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Occupational Safety and Health

Acer has formulated a safety and health policy and implemented an occupational safety and health management system. This way, we are able to ensure we meet our goals of creating a safe workplace environment and atmosphere while also strengthening safety and health management.

Acer Health and Safety Policy

Provide a safe and healthy workplaces to protect the physical and mental health of those who work for us and minimize occupational health and safety risks.

Involve all staff in consultations and continue to improve our performance in terms of the environment, health, and safety.

Creating a Culture of Workplace Safety

To ensure ongoing improvement in health and safety performance, we have put in place an occupational safety and health management system, while also bringing together representatives from each unit to form an Occupational Safety and Health Committee and implement related projects based on our annual plan to ensure that the system can operate effectively. At the same time, to maintain smooth internal communications, the company holds Employee Representative Meetings on a quarterly basis to discuss safety and health issues and tracking improvements.

2021 Safety and Health Projects

2021 Safety and Health Courses and Targets

Creating a Healthy Workplace Atmosphere

To implement a full range of healthcare services, we start with stronger health checks and encourage employees to pay attention to their own health and sign up for such checks each year. Before the checks, our occupational doctor and nurse discussed the results of the previous health checks and designed examinations that go beyond minimum regulatory requirements. This year, Company’s resources were brought in for the first time to conduct retinopathy and sleep apnea detection, with abnormal values monitored in real-time for tracking management, and activities improved based on staff satisfaction feedback. After the checks, reports are managed in a graded fashion, with physician consultations and tracking of irregularities begun and relevant health promotion activities designed according to the needs of different groups. Through such management actions, we are able to continuously improve health management performance.

According to statistics, in 2021, 92.5% of staff underwent health checks, reporting an overall satisfaction level of 4.66. This shows that our staff are paying increasing attention to their health, and so at the Q1 2021 Employee Representative Meeting, the Company decided to increase the budget for these checkups in 2022 and to optimize the employee health checkup program, fully demonstrating our commitment and dedication to providing a healthy workplace.

Health Checks

  • Health Checks for New Colleagues
  • General Staff Health Checks
  • Management Health Checks
  • Health Promotion Administration Screenings for Colorectal, Oral, Cervical, and Breast Cancer

Health Management

  • Medical Consultations
  • Measurement Services
  • Medical Treatment
  • Report Follow-up
  • Occupational Health Services
  • Ergonomic Hazard Prevention Program
  • Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Program
  • Female Health Protection Program

Health Promotion

  • Infectious Disease Prevention
  • Health Seminars
  • Weight Loss Class
  • Fitness Testing
  • Sporting Competitions
  • Sports Promotion
  • Exercise Environment
  • Visually Impaired Massage Service