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Innovative Products and Services

Acer' product design is focused around a people-centric spirit and approach which asks the following fundamental questions:


Innovative Technology

We strive to understand our users’ needs and behaviors, and hope that we can offer technological solutions to humanity' problems, while at the same time taking into account technological and commercial feasibility. Acer' innovative R&D process is one which is built around learning through testing and around cooperation across fields.

In 2018 Acer continued to innovate, obtaining 505 patents around the world and seeing patents obtained for the year in EMEA grow by 61.5% on 2017 to 63.


Patents Obtained in 2018


Products and Services that Respond to Society

In 2018, Acer developed a number of software applications and technologies across all product levels, with all products and services launched continuing to respond to the UN SDGs.


CDC Flu Forecasting Station

Seasonal flu has become a major focal point of global epidemic prevention, mainly because influenza viruses mutate easily and are susceptible to changes in climate and transmission via transportation. Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analysis, though, we can make our efforts to stay on top of such epidemics more precise.Acer has collaborated with Taiwan' Centers for Disease Control to create the “Flu Forecasting Station” early warning information platform. This tool can successfully predict trends in influenza outbreaks within a four-week period in all of Taiwan' cities and counties, along with numbers of people seeking treatment at outpatient and emergency clinics. It provides local health agencies and medical institutions with a reference for on-site epidemic prevention decision-making, epidemic response, and treatment allocation, helping ensure epidemic prevention work is even more accurate and medical resources are better allocated, as well as providing a reference for the public to prepare their own protective measures.


aBeing Wellness

Focusing on the prospects of remote medicine and workplace health promotion, Acer has actively worked to create a remote, cloud-based healthcare system.The primary use of the aBeing Wellness Health Management Platform is assisting employees with daily management of their own health, with a particular application to metabolic syndrome and chronic disease management in the workplace; assisting employees who do not suffer from chronic diseases but whose metabolism has begun to show abnormalities; and reducing the risk of chronic diseases, thus accomplishing the goal of promoting workplace health.


VR skill training system

Acer is committed to improving people' lives through technology. To improve the job skills of people with disabilities, the Acer Foundation has partnered with the Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation to donate computers and virtual reality equipment, and to develop VR job skills training together with the Institute for Research Excellence in Learning Sciences at National Taiwan Normal University. Through these, people with disabilities can work on basic training in areas like cutting fruit and vegetables or detailing vehicles in a safe environment, able to practice repeatedly in a learning environment not restrained by physical space.This VR skill training system allows those with physical or mental disabilities to use virtual objects in place of physical ones in immersive VR learning systems, enabling them to practice repeatedly without consuming physical resources while also reducing training costs. At the same time, the system helps hone their ability to work safely and with spatial accuracy through training such as cutting vegetables as a kitchen assistant. The equipment is highly portable and easy to use, making it convenient for people with physical or mental disabilities to train themselves anytime, anywhere, solving the problem of trying to find a place that offers personalized skills training.



Acer' efficient Ice Tunnel eSports product cooling system is integrated into the Predator Orion 9000 series. The machine boasts several intakes on the front and left sides, Flanking the front panel are steel-gray air intakes, while below it is a honeycomb mesh cover, enabling the two 12-cm fans inside to take in cold air more efficiently; Inside, in the lower right corner a deflector hood is specially equipped to ensure that some of the cold air channeled in by the front two fans can be smoothly guided to the hard drive space at the other end of the case; several exhaust outlets are positioned on the top and rear to efficiently expel the hot air from case through strong airflow, ensuring the hard disks enjoy strong heat dissipation during operation.


Bionic Innovation: AeroBlade 3D Technology

With the world' thinnest metal fan blades (just 0.1 mm), AeroBlade™ delivers advanced aerodynamics and superior airflow to keep systems cool, clean, and quiet. The fourth-generation AeroBlade 3D cooling system is inspired by owl flight, using serrated edges on the blades that mimic the wingtips of owls which enable them to fly so efficiently and quietly, increasing airflow by 45% while operating quietly at high speeds. This technology powers our high-performance, convertible gaming notebook, the Predator Triton 900, offering users a new function-oriented design with computing power on par with a desktop computer.


Cloudgoda Cloud Portal

Faced with the growth of available cloud options, choosing the right cloud service provider and how to deploy and manage cloud services are frequent questions for enterprises wanting to use cloud technologies. Acer subsidiary Cloudgoda has launched the eDC Cloudgoda cloud portal, capable of linking AWS, GCP, eDC, and IBM Cloud platforms, enabling faster, better design, deployment, and management of cloud services than other existing methods. From service price comparison, LAN latency, visualized architecture, and architecture templates to automated deployment, Cloudgoda provides a one-stop cloud services portal.

Smart Cities

Smart roadside parking and paperless fees

Acer has also worked to develop a Smart Parking Meter Management System, enabling road users search for real-time roadside parking information with just an app, greatly reducing the time required to find parking spaces. Through big data collection and analysis, the relevant units can more efficiently stay on top of parking turnover rate at different times, while smart meters can identify car license plates, reducing the need for manual billing and streamlining payment processes, providing fully paperless, environmentally friendly operation.Acer has also put forward a cloud-based overall smart parking services solution, integrating of e-ticketing, license plate recognition, image recognition, and a parking app for roadside and off-street parking for private vehicles, providing owners, parking operators, and local governments with smart cloud-based parking services that can be more effectively managed.