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Environmental Management

Thorough implementation of Acer' Environmental, Health and Safety Management System keeps the corporation in line with our EHS policy by reducing the impact our products and operations have on the environment. It also helps us save energy and ensure appropriate treatment of waste, as well as raising the environmental awareness of employees. By realizing above objectives, we provide safe products and services and ensure our employees are healthy and safe in the workplace.

Environmental, Health and Safety Policy and Commitment

Acer endeavors to achieve balanced development in economy, environment and society. We understand that all our products, services and activities have potential impact to the environment and community where we conduct business, so we are devoted to environmental protection. When the company needs to conduct business mergers and acquisitions or business cooperation in response to market needs and organizational development, due diligence will be conducted objectively. We are also dedicated to providing a safe and healthy workplace for employees believing that occupational health and safety is the foundation of sound and responsible business operation. We ensure all employees understand their roles and responsibilities and require our suppliers, service providers, contractors, outsourcing partners, logistics companies, mergers and acquisitions and value chain partners to reduce environmental impact though life cycle assessment management and abide by Acer’ environmental, safety and health policy to jointly achieve our commitments to the environment and our health and safety performance.

Environment, Health, and Safety Policy

This Environmental, health and safety policy is applicable to Acer Group. We take this environment, health and safety policy into consideration in all aspects, and require employees, customers, suppliers and partners to take actions together with Acer that consistent with the standards of this policy. 

Management Guidelines

  • Set up an environmental, health and safety management unit, led by the top management, to continuously implement, promote, supervise, and improve related systems and operations of this policy.
  • Comply with ISO standard, the relevant laws and commit ourselves to going beyond industry standards.
  • Stay abreast of global climate change issues, commit to the use of renewable energy, strive to improve energy efficiency actively and prevent pollution. In addition, setting energy use and waste reduction targets, increasing resource productivity and reducing environmental impact.
  • Sharing sustainable expertise and experience to value chain partners and suppliers to exert social influence.
  • Employ green design, carefully select suppliers and materials, and provide safe products with low environment impact.
  • Provide a safe and healthy workplaces to protect the physical and mental health of those who work for us and minimize occupational health and safety risks. 
  • Deepen the awareness of ESH among all employees through training and disseminating. By setting up a consultation and audit activities, which require involvement of all employees, to continuously improve and enhance the performance of environment, health and safety.

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Commitment to the Environment  

Design and Development: Our product design incorporates considerations of recyclability, easy disassembly, low pollution, energy saving, and resource saving.

  • Through product design, we strive to improve product efficiency (energy saving).
  • Actively make use of recycled materials by incorporating the concept of circular economy (resource saving).
  • We strive to reduce the impact of our products on the environment (low pollution).

Operations and Management 

  • We take the potential impact of climate change into consideration in our overall operations, and formulate plans for risk response and mitigation measures.

Procurement and the Supply Chain

  • Suppliers must adhere to the RBA Code of Conduct, Responsible Minerals Procurement Management Policy, and Restricted Substances Control Guidelines, as well as implementing responsible and green procurement.
  • Through continual cooperation with our supply chain partners, we boost the green competitiveness of our overall supply chain.

Transportation and Logistics

  • We are committed to improving transportation efficiency and reducing energy consumption during transportation.
  • Our product packaging minimizes materials usage through using reusable and recyclable materials.

Environmental Objectives

2021 Goal and Achievement

Carbon Reduction

2021 Goal
8.4% carbon reduction compared with baseline year of 2019

2021 Achievement
Total emissions in 2021 were reduced by 3.39 % compared with the baseline year (2019).

Global EMS

2021 Goal
Global ESM coverage up to 92%

2021 Achievement
Global EMS coverage up to 92%

Water Management

2020 Goal
1% Reduction in Water Consumption Compared with 2020

2021 Achievement
Reduction in Water Consumption Compared with 2020: 5%

2022 Goal

  • 12.6% carbon reduction compared with baseline year of 2019
  • Global environmental management system coverage exceeds 95%
  • Reduce water consumption to 1% lower than in 2021

Medium-and Long-Term Goals

  • In 2030, 50% carbon reduction compared with baseline year of 2019
  • 2025: 60% Renewable Energy Usage; 2035: 100% Renewable Energy Usage (RE100)
  • Global environmental management system coverage exceeds 95%
  • Reduce water consumption to 10% lower than in 2018