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Health and Safety in the Work Environment

Acer has set out the health and safety policy as followings:

Health and Safety Communication

To continuously improve environmental, health, and safety performance, we have launched an environmental safety and health management system and carry out ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 verification every year. The system is managed by the Corporate Sustainability Office, who work with representatives from all units to form an Environmental Safety and Health Team. In accordance with our annual plan, they carry out educational training, officer meetings, internal and external audits, and more to ensure external verification goes smoothly. At the same time, in order to make sure internal communications are smooth, the Company has set up Employee Representative Meetings, made up of regional representatives elected by employees. Meetings are elected held quarterly to discuss topics including health and safety issues and improvement follow-up.

Health and Safety Promotion, Education, and Training

In order to strengthen staff understanding of health and safety, we take advantage of all available channels for communications, as well as holding annual training and education programs tailored to different groups, passing on knowledge, improving focus on health and safety, and further advancing the creation of a culture of health and safety that can adapt to emergency situations.

Health and Safety Promotion


Health and Safety Education and Training

A Healthy Workplace

Acer has always considers its staff an important asset. To improve their attention to health, we have begun conducting annual health checks above and beyond to regulatory requirements from 2018. After health checks, the resulting reports provide explanations about activities and telephone consultation services that are available to help staff better understand the report content. In addition, the Health Management Center conducts health check report analysis and hierarchical management, as well as holding health interviews and offering regular follow-up with occupational medical specialists where anything unusual is found.

In order to create a healthy workplace atmosphere, the Health Management Center has brought together the HR department and the Employee Benefits Committee to plan and organize a variety of health promotion activities. We believe that exercise is an important factor in maintaining health, and aim to encourage our staff to develop healthy exercise habits through the provision of sporting and exercise and clubs. Acer also received Healthy Workplace Certification from the Ministry of Education' Sports Administration in 2018 for the second time, further demonstrating our commitment to providing healthy workplaces.

A Healthy Workplace


2018 Health Promotion

Work Environment Health and Safety Monitoring and Management

In order to ensure our workplaces are healthy and safe, we strive to communicate and improve in a prompt fashion regarding any insights or recommendations of staff in this regard. Each year we convene an Environmental Health and Safety Committee to identify and assess workplace hazards risks and environmental impact considerations. Any existing or potential risks and high-environmental-impact items that are identified are then subject to assessment and improvement. In order to monitor office environment quality, we carry out office environment cleaning, disinfection, waste removal, and shredding of confidential documents in line with our annual plan. We also regularly invite specialist organizations to conduct tests of drinking water quality, interior carbon dioxide levels, cooling tower legionella, interior TVOC and formaldehyde, and other environmental factors.

Work Environment Health and Safety Monitoring and Management in 2018