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Student Workers and Interns

Student workers and interns comprise a high-risk group in terms of human rights in the electronics supply chain. Acer prohibits any form of forced labor in our supply chain, including forced labor involving students or interns. Taking our cue from the RBA’s Guidelines for Good Management of Interns (Student Workers), we have established our own five-stage “Management Steps for Student Workers and Interns” to be followed with students and interns in our supply chain. Student workers may not exceed 20% of total direct employees.

Stage 1

Screen vocational school partners

Conform schools are licensed
Establish legally compliant cooperation agreement and arrangements

Stage 2

Take on student interns

Verify that student interns have been legally released
Verify that no accepted interns are first-year students or otherwise in breach of ban on child labor

Stage 3

New interns trained and helped to adapt

Ensure interns fit into new environment

Stage 4


Implement legally compliant intern management

Stage 5

End of internship

At the end of internship, evaluations must take place