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Message from the Chairman and CEO

A company’s pursuit of making the world a better place must start with its employees’ conviction and willingness to participate. At Acer, we have been raising awareness of the climate change and educating employees how they can each contribute to make a significant impact to a greener environment. Our ongoing research and development also includes new technologies for people’s wellbeing, this involves collaborating with biotech and medical institutions to focus on applying artificial intelligence in enhancing the accuracy and speed of disease detection.

In 2019 Acer launched Project Humanity, an initiative involving our worldwide employees to make the world a better place. Throughout the year we focused on reducing single-use cups and bottles at work, collecting electronic products and batteries for closed-loop recycling, and providing education tools for the underprivileged. As we continue to consolidate our data, to date we have saved a self-estimated equivalent of 60 tons of CO2 emissions.

Acer’s responsibility efforts have continued being recognized by global sustainability indices that benchmark environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance of organizations. For the sixth consecutive year we have been listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) Emerging Markets Index. We were included on the FTSE4Good Emerging Index for the fourth year, listed on the subcategory FTSE4Good TIP Taiwan ESG Index, and awarded AA rating by the MSCI indexes.

We are committed to innovating in all aspects of our technology, management, and operations. By closely engaging with our partners and suppliers to act responsibly, we will continue making positive impacts to the society and environment, while responding to the Sustainable Development Goals 17 on “strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.” Beyond our efforts that include bridging the digital divide and supporting ecological farming, I am glad to see our employees actively propose new and creative ideas for the environment and humanity, reflecting Acer’s “people-centric” mindset. In 2020, we will be initiating more activities for employees to conserve the Earth’s natural resources, and that apply directly to our business operations. Only by integrating these efforts into our business models in the long term, will we become a sustainable company of the future.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, we are mindful of how it has changed many aspects of everyday life and how people, businesses, and establishments worldwide remain concerned. During this time, we want to ensure our customers accessing to our services and the products they need to carry on with their work, study, or keep in touch with their loved ones. Business continuity and the health of our customers, employees, and partners are our primary concerns. Our worldwide operations have been working closely with public health authorities, taking actions to ensure the safety and wellness of our employees. Our executive team also continues to monitor the COVID-19 developments, indeed the velocity of our decisions and actions has been critical to weather through this period of uncertainty, such as by securing essential component supplies for production, and staying abreast of the recovery rate at our manufacturers’ facilities. The close collaboration between Acer and our partners has always been our competitive advantage. Through the concerted efforts of our management team, employees, and stakeholders, we are demonstrating the highest resilience to power through these times of high volatility.

This report adheres to the GRI Standards for sustainability reporting, and refers to the SASB reporting standards that focus on topics that matter to financial investors. We aim to communicate transparently and consistently, and work together with our stakeholders toward a sustainable future.