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Staff Structure

Acer has strived to create a working environment that fosters staff who are passionate, positive, and dare to dream, and this entails consideration and communication that supports and encourages the team. Through a competitive compensation package, we have been able to attract and retain outstanding talent; by promoting work-life balance, we show we care about our staff health, both mental and physical; and through systematic training, we create the power to change the world.

As of the end of December 2018, Acer had 7,338 employees worldwide, including 6,895 full-time and 443 contracted employees.They are distributed across 40 countries/territories. Of these, by job category, 1,515 were management staff, 2,393 professionalstaff, 780 administrative staff, and 2,650 technical staff. 2,886 are working in the Taiwan region, 1,596 in EMEA, 2,222 in Asia Pacific,and 634 in the Pan America region. Their average age is 39.7, and their average length of employment with the Company is 8.4 years.

Temporary staff number 699, of which 505 are male and 194 female.

Female Staff

Acer attaches importance to human rights and gender equality among its workers. The proportion of female employees has increased year by year. In 2018, female staff accounted for 37% of total staff, up 1% on 2017. Female managers were 29% of management and 25% of senior management.

Talent Recruitment

Wherever we are in the world, we strive to adhere to the local labor laws when hiring staff, and focus primarily on recruiting locally. We insist on being an equal opportunity employer, hiring through an open selection process that does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, gender, age, religious belief, nationality, or political affiliation.

Recruitment Platform

We continue to harness the advantages of Acer' cloud-based talent recruitment system, deepening the global talent market, maintaining the competitive edge of our talent, and supporting the Company' global competitive advantage. In 2018, Acer went further by incorporating the global professional social media platform LinkedIn. Through our platform, we share the global work status of Acer staff and their thoughts about their work, as well as publicizing job openings in Acer worldwide to attract the talent from around the globe to the Company. We have already successfully brought in a number of talented people from across the major global job markets, and continue to do so to this day. Through various means, our activities collect various sources of recruitment and performance information in an established data warehouse. Specialists analyze staff data, helping the company understand staffing trends and impact on business operations & HR, ensuring we can optimize our talent attraction and retention strategies.


2018 Hiring Rate: By Location, Age Group, and Gender

2018 Turnover Rate: By Location, Age Group, and Gender


Note:   Hiring Rate:
(A) Annual hiring rate= Sum of 12 periods’ hiring rates ; (B) Hiring rate per period= (new hires in the month)/ (number of staff in at the end of the previous month + number of current staff that month)/ 2
Note:   Turnover Rate:
(A) Annual turnover rate= Sum of 12 periods’ turnover rates ; (B) Turnover rate per period= (departures in the month)/ (number of departures by the end of the previous month + number of departures that month)/ 2
Voluntary departure rate for Acer Group in 2018 was 14.36%. (A) Annual voluntary departure rate = Sum of 12 periods’ voluntary departurerates; (B) Voluntary departure rate per period = (voluntary departures in the month)/(number of departures by the end of the previous month+number of departures that month)/2


Competitive Compensation

Inorder to attract and retain outstanding employees,we provide competitive comprehensive salarypackages.When developing salary policies, we comply with labor laws of each location and do notdiscriminate on the basis of gender, religion, race or political affiliation.

Acer Salary Policy Principles


The following table shows the ratio of women' base salaries and wages to those of men at eachmajor work location. Salaries for both men and women at Acer depend entirely on the results ofmarket research that does not differentiate by gender. Compared with 2017, both the proportionof female staff and their level of pay have increased.

2018 Basic Salary and Remuneration (Female:Male)


1. In line with the Taiwan Stock Exchange' Rules Governing the Preparation and Filing of Corporate Social Responsibility Reports by TWSE Listed Companies, our 2018 disclosures have been checked by KPMG Certified Public Accountants.
2. Article 4 of the Rules Governing the Preparation and Filing of Corporate Social Responsibility Reports by TWSE Listed Companies states:“A listed company under Article 2 shall disclose the number of its full-time employees who are not in a managerial position, the average and medium of the salaries of the full-time employees who are not in a managerial position, and the difference of the three figures from the previous year.” The requirement to disclose the “medium of the salaries” will apply from 2020.

