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Environmental Management

Thorough implementation of Acer' Environmental, Health and Safety Management System keeps the corporation in line with our EHS policy by reducing the impact our products and operations have on the environment. It also helps us save energy and ensure appropriate treatment of waste, as well as raising the environmental awareness of employees. By realizing above objectives, we provide safe products and services and ensure our employees are healthy and safe in the workplace.

Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

Acer endeavors to achieve balanced development in economy, environment and society. We understand that all our products, services and activities have potential impact to the environment and community where we conduct business, so we are devoted to environmental protection. We are also dedicated to providing a safe and healthy workplace for employees believing that occupational health and safety is the foundation of sound and responsible business operations. We ensure all employees understand their roles and responsibilities and require our suppliers, service providers, contractors, outsourcing partners, logistics companies, mergers and acquisitions and value chain partners to abide by Acer' environmental, safety and health policy through life cycle management to jointly achieve our commitments to the environment and our health and safety performance.

When we respond to market demands and choose to further develop the organization through business expansion, we will conduct due diligence assessments on companies prior to mergers and acquisitions.

Acer Environment, Health, and Safety Policy

  •  Follow the relevant laws and commit ourselves to going beyond industry standards.
  • Strive to prevent pollution, improve energy efficiency, reduce waste, and boost resource productivity.
  • Employ green design, carefully select suppliers and materials, and provide safe products with low environment impact.
  • Provide a safe and healthy workplaces to protect the physical and mental health of those who work for us and minimize occupational health and safety risks.
  • Involve all staff in consultations and continue to improve our performance in terms of the environment, health, and safety.

Environmental Objectives

2020 Goal and Achievement

Carbon Reduction

2020 Goal
60% carbon reduction compared with baseline year of 2009

2020 Achievement
Total emissions in 2020 were reduced by 62 % compared with the baseline year (2009).

Global ESM

2020 Goal
Global ESM coverage up to 90%

2020 Achievement
Global ESM coverage up to 92.95%

Water Management

2020 Goal
Establish an environmental performance tracking and monitoring mechanism

2020 Achievement
A water usage tracking mechanism has been put in place

Waste Management

2020 Goal
Re-evaluated global waste data collection methods in an effort to establish a unified standard

2020 Achievement
Have conducted the global survey on waste disposal of acer offices around the world

2021 Goal

  • 61% carbon reduction compared with baseline year of 2009
  • Reduce water consumption to 1% lower than in 2021
  • Complete Environmental Impact Considerations Questionnaires for each country and major territory
  • Global environmental management system coverage exceeds 95%
  • Passed ISO 50001 energy management systems certification

Medium-and Long-Term Goals

  • 80% carbon reduction compared with baseline year of 2009 by 2050
  • Make 60% renewable energy by 2025 and 100% by 2035
  • Reduce water consumption in 2025 to 7% lower than in 2018
  • Increase global environmental management system coverage to 95%