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Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Global Protection Measures

In recent months, the continued spread of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) and resulting disease COVID-19 has impacted the health of both people and businesses around the world. During this time, we are taking strict preventative measures to create for our staff safe office environments while also paying attention to their mental health. To this end, we provide staff with a support hotline that serves as a means for them to ease some of the mental stress this pandemic has brought with it.

After the resumption of work following Lunar New Year in January 2020, Acer HQ established a Pandemic Response Team that holds meetings each morning to assess and respond to the situation. In line with guidance from the Central Epidemic Command Center, we have set out a multifaceted set of preventative measures and response plans, along with guidelines for working from home and a mechanism for the management of worker health. These measures include:

  • Regular, more robust disinfection of office areas
  • Temperature checkpoints at each entrance/exit
  • Stronger pandemic-related education and training
  • A strengthened videoconferencing system
  • Active engagement with staff and visitors on personal health management
  • Alcohol for handwashing set up at several places throughout buildings
  • Asking staff to fill out a personal travel history to facilitate the Health Management Center’s timely tracking of staff health status and enable prompt response measures by the Pandemic Response Team to any changes in the situation
  • Setting up a pandemic-focused section on the My Acer intranet collecting relevant announcements, preventative measures, and frequently asked questions, along with the provision of a pandemic mailbox and audiovisual materials to help staff stay on top of the situation

Caring for Staff

In addition to these preventative measures put in place in Acer offices around the world, the Taiwan Region HQ also provided each staff member with a “Pandemic Care Package” containing silver-ion antibacterial mask liners, natural hand sanitizer, and a carry bag for personal pandemic protection materials. Additionally, with the Taiwanese government having forbidden the sending of face masks overseas, the chairman’s office instead chose to gift some 7,000-plus staff worldwide with cloth face mask sleeves in a show of care and concern.

Caring for the Community

Acer France, meanwhile, has donated masks to the emergency department at Paris’ Hôpital Européen Georges-Pompidou and notebook computers to the Centre François Baclesse. In Germany, Acer has responded to a drastic decline in blood donations due to public concerns about COVID-19 by working with the Red Cross to hold a blood drive, with Acer staff leading by example and doing their part to ease the burdens on frontline medical personnel who are so selflessly working to help a massive influx of patients.

The chairman’s office donated mask sleeves to more than 7,000 employees worldwide

Masks were donated to the emergency department at Hôpital Européen Georges-Pompidou in Paris

During the COVID-19 epidemic, German colleagues still eagerly took part in a blood drive