Unpaid Parental Leave

When Acer staff are faced with the needs of parenthood, they can apply to take unpaid parentalleave and, upon the completion of the leave period, return to their position. In this way, they areable to take care of their personal and familial needs. Parental leave applications at Acer in 2018were as laid out below:

Employee Benefits

Benefits Systems that Exceed Legal Requirements


Recreation and Entertainment Benefits

Acer' Employee Welfare Committee strives to create a happy workplace with a low-stressenvironment, high morale, and opportunities that stimulate the creativity and efficiency of ourstaff. To this end, we organize a wide range of activities for staff, including staff trips, family days,festival celebrations, film viewings, art and culture events, seminars, sporting activities,volunteering activities, mental and physical relaxation activities, and activities promoting goodhealth. In 2018, these activities had a total of over 28,000 participants, and through them we wereable to facilitate staff self-care and help them enjoy fun activities with their families, satisfyingtheir need for physical and mental balance. In addition, Acer also has a digital library with a richcollection of books which was used over 5,400 times in 2018.

Fellowship Activities

We provide funds for a variety of club activities to helplike-minded colleagues learn, grow, and cultivate theirinterests together. Such clubs currently include a wildernesssociety, a horticulture club, an ironman club, a dragon boatclub, a street dance club, an aerobics club, a yoga club, anda coffee enthusiasts club; we have also set up a number ofother shared recreational spaces, including break rooms,dance classrooms, and cafes, helping staff enjoy alow-stress, friendly working environment. By providing funding for activities and trips, we let ourstaff from each department flexibly focus on planning fellowship activities.


Cash Benefits

We provide bonuses for Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Lunar New Year, and birthdays,as well as cash gifts for weddings and funerals, sponsorships for employees’ children, and in 2018also offered a range of e-vouchers for staff to choose from.

Employees Assistance Program

We provide free psychological counseling services for staff and their dependents. In 2018, almost10% of staff in Taiwan made use of counseling and support services focused on interpersonal,emotional, career, legal, family, or psychological matters. This counseling is available bytelephone, online, or through one-on-one in-person sessions. In 2018, we held activities aroundsix major themes, namely interpersonal relationships, spiritual growth, gender relations, healthyliving, weight loss, and parent-child growth, a total of 26 seminars and events for 2,510attendees.


Employee Relations

Employee Communication Channels

Effective two-way communications can further cement the unity and sense of identity among staff. At the same time, it helps further develop an organizational culture wherein the staff are respected and cared for, thus creating a win-win situation for both the Company and its staff. We convene quarterly Employee Representative Meetings, headed by the chairman and CEO, with unit general managers, top management from support units, and staff representatives in attendance. These meetings focus on discussing and implement resolutions regarding operations management, work environment and employees’ rights. In 2018, the following major resolutions were among those raised by Taiwan staff through the Employee Representative Meetings. We have formulated and are carrying out improvement plans for each resolution.


In addition, the following channels are also available for staff to quickly and promptly express their opinions and thoughts:

Employee Welfare Committee

Service hotlines for each department

Volunteering Sharing Sessions

Nursing hotline

Club Exchange Communication Meetings

Dedicated sexual harassment reporting line

Letters to the Chairman/General Manager

Complaints Mechanism


Employee Engagement Survey

In 2018, Acer began planning and conducting Employee Engagement Survey over a four-week period, covering more than 7,000 employees worldwide, with a response rate of 74%. The surveys covered 18 aspects over six major areas, namely “Working Environment,”“Caring,”“Teamwork,”“Career Development,”“Job Satisfaction,” and “CSR.” Through the feedback gained from staff, we may gain better understanding of their feelings and thoughts regarding the organization' operations and their work environment. The survey helps us realize the organizational climate and determine the optimal strategies to attract, retain, and develop talent as we drive the Company onward.

Response Rate of Employee Survey


Employee Engagement Survey: Status of Six Main Aspects of Satisfaction (%)


Employee Engagement Survey: Analysis of Satisfaction from the Gender Perspective


Continuous Learning and Growth

In order to continue to increase our market competitiveness, Acer strives to develop new listed internal businesses, injecting new drivers of growth and dynamism. In line with the Group'"Titan Project, " in 2017 we launched Titans Development Training, aiming to cultivate outstanding talent for important leadership positions within the Group by boosting their operational judgment capabilities, accounting/financial analysis skills, operations management abilities, crisis management skills, industrial knowledge, international market perspective, leadership skills, and decision-making abilities.


In line with the Company' strategic development direction, in 2018 we continued to work to optimize the organizational capability of both core and new business units in order to fully leverage the synergies of the Group. The focus of training and development is to assist our staff in staying on top of industrytrends, exploring technological and business opportunities, and improving their digital marketing capabilities to continuously strengthen our hardware, software, and service capabilities, create value, increase profitability, and then leverage the value of our brand.

