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Staff Structure

Acer has strived to create a working environment that fosters staff who are passionate, positive, and dare to dream, and this entails consideration and communication that supports and encourages the team. Through a competitive compensation package, we have been able to attract and retain outstanding talent; by promoting work-life balance, we show we care about our staff health, both mental and physical; and through systematic training, we create the power to change the world.

As of the end of 2021, Acer Group has a total of 7,713 employees worldwide, of which 18% are in management, 82% are regular staff, and 614 are contracted temporary staff. As the Company is committed to building on opportunities for core business expansion, optimizing operations, and establishing a lifestyle brand, a knowledge- and innovation-intensive business, 26% of our staff hold Master’s or doctoral degrees. Acer has also been committed to globalization for many years. Our headquarters in Taiwan accounts for about 41.4% of our total global workforce, while Pan America accounts for 7.3%, EMEA 24%, Asia Pacific 21.3%, and China 6%.


Diversity and Inclusiveness

Proportion of Female Employees

Acer attaches importance to human rights and gender equality among its workers. As of 2021, female staff accounted for 37% of total staff, 31% of management, and had risen to 38% of senior management. In 2021, we also disclosed the percentage of women in revenue-generating and STEM-related functions. We have set for ourselves the goal of further increasing the percentage of our workforce that is female in 2023.

Racial/Ethnic Composition of Acer America Staff

*In terms of the percentages of race/ethnicity in the US accounting for the global workforce:  Asian: 1.6%; Black or African American: 0.3%; Hispanic or Latino: 1.0%; White: 2.5%; Other: 0.4%

Talent Recruitment

Wherever we are in the world, Acer strives to adhere to labor laws when hiring staff. We insist on equal opportunity employment, hiring through an open selection process that does not discriminate on the basis of factors that have no bearing on work capability, including ethnicity, skin color, age, religious belief, nationality, ancestry, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, military service, or political beliefs. With our focus on hiring the best people for the job, we have been able to assemble a diverse array of outstanding talent. We also provide competitive pay and benefits, humane management, and a robust path for promotion and career development.

In 2021, a total of 1,269 new full-time hires joined the Company, for an average hiring rate of 17.91% compared with 16.36% in 2020. The main reason for the growth is that the Company has steadily expanded into new businesses, and with the rapid establishment of public companies, the number of vacancies has grown significantly, and the Company has recruited professionals from different fields to meet the Company’s goal of diversified new business development. In 2021, a total of 974 full-time staff left their jobs for an average turnover rate of 13.76%, down from 15.43% in 2019. The reason is that with more opportunities in new businesses within our diverse Group, employees have more room for development or internal transfer opportunities, meaning there is less need to pursue career development elsewhere through resignation.

Vacancies Filled by Internal Staff

Employee Hiring Rate Over Time

Expanding Diversified Digital Recruitment Management and Methods

Taking the Acer HQ as an example, when planning on-campus talent recruitment, we focused on an “Acer Life Style” theme to create an immersive atmosphere and experience, showcasing our business philosophy of “smart and comfortable lives” while showing students that Acer Group is about more than just business, but also technological innovations intimately linked with everyday life. In addition, we have also taken part in the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ International Careers Project, assisting Taiwanese companies in recruiting overseas talent. We have presented recruitment information to more than nine schools in nine countries and used online career talks to share with students from well-known universities the Company’s global job opportunities and talent recruitment information. We have also held live online lectures, with participants deciding the topics. In addition to introducing important job vacancies, we also share interview questions and skills, boosting the knowledge of jobseekers and providing a resume clinic service to outstanding participants.