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Our Supply Chain

Acer and our suppliers are working together to provide customers with valuable products and services; these suppliers are our most important partners. Beyond economic value, we also focus on social and environmental value, building on a foundation of respect for human rights and working diligently toward a sustainable supply chain. With a solid foundation of cooperation and through the Acer Responsible Supply Chain Management(ARSM) mechanism, we jointly shoulder our responsibilities toward society and the environment alongside our supply chain.

Acer’s first-tier suppliers include ODM/OEMs, key components, assigned vendors, logistics, and services. Manufacturing suppliers are distributed around the globe, including Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Korea, India, Brazil, and Hungary, although our primary production base is China.

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We identify critical suppliers based on purchase spending; non-substitutability; strategic material, product, or business; and leading technologies.

We support striking a balance between local procurement and supply chain diversification, reducing overall supply chain carbon emissions and creating local employment opportunities, while also reducing overall supply chain risk.