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Innovative Products and Services

Continuous innovation is a core value for Acer, as through it, we can gain a competitive edge. Our patent strategy is to invest resources in continuous innovative R&D, building a patent network, and demonstrating the benefits of our patents while establishing strict patent measures to protect our R&D achievements.

In 2021, Acer obtained 809 patents around the world, with patents obtained for the year in the China, Taiwan, EMEA, Asia Pacific, and Pan America regions growing over 2020. In terms of patent approval, Acer ranks third in Taiwan.

Our Patent Protection Measures

• Regular patent education and training
• Occasional patent seminars
• Establish an ePatent system to manage patent case information electronically
• Establish an eBook system to manage R&D log electronically
• Encourage staff to engage in innovation and creativity through the Invention Incentive Scheme
• Establish a patent evaluation process to control patent quality

Patent Benefits of the Patent Strategy

• Encouraging innovation
• Demonstration of technical drive
• Product competitiveness
• Exclusion of competition
• Legal defense
• Increasing patent bargaining power
• Income from royalties and disposition