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Supply Chain GHG Management

In addition to setting its own greenhouse gas reduction target, promoting energy conservation and carbon reduction in operations and products, Acer exerts its influence on brand enterprises. We form a supply chain greenhouse gas working group for major supplier partners, and regularly conduct carbon information tracking. To enhance the supplier' greenhouse gas management capabilities, we are also actively involved in carbon-related initiatives and programs to create a green, low-carbon supply chain.

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Supply Chain Program

Acer has been a member of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Supply Chain Program since 2008, and we have encouraged our suppliers to respond to questionnaires from the CDP regarding greenhouse gas emissions and policies in response to climate change. This information has then been made public or disclosed to members of the program.

We continued our participation in this program in 2019. The response rate to CDP Supply Chain Program questionnaires among Acer suppliers decreased from 91% to 70%, with overall supply chain performance at C level. This decrease in response rate is attributable primarily to our inviting of second-tier suppliers to also take part. Some key performance indicators, such as the ratio of Scope 1 to Scope 2 emissions, climate risk analysis, carbon reduction target setting, and so forth are also higher than the global supplier average, and according to the CDP supply chain report, more than 45% of suppliers who have responded have adopted green electricity.

Acer Supplier CDP Response Rates

Overall Average Performance Grade

2016: C
2017: C
2018: C
2019: C

2019 Average Participant Supplier Performance:

Ratio of Reported Scope 1 to Scope 2 Emissions

2016: 86%
2017: 94%
2018: 91%
2019: 83%

2019 Average Participant Supplier Performance: 74%

Climate Risk Analysis

2016: 83%
2017: 89%
2018: 87%
2019: 83%

2019 Average Participant Supplier Performance: 78%

Incorporation of Climate-Related Business Opportunities into Business Strategy

2016: 83%
2017: 90%
2018: 87%
2019: 84%

2019 Average Participant Supplier Performance: 81%

Carbon Reduction Goal Setting

2016: 75%
2017: 85%
2018: 85%
2019: 85%

2019 Average Participant Supplier Performance: 67%

2019 Average Participant Supplier Performance: 125 CDP Supply Chain members; number invited = 13,111, actual responses to climate questionnaire = 6,892

The environment section addresses first-tier and key second-tier suppliers’ overall carbon management, carbon reduction results, and green energy usage status, amongst other items. These evaluations also include whether or not the group's greenhouse gases inventory and verification have been completed for the year and whether or not the supplier reached its intensity reduction target of 5% and adopted green electricity. In the medium term, one of our key issues is supply chain management in product operations, as through this, we will be able to elevate the overall performance of our supply chain in responding to climate change.

Improving Supplier Capability

Acer foundation and Acer Inc. keep sponsoring the CDP event twice a year in Taiwan and invites our suppliers to join and learn more updated practices for carbon management and climate issues. We also continue to cooperate with the CDP China office, especially for suppliers located in China, dedicated online courses, to enhance suppliers' ability to respond to climate change and respond to stakeholders. At the meeting, Acer again emphasized the expectations and requirements of Acer in the supply chain regarding greenhouse gas management, reduction, and expansion of the use of green energy.

Acer not only shoulders our own responsibility to take part in global carbon reduction but has also required our major suppliers define SBTs by the end of 2018 in line with international requirements to find paths to carbon reduction. In addition to inviting a consultant from the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to give a talk on SBTs at our 2016 Supplier CSR Communication Meeting, in December 2017 we also invited an expert on carbon reduction from the ITRI to conduct a workshop on SBT carbon reduction target setting and the use of related tools for suppliers, further demonstrating our commitment to low-carbon, sustainable development throughout our supply chain.