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Acer’s Carbon Management Measures

Acer actively confronts issues related to climate change and continues to make efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. According to Acer’s energy and climate strategy, we continue to prioritize energy efficiency at all of our operating locations, with use of green energy the next priority. Where appropriate, we use renewable energy power generation facilities alongside measures such as Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), and carbon credits to support the development of renewable energy and climate protection plans. 

With regard to green electricity, in 2021, we made a long-term commitment to green energy, announcing our participation in the RE100 initiative, committing to fully adopting renewable energy by 2035, and building two new solar power stations in Aspire Park in Taiwan. A total of 3,600,000 kWh of green electricity was generated from our in-house generation. In addition, we have expanded the use of green power to Acer’s global locations by purchasing renewable energy certificates (RECs), such as Green-e, GOs, and I-RECs, from locales where we operate. In total, the Acer Group used 14,009,992 kWh of green electricity in 2021, accounting for 45% of the Group’s Scope 2 electricity consumption. If we only take into account the operations related to the ICT products business, this reaches 63%. (Note)

In the future, we will continue to consider factors such as the availability, effectiveness, and institutional maturity of green power or renewable energy supply at various operating locations around the world to evaluate priority areas for achieving our mid-term goal of 60% renewable energy use by 2025. And in support of the carbon reduction pathway to 1.5oC, we have set as an SBT the achievement of a 50% reduction in carbon reduction goal compared to 2019 by 2030.

Note: This data was verified by SGS and disclosed in our 2021 ISO 14064-1 Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement. As a member of the RE100 initiative, Acer will continue to increase its renewable electricity consumption to reach our RE100 goal in 2035. We will disclose a breakdown of our 2022 renewable electricity consumption through CDP by country/area.


Renewable Energy Facilities

Since 2017, Acer has built several solar power plants with ground and rooftop arrays in the Aspire Park, generating about 3 million kWh of electricity each year, plus the e-Enabling Data Center solar and wind turbine generation facility, the solar panel of Aspire Resort, and office’s roof and the new solar panel system on the roof of Acer Netherland in 2019, the total generation will be about 3.6 million kWh of electricity each year to be contributed to the local grid..

Energy Consumption

Operational energy efficiency reduces the environmental influence and enhances low-carbon competitiveness. According to Acer’s energy and climate strategy, we continue to prioritize energy efficiency at all of our operating locations, with use of green energy the next priority. We gradually reduce our reliance on the consumption of non-renewable fuels, including gasoline, diesel, and natural gas. In 2021, our non-renewable consumption of fuel was a 7 % reduction compared with the year 2020. In terms of electricity use, we target to achieve the goal of RE100 in 2035 and down our non-renewable electricity usage to zero. The non-renewable electricity consumption is 2.3% less than the previous year.

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