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Human Rights Training

We continued to provide training on human rights protection issues for Acer employees worldwide, offering education and training courses on issues such as business standards of conduct, anti-corruption, privacy, safe and healthy working environments, and sexual harassment prevention to create a friendly work environment built around equality, tolerance, and respect. The contents of human rights-related training are adapted to local conditions and appropriately adjusted according to the different legal needs of different regions so as to ensure that colleagues can fully abide by local laws and regulations when conducting business.

2021 Acer Human Rights Education and Training


Standards of Business Conduct

.Gender equality, fair appointment and promotion, equal- opportunity employment, multicultural teams, harassment-free work environment, respect for personal privacy, etc.
.Anti-corruption training, information security awareness training, prevention and publicity of violations in the execution of duties, occupational health and safety training, employee assistance program (EAP) training, etc.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Collection and utilization of personal information, notification rules for leaks of personal information, cross-border infringement in the EU and infringement by non-EU companies, and obligations and responsibilities of personal data holders

Asia Pacific

Health protection and work care training for post-pandemic return to work

Working together to maintain a safe work environment, provision of health information and privacy protection, COVID-19 self-testing, contact tracing, infection control practices

Pan America

Brazilian personal information privacy rights training

Domestic regulations on the collection and processing of data and how personal data can be used in the provision of products or services


Training in the Personal Information Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China

Sensitive personal information, processing transparency, collection/use/disclosure, principles for commissioning third-party processing, retention period, obligations of Internet platforms, cross-border data transfer, leak notification, etc.

Human Rights Protection Training Indicators

Human Rights Protection Education—Average Training Hours Per Person