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Multi-stakeholder initiatives

Participation in the Private Public-Private Alliance for Responsible Minerals Trade

Acer continued its involvement in the PPA, a multi-sector and multi-stakeholder advocacy group that aims to publicize the issue of conflict minerals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the African Great Lakes Region and propose supply chain solutions. In 2021, Acer attended the annual multi-stakeholder membership meeting virtually. Members met to learn about and discuss the outcomes of the PPA’s work in 2021, the forthcoming PPA grants to research DRC ASM cooperative governance models, findings from the access to finance pilot, and design elements and strategic objectives for a potential next phase of the PPA and a new MOU starting August 2022. In December of 2021, Acer attended the PPA Virtual Delegation to the Great Lakes Region. The PPA members and U.S. Government (USG) embassy/mission representatives operating in the Great Lakes Region (GLR) met virtually to learn more about one another’s guiding priorities and objectives, and explore opportunities for collaboration and regional and country-level action. The goal of this first session was to support introductions and information exchange between the PPA’s global membership and PPA government-member representatives in the GLR to foster greater coordination and cooperation towards shared goals.

Other Contributions

In 2020, the International Tin Supply Chain initiative (ITSCI) encountered funding challenges during the height of the global Covid-19 pandemic. Acer was able to contribute the proceeds of its lithium-ion battery recycling pilot, via the RMI-ITSCI Fundraising Campaign, to help support ITSCI during this challenging time. ITSCI supports member companies to implement due diligence by working with governments and civil society and providing expert field, data, risk management and auditing teams. ITSCI’s purpose is to create responsible mineral supply chains that avoid contributing to conflict, human rights abuses, or other risks such as bribery in central Africa.

Acer also committed funding to contribute to the RBA-Pact Partnership for supporting Alternative Livelihoods through a Vocational training program. By offering financial support to this program, Acer along with other companies, are collectively advancing progress in a more responsible cobalt supply chain.We continue to believe that working together as an industry and in partnership with all stakeholders is the most efficient way to enable success at driving.

Meaningful improvement in the social and environmental conditions associated with raw materials extraction.