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Acer offers information and training regarding the latest trends and developments in social and environmental responsibility, thus helping improve their ability to confront the challenge of sustainable development. We continue to invite suppliers to participate in annual supplier CSR communication meetings, CDP project briefings, and major training programs on social and environmental responsibility. This helps them get access to the latest information on global trends, while also presenting opportunities for suppliers to engage in multilateral communication with Acer senior management or relevant industry experts. We invite major suppliers to take part in annual CSR Communication Meetings, where we share the latest global trends in corporate sustainability, human rights issues, and mitigation measures, along with Acer’s requirements of and goals for supply chain CSR management performance. In 2019, our focus was on the practical management of supply chain and environmental issues. We invited high-performing component vendors to share their CSR management practices with the supply chain—that is to say, with Acer’s second- and third-tier supply chains.