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We have adopted the RBA Code of Conduct and, with reference to the RBA Supplier Engagement Process, make use of a range of supplier social and environmental management approaches, engaging with vendors through multiple channels and working with them to improve their capabilities. The implementation of such management approaches also entails assessment, validation, and ongoing improvement thereof, and through management measures at every stage, Acer and our suppliers are able to work together effectively to establish a sustainable supply chain with a focus on environmental and social issues. New vendors pass a social and environmental responsibility risk assessment and sign an RBA Code of Conduct compliance declaration before they become official vendors.

Supply Chain Social and Environmental Management Processes

Implementation and Agreement

Risk Assessment 1
Supplier Code of Conduct Compliance declaration

Risk Assessment

Supplier Self-Assessment Questionnaire
Risk Assessment 2

Auditing and Validation

On-site Examination
Corrective Action Verification

Ongoing Improvement and Upskilling

Education and Training