resource reuse, combining the efforts of our suppliers and partners to accelerate the development of green designs and processes and completely minimize our environmental impact.

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Supply Chain Program

Acer has been a member of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Supply Chain Program since 2008, and taking it a step further by auditing our suppliers’ overall carbon management performance, carbon reduction results, and green energy adoption with CSR scorecards to manage the environmental impact caused by our supply chain and bolster the overall supply chain’s ability to respond to climate change.

In 2021, we maintained an A- rating on the Supplier Engagement Rating (SER). We will continue to communicate with our first- and second-tier suppliers to promote positive reduction commitments such as RE100 and SBTs to gradually work toward total carbon reduction. In addition, we work with ODMs to further extend the reach of the CDP to third-tier suppliers, pulling together upstream suppliers and deepening carbon management in the industry chain.


Improving Supplier Capability

Acer foundation and Acer Inc. keep sponsoring the CDP event twice a year in Taiwan and invites our suppliers to join and learn more updated practices for carbon management and climate issues. We invite major suppliers to take part in annual ESG communication meetings where we share the latest global trends in corporate sustainability, human rights issues, and mitigation measures, along with Acer’s requirements of and goals for supply chain ESG management performance. In 2021, we focused on the Earthion initiative to bring together our supply chain partners and find more opportunities to collaborate on minimizing the environmental impact of our overall supply chain by integrating sustainability into our product development and daily life.