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Resource and Energy Management

Energy Management

The main source of energy consumption for Acer is electricity use in offices. To address this, we are actively pursuing the three main goals laid out below, as well as undertaking relevant planning and evaluation.

Promotion of green

Improve offce equipment

Adjust to power

In 2017, Acer built a solar power plant with a total of four ground and rooftop arrays in the Aspire Park, generating about 3 million kWh of electricity in 2020. In 2020, Acer’s total solar power generation in Taiwan reached approximately 3.24 million kWh, accounting for about 10% of Acer’s global electricity consumption, and is estimated to be enough to supply some 900 households for a year. Cumulative electricity generation since 2018 has reached approximately 9.5 million kWh.

In addition to replacing old air-conditioning equipment and switching to energy-saving lamps as planned, Acer Taiwan’s main energy-saving measures in 2020 included further adding microwave sensors to control lighting in common areas in the Acer eDC Longtan offices, resulting in estimated annual savings of approximately 16,000 kWh.

On top of this, Aspire Park has installed an energy management system to provide insights into the condition of each building’s electrical and mechanical equipment to facilitate appropriate adjustments. Additionally, our Xizhi office has made changes to the hours in which air conditioning is operational and put in place an automated system to turn off lighting during afternoon breaks and after working hours. We intend to continue evaluating the benefits of existing energy-saving measures into the future, as well as planning for ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems certification in 2021, facilitating further explorations into the feasibility of other measures to save energy.

Waste Management

Acer’s main source of waste is general garbage. We are promoting resource recycling, business waste recycling management, and other reuse activities to reduce the impact of our waste on the environment. As for the disposal of that waste, we are committed to the Company’s environmental policy, with the disposal of general household waste contracted by the building or in cooperation with local cleaning teams to transport to local incinerators. Recyclable resources are collected and transferred to recycling classification centers or transported by local recycling vehicles. Business waste, which is primarily waste batteries, light bulbs, cases, and scrap metal, is disposed of by qualified contractors after collection to ensure that transportation and processing do not harm the environment.

To protect the environment, in 2019, we re-examined our global waste collection statistics, and in 2020 we worked to clarify the statistics and treatment methods for office areas where more waste is generated, jointly exploring opportunities for reduction.

To shape an Acer culture that cares for the environment, Project Humanity was launched in 2019 to encourage our staff to cherish the Earth’s resources, respond to environmental protection, and reduce their use of disposable plastic, tableware, and paper cups through the cultivation of good habits. In 2020, we launched the Acer Family app and the Acer Point Challenge. Through setting and achieving personal and departmental goals, we aim to cultivate further awareness of environmental issues among our employees and realize our commitments to the environment.

In 2020, Acer Taiwan’s workforce increased by approximately 4.9% over 2019, while total waste production decreased by approximately 2.1% in the same time.

Paper Reduction and Recycling

To mitigate the impact of deforestation and consequent biodiversity loss on the ecosystem and to demonstrate our commitment to valuing paper resources, Acer Taiwan has implemented a variety of measures to manage our paper usage. For paper procurement, we choose to purchase copier paper with the PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) mark and toilet paper/paper towels with the Green Mark. To reduce the amount of paper used, we encourage staff and visitors to bring their own water glasses for meetings, avoid paper cups, and promote the use of digital documents over hard copy and encourage staff to use double-sided or multiple-pages-per-sheet printing functions. We also promote paper recycling.

Statistics Showing Significant Drop in Acer Taiwan’s Use of Copier Paper in the Past Two Years

Copier Paper Usage

2019: -4.8%

-13.8% 2020

Staff Transportation and Commuting

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020, Acer ceased all non-essential overseas business travel and replaced business activities with videoconferencing. At the same time, to reduce the environmental impact of staff travel, we have encouraged staff to prioritize the use of public transportation for commuting and business trips. Statistics for 2020 show a significant decrease in overseas business trips and fuel used by company vehicles for Acer Taiwan.

Fuel Used by Business Vehicles

2018: -9.8%
2019: -14.5%

-16.8% 2020

Number of Overseas Business Travelers

2018: -10.9%
2019: -22.6%

-90.61% 2020

Overseas Business Travel Mileage

2018: -15.6%
2019: -14.1%

-14.1% 2020

Water Resource Management

Acer has no manufacturing plants and does not use a lot of water resources. Our global operations mainly focus on product sales and customer service, and our water demand is mostly for regular personal uses in office premises, with our main water source being municipal water, which has no significant impact on water resources. Our primary source of waste water is regular sewage water, which is discharged in accordance with local regulations into the local sewer systems and processed by local treatment plants, thus posing no significant threat to the environment.

In view of the increasing scarcity of global water resources, in 2019, Acer set the goal of reducing global water consumption by 1% per year and collecting global water consumption data and trends through systematic management. At the same time, we encourage each office district to implement water conservation measures such as water recycling, improving water facilities, and strengthening water management in the hope of achieving our annual reduction targets. In 2020, Acer used 173,805 million liters of water worldwide, with well water accounting for about 4 million of that. Total water consumption decreased by 8.6%, with reclaimed water accounting for about 22.5% of total water consumption, while the total amount of reclaimed water decreased by about 2.5 million liters compared to 2019. Water consumption in 2020 has been reduced to 12.7% lower than in 2018.

Collection and Reuse of Water Resources


Using Reclaimed Water for Irrigation of Greenery

Benefits (annual):
Recovery of approximately 42 million liters of water

Office Area Implemented :
Acer Taiwan Aspire Park


Waste Water from Swimming and Paddling Pools Collected

Benefits (annual):
Replenishing of approximately 2.977 million liters of dissipated water
Office Area Implemented :
Acer Taiwan Aspire Park Aspire Resort


Recycling and Reusing Air Conditioner Condensate and Dehumidifier Drainage Water

Benefits (annual):
Recovery of approximately 634,000 liters of water
Office Area Implemented :
Acer Taiwan Aspire Park Aspire Resort


Rainwater reuse and recycling

Benefits (annual):
Recovery of approximately 4.9 million liters of water

Office Area Implemented :
Acer eDC Longtan Offices


Recycling and Reusing Dehumidifier Drainage Water


Office Area Implemented :
Weblink HY Life Zhonghe Store

Improving Water Using Facilities


Using Water Pre-tank Filtration System to Reduce Water Consumption from Frequent Cleaning

Office Area Implemented :
Acer Taiwan Aspire Park Aspire Resort


Replacing faucets in bathrooms with sensor-operated faucets /
Reducing faucet water pressure in staff rooms

Office Area Implemented :
Acer Taiwan Xizhi HQ


Replacing office toilets with water-saving toilets

Office Area Implemented :
WebLink Taipei Office


Replacing guest room toilets with water-saving toilets

Office Area Implemented :
Acer Taiwan Aspire Park Dormitories


Replacing swimming pool shower room shower heads with water-saving ones

Office Area Implemented :
Acer Taiwan Aspire Park Aspire Resort

Strengthened water usage management


Regularly inspecting water-using facilities

Office Area Implemented :
Acer Taiwan Offices


Promotion of water conservation

Office Area Implemented :
Acer Taiwan Offices