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Products and Services that Respond to Society

Innovative Products and Services

In 2020, Acer developed a number of software applications and technologies across all product levels, with all products and services launched continuing to respond to the UN SDGs.

Good Health and Well-Being

Taiwan Healthcare-Associated Infection and Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System (THAS)

Acer E-Enabling Service Business (AEB) received the COVID-19 Best Industry Solutions award at the 2020 Global Excellence ICT Awards for the Taiwan Healthcare-Associated Infection and Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System (THAS), which was planned and built with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. This award recognizes companies or organizations that have made significant contributions to the fight against COVID-19 and to the well-being of society through the application of ICT. The award was presented by the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) and is known as the Oscars of the ICT industry.
The THAS is used by government and hospital medical and professional staff to monitor pandemic infections in health care facilities and collect national antibiotic resistance data, providing an important basis for formulating pandemic infection and antibiotic control policies. The system also allows managers to prevent hospital-acquired infections early and control the spread of infections through data analysis.
THAS has successfully linked more than 600 major medical institutions in Taiwan, with a coverage rate of 90% and more than 1,400 professionals using the platform for notifications, checks, monitoring, and analysis of infection case information and antibiotic management. As a national monitoring platform, THAS is also one of the indicators used for daily pandemic updates from the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC). Acer’s THAS is an upgrade in terms of system specifications and information security. Its home page dashboard presents a graphical model based on the current status of data reported by medical institutions and intuitively presents key information such as the distribution of health care infection sources, trends in the occurrence of related infections, and a listing of nosocomial strains. When medical teams need further analysis, THAS also provides international surveillance indicators as the most comparable basis to help hospital administrators understand the current status of infection and antibiotic resistance in their own hospitals so that they can initiate critical preventive measures before an unknown outbreak, becoming a cornerstone of Taiwan’s robust healthcare system.

Using AI to Accelerate Vaccine Development

As the COVID-19 pandemic continued in 2020, Acer worked with epidemic prevention and medical units in multiple fields based on its foundation in smart medicine. We have also participated in a Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) research project conducted by the Research Center for Epidemic Prevention Science, promoting interdisciplinary research and international cooperation in pandemic control and boosting Taiwan’s own pandemic control practices.
The first target is vaccine development, using Acer’s AI technology R&D to accelerate the antigen development process, combined with fundamental research from the National Defense Medical Center, to accelerate vaccine development before another novel infectious disease spreads worldwide again.
As a global ICT business, Acer is also part of the National Defense Medical Center’s Research Center for Epidemic Prevention Science, having signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the NDMC in September 2020. It is hoped that through smart medicine R&D, we will be able to more efficiently prevent future epidemics and alleviate the burden epidemic prevention work can place on the medical system. In addition, Acer and the NDMC have jointly organized a smart medicine program to cultivate talent with a background in both medicine and AI. In the future, Acer will continue to work with the NDMC on smart medical technologies to help accelerate the industrialization, commoditization, and internationalization of such technologies.

Affordable and Clean Energy

Battery Management Systems, BMS

Acer subsidiary MPS Energy is focused on developing automotive and mobile power systems and aims to combine green energy and vehicle networking technologies to develop battery management systems (BMS) for smart vehicles. In 2020, the electric vehicle energy modules for e-bike kits developed by MPS were sold to European bicycle manufacturers and are on par with those of established global bicycle supply chain manufacturers.

Even with growing environmental awareness and demand for energy efficiency, safety remains the first priority, and MPS Energy has three types of battery modules which can be installed in the rear frame, hidden in the seat tube, or in the down tube depending on the needs of customers and vehicle manufacturers. In addition, the app developed in-house can instantly track power levels and ride mileage, providing riders with personalized information. During this global pandemic, the use of public transportation has decreased, but this has given electric bicycles the chance to shine.

Quality Education

VR Software/Hardware: Supporting Development of Immersive College Lesson Plans

AEB donated virtual reality equipment, systems, and VR scripting software to the Department of Education and Human Potentials Development at National Dong Hwa University to help tap students’ potential in digital creation and aid teachers in developing immersive lesson plans. AEB has long been focused on creating educational VR content, and has spared no effort in applying digital technology to help preserve collections of cultural heritage. NDHU Professor Liu Ming-chou offered a thank-you speech and explained that the equipment would be put to use in conjunction with Steam exploration, course planning, and technology for reading, aiding in the development of immersive VR courses. Such courses will benefit trainee teachers in their development of TPCK (technological pedagogical content knowledge).

Industrial Innovation and Infrastructure

Cloud-based Smart Ticketing Platform

During the pandemic, AEB expanded its cloud-based ticketing services into the world of sports to help professional baseball team CTBC Brothers and professional basketball team Taipei Fubon Braves introduce e-ticketing. This enabled members of the public to purchase tickets without having to wait in line and risk exposure, while also facilitating safe audience conditions. We provided operators with the ability to quickly build their own branded cloud-based ticketing platforms and automated ticket machines, allowing consumers to go paperless from ticket purchase and reservation to pick-up, transfer, and inspection. The benefits of such a platform include:

‧Paperless ticketing process for consumers
Environmentally friendly and convenient, reducing the risk of lost tickets
‧Quick, dedicated ticketing site
Owners can have their own cloud-based ticketing website to bolster their brand image
‧Provides a back-end management platform
Makes it easy to stay on top of member data and carry out remarketing through consumer behavior analysis

Other Major Innovative Products

Better Heat Dissipation: Predator PowerGem Thermal Solutions

As a result of the pandemic, in 2020, consumer demand for remote work and study increased globally, and everyday entertainment and recreation largely shifted from social gatherings to at-home entertainment. Given this, products that could offer better performance and energy savings became prime choices among consumers.
The new Predator PowerGem thermal solution has been incorporated into the Predator Helios 700, significantly improving the notebook’s cooling performance. PowerGem is a special material with 3.83 times the vertical thermal conductivity of copper, thus boosting laptop thermal performance. In addition, each Predator Helios 700 model comes with three copper heat pipes, Acer CoolBoost cooling technology, a heat sink, and two custom-built 4th generation AeroBlade™ 3D fans.