In addition, Acer continues to explore new trends in end-user demand-oriented services. In 2018, we actively worked with our staff to develop their skills in areas related to such services, including the application of VR to e-sports products, AI technologies, effective social media operations, innovative service applications of smart technologies, and information security technologies. 

In 2018, for example, a global total of 22,542 attendees participated in such training, accounting for 96,108 man-hours. The total number of trainees was 7,338, with an average number of training hours per employee of 13.1; All training organized on the principles of work demand, gender equality, and equality of opportunity.

Average Hours of Training Employees have Undertaken by Gender and Employee Category

Diversified Educational Development

Development opportunities within the company include job training, coaching, job transfers, seminars, and online learning. Employees can also participate in professional seminars and short-term training courses at prestigious foreign universities and training organizations.

As for senior management, we strive to go beyond the bounds of traditional management education, employing a highly interactive approach that includes inviting back Acer leaders to share their experience in areas such as multinational M&A. Through this, Acer can effectively pass on that operating philosophy and culture and inspire discussion, avoiding many potential mistakes and improving operational capabilities and decision-making.

Training System

Management Training

With regard to senior management training, in 2018 the main focus was on Titan Private Training and IPO training, in coordination with the Titan Project. The aim of this was to cultivate outstanding talent among the group' primary leadership. In addition, in order to strengthen corporate governance, we have invited professional lawyers to preside over our corporate governance and securities trading law courses, as well as having Bruce Ji-Ren Lee, a professor from National Taiwan University' College of Management, give lectures on the operations of the Remuneration Committee.

In boosting the management capabilities of our middle- and base-level management staff, we have continued to focus on both their management methods and how they make use of their personnel. Their training camp courses were broadly split into two stages. The first emphasized good management communication, performance guidance, and performance management, aiming to improve both team and individual performance as well as facilitating the joint creation of value; the second stage concentrated on honing goal selection, goal setting, incentives and retention, and performance appraisal.

Professional Occupational Training

This system provides the technical training required by the Company' various departments, as well as seminars by specialist speakers given to help keep staff up on the latest trends in product development. With regard to the Trend Lecture Series in 2018, each month we invited a senior research analysis team from the Institute for Information Industry to hold lectures in IoT consumer trend analysis and insights for our product line staff. The topics covered included: VR business opportunities—how virtual avatars are taking over social/video/e-sports/e-commerce, innovative applications of AI in the medical industry, smart car industry development trends, low-power wide-range IoT development trend analysis, and trends in the development and application of brain information analysis technology. Each department also held its own experience sharing sessions and trend seminars, with many focusing on implementing consumer insights in product concepts or discussing how to make business opportunities through product innovation.

Strengthening Skills and Creating Value : Case: Benefits of the "Innovative Applications of AI in the Medical Industry" Seminar

  • > Training Benefits (Kirkpatrick Model Level 3: Behavior)
    We have invited senior industry analysts from the Institute for Information Industry to give talks on “Innovative Applications of AI in the Medical Industry” with product management and R&D staff, analyzing how AI can be used in remote care and medical risk management platforms.

    There, the III analysts mentioned the Acer Leap Beads wearable device. In addition to its functions as a pedometer, sleep tracker, and counting of the turning of the beads, we may consider adding other health-related functions due to the main user base being elderly. These functions could include blood pressure monitoring, height and weight tracking, waist circumference tracking, and more, uploading records to the cloud as a data reference for future doctor' visits.
  • > Quantitative Economic Benefits (Kirkpatrick Model Level 4: Results)
    With the inclusion of such ideas and more into the product by the R&D team, the product has received a warmer reception among the wider market. Thus far, it has sold tens of thousands of units and won some NT$40 million in revenues for Acer.
  • > Participants
    A total of 33 people directly participated in “Innovative Applications of AI in the Medical Industry,” later holding sessions to share their training experiences.

Assessment of Training Effectiveness (%)

Training Satisfaction over Time

Performance Management and Development

The goal of Acer' performance management and development system is to improve performance at individual, departmental and organizational levels, and includes goal setting, delegation, communication & coaching, the link between performance & remuneration, and career development. In 2018, the proportion of employees worldwide involved in performance evaluations reached almost 93.65%.

Percentage of Performance Evaluation