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Staff Structure

Acer has strived to create a working environment that fosters staff who are passionate, positive, and dare to dream, and this entails consideration and communication that supports and encourages the team. Through a competitive compensation package, we have been able to attract and retain outstanding talent; by promoting work-life balance, we show we care about our staff health, both mental and physical; and through systematic training, we create the power to change the world.

As of the end of December 2019, Acer had 7,240 employees worldwide, including 6,709 full-time staff, of which 4,176 were male and 2,533 female; and 531 contracted staff, of which 347 were male and 184 female. This company’s staff are spread across 40 countries/territories. Among these staff, in terms of job category, 1,443 were management staff, 2,367 specialist staff, 780 administrative staff, and 2,650 technical staff. 2,848 are working in the Taiwan region, 1,632 in EMEA, 1,619 in Asia Pacific, 562 people in the Pan-America region, and 579 in China. Their average age is 40.3, and their average length of employment with the company is 8.69 years. Temporary staff number 683, of which 508 are male and 175 female.

Gender Ratio


Percentage by Staff Category

Age Group

Racial / Ethnic Group Representation of US Employees (%)

Female Staff

Acer attaches importance to human rights and gender equality among its workers. The proportion of female employees has increased year by year. Female employees accounted for 38% of staff in 2019; female managers 30% of management; and female senior managers 25% of senior management.

Proportion of Female Employees

Talent Recruitment

Wherever we are in the world, Acer is committed to following labor laws when hiring staff. We insist on equal opportunity employment, hiring through an open selection process that does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, skin color, age, religious belief, nationality, ancestry, physical/mental disability, medical status, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, military service, or political beliefs. With our focus on hiring the best people for the job, we have been able to assemble a diverse array of outstanding talent around the world. We also provide competitive pay and benefits, humane management, and a robust path for promotion and career development.

In 2019, the global average percentage of staff who were new hires (a total of 1,159 people) was 15.71%. The average turnover rate in 2019 was 18.7%, a slight increase from 2018. This is attributable to the turnover rate calculation being adjusted to include all full-time, contracted, and temporary staff, and the level of contract expiration for the latter two categories in short-term locations in 2019 was high, so as a result, we saw an increase in turnover rate.


Number of New Hires 483

16.57% Hiring Rate


Number of New Hires 192

11.9% Hiring Rate

Asia Pacific

Number of New Hires 241

14.52% Hiring Rate

Pan America

Number of New Hires 95

16.02% Hiring Rate


Number of New Hires 148

24.77% Hiring Rate

Number of New Hires : 1,159
Hiring Rate : 15.71%


Number of Resignations 527

18.07% Turnover Rate


Number of Resignations 222

13.76% Turnover Rate

Asia Pacific

Number of Resignations 252

15.18% Turnover Rate

Pan America

Number of Resignations 221

37.27% Turnover Rate


Number of Resignations 159

26.61% Turnover Rate

Number of Resignations : 1,381
Turnover Rate : 18.71%