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Stakeholder Engagement

In order to best communicate and engage with our stakeholders, we work to fully identify those stakeholders through the five attributes laid out in the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard: dependency, responsibility, tension, influence, and diverse perspectives. Through this, we are able to deepen our level of communication with stakeholders and gain a more accurate understanding of their respective needs.


In order to use the results of this communication to promote ongoing progress, we have also designed a communications evaluation mechanism and procedure for managing issues of concern. These are aimed at properly managing the opinions of different stakeholders as collected and assessed through communication channels, and at helping us achieve the expected level of communicative performance. 

Through communication, consultation, dialogue, cooperation create mutual exchange with stakeholders.

Results of Analysis of Material Topics

Issues of Stakeholders Concerns and Acer's Response












Government Agencies


Advocacy Organizations




Industry Associations


Educational and Research Institutions

Exchange with Interested Stakeholders

RBA Taipei Outreach Meeting

Acer played an active part in the success of this meeting, assisting officials from the Ministry of Labor to give special lectures to help RBA members understand the current status and problems of labor-related management in Taiwan. Suppliers were also invited to participate in the conference to help them understand global trends in responsible supply chains. Acer' Co-Chief Operating Officer Tiffany Huang was invited to share Acer' practical experience with global supply chain responsibility in our role as a member of the alliance.

Acer's Co-Chief Operating Officer Tiffany Huang shares Acer's practical experience with global supply chain responsibility.

International E-waste Management Network Workshop

Jointly organized by Taiwan, the US, and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the Philippines, the International E-waste Management Network Workshop was held in Quezon City, the Philippines, in September 2018. More than 50 experts and scholars from 11 partner countries across five continents took part, sharing experience with the management of e-waste. At the invitation of the Taiwanese and American EPAs participated in the International E-waste Management Network Workshop, sharing our experience through talks on topics including “Pursuing Circular Economy” and “Identifying Effective Voluntary Approaches for Working with Industry.”

Taiwan's delegation to the International E-waste Management Network Workshop

Major Initiatives and Participation

To facilitate more in-depth discussion of CSR-related issues and work with NGOs around the world on improving ICT industry sustainability, we have been a long-time member of organizations interested in issues of sustainability. We continually strive to make use of Acer influence to inspire other businesses to take more proactive measures in this regard.

We also disclose the contributions to the trade associations whose primary role is to influence public policy.